Starfield: BEST Melee Weapons And How To Get Them

Explore the best melee weapons in Starfield, ensuring victory in close combat and making every exploration memorable.

Among Starfield’s expansive arsenal, melee weapons stand out, offering a unique blend of power and strategy for close-quarters combat. Whether it’s the Japanese-inspired Wakizashi, the tactical Rescue Axe, or the dominating Va’Ruun Painblade, each weapon has its unique strengths tailored for varying combat styles. Let’s go through some of the best Starfield melee weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield features nine melee weapons for players to discover and unlock.
  • A variety of melee weapons cater to different combat styles and scenarios.
  • High-damage melee weapons ensure efficient enemy elimination in close-quarters combat.
  • Some powerful melee weapons may be heavy, influencing inventory management tactics.
  • Players can acquire these weapons through purchases or looting from adversaries.
  • PC players can utilize console commands for immediate access to melee weapons.

Best Melee Weapons In Starfield

Here is an overview of the best melee weapons in Starfield showcased along with Melee Weapon Damage, Damage Type, Mass, Value, and Item Code in the game. 

Serial NumberMelee WeaponDamageDamage TypeMassValueItem Code
1Va’Ruun Painblade62Physical1.42000026D8A2
2Rescue Axe17Physical1.46500004F760
3UC Naval Cutlass25Physical1.49350026D8A5
4Barrow Knife22Physical0.3412200026F181
5Osmium Dagger28Physical2.72395Not Found

7. Wakizashi

Wakizashi (picture credits: eXputer)
Weapon Stats Value
Damage 49
Damage Types Physical
Mass 1.35
Value 6140
Item Code 0026D8A1

The Wakizashi in Starfield is a Katana-inspired sword, dealing a solid 49 damage and weighing just 1.35 kilograms. Visually reminiscent of Japanese blades, this sleek weapon offers not only impressive damage but also has a unique style that distinguishes it from others in the game.

In my opinion, the Wakizashi is the best Melee weapon for these reasons.

  • More than just its damage, however, it can stun enemies upon impact.
  • This stunning effect proves invaluable against foes armed with heavy weapons, as they are incapacitated with a single blow, rendering them unable to retaliate.

Such a blend of damage and tactical advantage is hard to come by in Starfield, especially with melee weapons. Moreover, its weight and value ratio are unmatched, making it a lucrative item for those who fancy trading.

How To Get

From my experience, to obtain the Wakizashi in Starfield, players have a couple of options. It can be discovered randomly in loot chests or obtained from fallen NPCs. However, for those not inclined to leave things to chance, the weapon can be directly purchased in Akila City from a vendor named Rowland Arms. With its blend of power, utility, and style, it’s a must-have for any serious Starfield player.

6. Tanto

Tanto (picture credits: eXputer)
Weapon Stats Value
Damage 40
Damage Types Physical
Mass 0.45
Value 3075
Item Code 0026D8A3

The Tanto in Starfield is a bronze-hued short sword, boasting damage of 40 and an impressively light weight of 0.45 kilograms. This compact melee weapon delivers two distinct swinging animations, making it dynamic in combat scenarios.

While the Tanto’s damage may be slightly lower than the Wakizashi’s, its advantages lie in other aspects.

  • At early game levels, its 40 physical damage capability is sufficient to dispatch foes in merely two to three strikes.
  • Additionally, its lighter mass means players can carry multiple Tantos, offering flexibility and options in combat.
  • This feature becomes particularly valuable when inventory space is at a premium.
  • The ability to carry roughly three Tantos in the place of a single Wakizashi provides players with versatility and ensures they’re always equipped for combat.
My Tip: I suggest that players who heavily rely on the Tanto should gather plenty of consumables to stay advantageous on the battlefield.

How To Get 

To add the Tanto to your arsenal in Starfield, head to Rowland Arms. It’s available for purchase at a price point that’s notably more affordable than the Wakizashi. Given its cost-effectiveness, lightweight nature, and commendable damage for early-game levels, the Tanto is not just an alternative but can be a strategic choice for players considering their combat style and game progression.

5. Osmium Dagger

Osmium Dagger
Osmium Dagger (picture credits: eXputer)
Weapon stats Value
Damage 28
Mass 2.7
Value 2395

The Osmium Dagger in Starfield is a specialized A-tier melee weapon, designed primarily for stealth gameplay, dealing damage of 28 and weighing 2.7 kilograms.

Its unique edge in combat comes from its swift and fluid swinging mechanics.

  • Despite its modest 28 Physical Damage, the dagger’s rapid strike capability allows players to overwhelm foes, making it especially deadly in quick succession.
  • Its design aligns perfectly with stealth-oriented strategies, enabling players to swiftly eliminate threats before they even have a chance to react.
  • An added boon is the “Exterminator” rare effect, granting a formidable +30% damage boost against alien adversaries.

However, a word of caution: its significant mass of 2.7 kilograms can strain inventory capacities. Players may need to shed extra gear, like surplus helmets, to accommodate this weapon.

How To Get

To obtain the Osmium Dagger, players should seek its specific Item ID: 0026D966 in the Console Command menu. While the acquisition method isn’t explicitly known for now, I am finding ways to get Osmium Dagger from direct paths in Starfield.

4. Barrow Knife

Barrow Knife
Barrow Knife (picture credits: eXputer)
Weapon Stats Value
Damage 22
Damage Types Physical
Mass 0.34
Value 1220
Item Code 0026F181

The Barrow Knife in Starfield is a nimble melee weapon conceived for scenarios when rifle ammunition runs low. Designed by the military, it delivers a substantial 22 Physical Damage, while its minuscule weight of 0.34 kilograms ensures it barely encumbers the player.

