Starfield: Best Ways To Get Digipicks Faster

Explore Digipicks in Starfield & learn the best methods to obtain these vital lockpicking tools so that you never miss out on valuable items.

Digipick is an essential lockpicking tool in Starfield that grants access to many secrets, treasures, and locked areas. Whether you’re a merchant shopper, a crafty pickpocket, or a meticulous looter, you need to know how to get more Digipicks fast in Starfield and never stop exploring the universe for invaluable items.

Key Takeaways
  • In Starfield, Digipicks are indispensable tools for lockpicking.
  • Digipicks grant access to loot, lore, and sealed areas.
  • They can be bought from vendors, looted, or obtained via pickpocketing.
  • Vendors, especially in hubs like New Atlantis, often stock Digipicks.
  • Looting defeated enemies frequently yields Digipicks.
  • Beware: taking certain Digipicks might label them as stolen or contraband.
  • Repeatedly refreshing shop inventories can be the best way to acquire many Digipicks in Starfield.
  • The Groundpounder quest offers a substantial haul of Digipicks.

What Is Digipick In Starfield?

Digipick (Image Credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, a Digipick is an essential tool used for lockpicking, granting players access to loot, lore, and sealed areas. These weightless items can be acquired from vendors, through pickpocketing, or looting various sources, and are crucial for unlocking secrets and treasures throughout the game universe.

How To Get Digipicks In Starfield

In Starfield, acquiring Digipicks is essential for unlocking the galaxy’s many secrets. But if you do not have the knowledge of it, you’re missing out on exploration, That is why I have listed here 4 ways to get Digipicks in Starfield efficiently.

1. Purchase From Vendors

Vendor (Image Credits: eXputer)

The most straightforward method to get your hands on Digipicks in Starfield is by purchasing them from vendors. When browsing a vendor’s offerings, you’ll typically find Digipicks under the ‘Misc’ category. The going rate for a Digipick is 35 Credits. Don’t fret about them taking up too much space in your inventory; these tools are weightless.

2. Jemison Mercantile In The New Atlantis

For those looking for a starting point, consider visiting Jemison Mercantile in Starfield located in the New Atlantis spaceport or Apex Electronics in the New Atlantis Well area on the planet Jemison. If you’re running low or just want to stock up, a handy trick is to buy all available Digipicks from a vendor and then rest or wait for 24 hours. This action often refreshes the vendor’s stock, allowing you to purchase more Digipicks.

3. Pickpocketing

Venturing into the depths of Starfield, players might find themselves tempted to resort to pickpocketing as a means to secure Digipicks. However, it’s worth noting that this method comes with its fair share of risks.

  • Getting caught in the act might saddle you with a Bounty or even land you in jail, potentially setting back your space-faring adventures.
  • Before you can even begin to dip your hands into unsuspecting pockets, you’ll need to unlock the ‘Theft’ Skill in Starfield.
  • For those looking to maximize their sneaky endeavors, consider upgrading the Theft Skill, as doing so will notably boost your success rate when attempting to pickpocket.
  • Prime locations for such operations include bustling settlement hubs, with New Atlantis being a prime example.

A useful tidbit for budding space scoundrels: while taking items without permission is frowned upon, merely peeking into an NPC’s inventory isn’t considered a crime. So, feel free to scope out potential targets without fear of retribution!

4. Loot Sources

Looting is a time-tested method, and Digipicks can often be found through various sources in Starfield. Players may stumble upon these tools on corpses, indicating previous travelers’ misfortunes.

  • Containers and lockers, frequently located throughout settlements or abandoned sites, are also likely caches.
  • In some cases, the game seems to offer a wink to its players: Digipicks can be found out in the open, such as on desks or even conveniently placed right beside locked safes that they’re meant to open.
  • When searching for Digipicks, keep an eye out for small, black, elongated, thin objects.

However, not every Digipick is free for the taking. Their status can be gauged by the accompanying text and symbols: those marked with white text and symbols are safe to pick up. Beware of the red symbol, which indicates that the Digipick is considered stolen if taken. Lastly, a yellow symbol labels the item as contraband in Starfield, warning players of potential risks when possessing such items.

Best Methods To Farm Digipicks

For those Starfield enthusiasts keen on amassing a sizable collection of Digipicks quickly, there are two particularly effective strategies to bear in mind.

1. Refresh Shop Inventories

Vendor shop
Vendor shop (Image Credits: eXputer)

First, consider the art of repeatedly refreshing shop inventories in Starfield.

  • Most general store vendors, notably those in locations like the Trade Authority or other non-specialized shops, stock Digipicks as part of their regular inventory.
  • An efficient approach in Starfield involves buying up all the Digipicks a vendor has in stock and then taking a brief respite.
  • Simply find a place to rest or wait for 24 hours in Starfield.
  • Once the time has passed, revisit the vendor, and you’ll often find their stock replenished, allowing you to repurchase more Digipicks.
  • This cycle can be repeated as many times as desired, ensuring a consistent flow of Digipicks into your inventory.
Do the Wait in Starfield (Image Credits: eXputer)

2. Play Groundpounder Quest

On the other hand, if quests are more your speed, the Groundpounder quest in Starfield presents a unique opportunity.

  • While the location of this mission might vary, with some players finding it on Altair II, the rewards are consistent.
  • The backdrop of this quest in Starfield is a research station, unfortunately, filled with deceased scientists and soldiers.
  • As you navigate this somber environment, you’ll notice that many of these fallen individuals carry Digipicks.
  • Completing this quest can result in a windfall, with players often walking away with a substantial number of Digipicks as part of their loot haul.

By leveraging these methods, players can ensure they’re always well-stocked and ready for any lockpicking challenges that Starfield throws their way.

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, the Digipick proves indispensable for adventurers seeking to uncover every hidden secret and treasure. From savvy shopping to cunning pickpocketing, this guide has illuminated the myriad ways to acquire these crucial tools. As you journey through the stars, let Digipicks unlock your path to the universe’s many wonders.

That is all about Digipicks, if you are interested in exploring more about the game, consider reading Starfield Ship Storage, How To Use Boost Packs & Jetpacks, and How To Lockpick in Starfield guides.


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