Starfield’s Smartwatch Could Possibly Be A Collector’s Edition Item

The Chronomark LPV6 watch looks straight out of Starfield

Pictures of a Starfield-inspired smartwatch have leaked online. According to a manual, which was found on Starfield’s subreddit, the watch seems to be an Android device. The manual also claims the watch will offer Bluetooth support for mobile devices. This futuristic device is chock full of features. It has been manufactured by a famous prop designer company based in the UK, called The Wand Company

Its body also includes Chronomark branding and the words “Est 2188”, suggesting that Chronomark is a company in Starfield. The manual also shows the watch’s “About” screen, which contains the following: “Chronomark smartwatch © Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company.” Features for the watch include details like a barometer, weather information, sunrise, sunset, and moon phase info. 

Starfield Smart Watch Could Possibly Be A Collector's Edition Item
The Chronomark Smartwatch in all its glory.

It is full of detailed features. The watch claims to have its temperature measurement to be very sensitive, showing changes as small as 0.01 Celsius, as it measures the temperature inside the watch body. And accurate weather data, showing statistics about the weather in the form of graphs.

Chronomark LPV6 has a unique UI, with most players liking the way it looks. Though some users claimed that the screen resolution is not as high as some other smartwatches on the market. But hey, that low-resolution screen matches the aesthetic it’s trying to portray in my opinion. 

The Wand Company Has Worked With Bethesda Before

The Wand Company specializes in crafting devices that are inspired by gadgets or machines from movies, TV shows, and games. It first found recognition with its Kymera Magic Wand, which was a TV remote control that used motion sensing.

They have played a big role in the gaming industry. They also worked with Bethesda in the past to release models of Fallout vehicles, including the Fusion Flea and a Nuka Cola delivery truck. The Wand Company also produced the Pip-Boy kit that was released with Fallout 76

Starfield Smart Watch Could Possibly Be A Collector's Edition Item
User SquiddyVonn found the draft user manual.

On the Reddit post, a lot of pictures were shown. The watch is presented with several designs, which we can only presume means the watch face itself is replaceable. Most of the players have speculated that this watch will be available as a collectors edition. However, it may be a separate product, the chances for that happening is low though.

The user who discovered the draft manual, SquiddyVonn, suggests that the watch could also make up a big part of Starfield’s UI. In a video, they discuss that its display box appears in last year’s trailer further hinting that it’s a collectors edition item.

A Space-Themed Roleplaying Experience

Starfield has been a love project for Besthesda Studios. They always wanted to do a space-themed game and we can see the passion they are putting into this project. Starfield is Bethesda‘s first new series in over two decades, so expectations are above the clouds. And this gorgeous smartwatch watch will be a perfect cherry on top.

Right now, Starfield is on its way to launch later this year on November 11, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. It will be available on day one through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Director of game, Tom Howard has suggested in a Reddit AMA that players may have to wait until the summer of 2022 for the next major Starfield reveal. Although the journey to November 22 feels lightyears away, we can indulge in all the hype in the meanwhile.

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