Starfield Design Director Responds To Criticism; Says Players Are Disconnected From Reality

"Don't fool yourself into thinking you know why it is the way it is."

Story Highlights

  • Starfield Design Director strikes back at critics saying they are too disconnected from the reality of development.
  • The director says nobody intentionally makes a bad game while discussing the hardships behind the development journies.
  • Lastly, the Bethesda dev encourages fans to criticize calling it a sort of developer/player relationship.

Bethesda’s veteran and Starfield’s Design Director, Emil Pagliarulo has recently taken to his X (formerly Twitter) to address the widespread criticism the game has been facing over the months. Starfield couldn’t launch to an ideal reception, earning the unfortunate distinction of being Bethesda’s lowest-rated title, accompanied by rampant internet criticism. However, the company is not backing down from defending the RPG.

In a long Twitter thread, Emil Pagliarulo stated how confident some fans feel while criticizing a game when they are completely “disconnected” from the reality of how things work. 

Funny how disconnected some players are from the realities of game development, and yet they speak with complete authority. I mean, I can guess what it takes to make a Hostess Twinkie, but I don’t work in the factory, so what the hell do I really know? Not a lot.”

Pagliarulo went on to acknowledge the consumer’s right to get their hands on a complete product because they have spent their hard-earned money on it. The Bethesda veteran says he really gets that spending money on something gives you the right to complain about it, adding that he spends lots of money on games each year and sometimes it’s hard for himself not to openly criticize some of those.

However, in the very next post, Pagliarulo says that he doesn’t do so because he knows the hardships of game development and also that for him it would be unprofessional.

The Starfield director also shared that people on the internet have no limitations on what to say and there was a time he practiced that right freely but that was when he was nowhere close to game development and was just a game reviewer. But, that was when he had no knowledge of adversities and struggles connected with game development. 

Pagliarulo adds that nobody intends to make a bad game and most game devs are “incredibly talented even if the game they release isn’t up to par.” The Bethesda director says that as a developer you cannot always make what you want to make. 

Emil Pagliarulo (via IGN)
Emil Pagliarulo (via IGN)

Starfield is an open-world action RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game was released on September 6, 2023, for the Xbox Series X|S and PC. eXputer rated the game 3.5/5 in its review, calling out its rather shallow main questline and limited exploration mechanics, while highlighting the title’s deep character creator and striking visual appeal. 

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X (formerly Twitter)

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