What sets the Barrow Knife apart in Starfield’s melee arsenal? Its inherent benefit lies in its capacity to swiftly stun adversaries, especially those armed with heavy weapons.

  • By disrupting enemy reloading animations, players gain a crucial edge in close-quarters combat.
  • Furthermore, its damage output is amplified by the Dueling skill, enhancing its efficiency in melee encounters.
  • Nonetheless, players should be vigilant; reliance on melee for primary damage can be perilous in extensive firefights without adequate healing consumables.

Enhance the Barrow Knife’s effectiveness by stacking on medicines in Starfield that fortify damage resistance.

How To Get

Obtaining the Barrow Knife offers multiple avenues. While available for purchase at Shepherd’s General Store for a reasonable 1220 Credits in Starfield, it can also be found randomly in containers, as loot from defeated foes, or within NPC inventories. Note that weapon availability may hinge on player level in Starfield, so revisiting locations at advanced levels could be beneficial.

For players who prefer a more direct approach, the Starfield console command provides instant access.

Important: Simply enter [player.additem 0026F181] to procure the Barrow Knife. Adjusting quantity is straightforward: player.additem 0026F181 [desired quantity] (e.g., player.additem 0026F181 3 for three knives).

3. UC Naval Cutlass

UC Naval Cutlass
UC Naval Cutlass (picture credits: eXputer)
Weapon Stats Value
Damage 25
Damage Types Physical
Mass 1.4
Value 935
Item Code 0026D8A5

The UC Naval Cutlass, hailing from Starfield’s Settled Systems, is a prominent Melee Weapon. Crafted by United Colonies, this sleek blade, reminiscent of a machete, boasts a Physical Damage of 25 and weighs in at 1.4 kilograms.

Its acclaim as one of the best melee weapons in Starfield rests on its distinctive combat strategy.

  • For optimal results, players initiate combat with a quick-firing weapon to deplete enemy health to a mere 20%.
  • Subsequently, brandishing the UC Naval Cutlass can deal the finishing blow, making it a tactical choice in battles.
  • Furthermore, the weapon’s compatibility with the Dueling skill amplifies its Physical damage output, granting players an edge in close-quarters engagements.
  • The UC Naval Cutlass’s weight, comparable to an average melee weapon, further enhances its desirability, ensuring it doesn’t significantly encumber inventory space.

With such attributes, it’s no wonder Starfield aficionados aspire to acquire this blade, fostering their spacefaring pirate fantasies.

How To Get 

Obtaining the UC Naval Cutlass in Starfield offers diverse pathways. It can sporadically be located in containers, as loot from fallen adversaries, or within certain NPC inventories. However, a noteworthy source is the Spacer faction in Starfield, an eclectic blend of minor gangs and wanderers.

Reminiscent of bandits from Bethesda’s other titles, these spacers are often armed with this prized cutlass. Thus, targeting violent spacers may well be the golden ticket to achieving that 24th-century pirate aesthetic.

2. Rescue Axe

Rescue Axe
Rescue Axe (picture credits: eXputer)
Weapon Stats Value
Damage 17
Damage Types Physical
Mass 1.4
Value 650
Item Code 0004F760

The Rescue Axe in Starfield, a product of United Colonies from the Settled Systems, is a formidable Melee Weapon delivering a Physical Damage of 17 per strike and weighing 1.4 kilograms.

Starfield connoisseurs often tout the Rescue Axe as an elite melee weapon, not merely for its substantial damage, but for its synergy with the Dueling skill, further bolstering its Physical damage capability. This makes it an invaluable tool for players prioritizing close-quarter combat.

How To Get

To secure the Rescue Axe melee weapon in Starfield, players can delve into various Starfield locales. Common sources include containers, the loot from vanquished foes, and select NPC inventories. Notably, Rowland Arms and Neon Tactical are known hubs for purchasing or locating the Rescue Axe.

A pivotal tip for avid weapon collectors from my experience: weapon spawns are contingent upon player levels in Starfield. If initial searches prove fruitless, revisiting these locations at an advanced level might yield the desired outcome.

1. Va’Ruun Painblade

Va’Ruun Painblade
Va’Ruun Painblade (picture credits: eXputer)
Item ID 0026D8A2
Mod Slots 7
Damage 62
Mass 1.4
Value 200

The Va’Ruun Painblade in Starfield is a formidable Melee weapon, boasting the highest physical damage stats, clocking in at an astounding 62 per strike and weighing a hefty 1.8 kilograms.

Why is it the best melee weapon in Starfield? The Va’Ruun Painblade’s unparalleled damage output makes it a prime choice for players favoring close-quarters combat, particularly in stealth scenarios.

Its ability to dispatch enemies in minimal hits streamlines combat situations, granting the wielder a significant advantage. While its mass is on the higher side, strategic inventory management ensures that it doesn’t become a burden.

How To Get

Acquiring the Va’Ruun Painblade in Starfield requires exploration across various systems and planets. For those particularly keen on obtaining it, the blade can be located at the Key Crimson Fleet base.

  • Joining Vanguard and accepting the mission to affiliate with the Crimson Fleet paves the way for a vendor named Zuri Abara, who possesses this sought-after blade.
  • Furthermore, for PC players equipped with the item ID, quick use of the console commands window can instantly add the Painblade to their arsenal.

Engaging with the House of Va’Ruun, a dominant religion in Starfield, can also yield fruitful results; their reverence for this weapon makes it a common item among their vendors and fallen warriors.

To sum it up, In the vast expanse of Starfield, choosing the right melee weapon can make the difference between survival and oblivion. From the swift strikes of the Wakizashi to the overwhelming power of the Va’Ruun Painblade, mastering these tools is paramount for those aiming to conquer the universe’s most formidable challenges.

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