Starfield Dev Reveals Some Reviewers Unironically Asked For PS5 Codes

Who is going to tell them?

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  • Matt Frary, senior director of public relations at Bethesda Softworks, was asked by some reviewers for Starfield PS5 code.
  • He further revealed that while he didn’t respond to such requests, it did offer a good laugh.
  • It seems like there are still some people who haven’t processed that Starfield is a Microsoft exclusive, with likely no chance of ever coming to PlayStation.
  • Starfield was released in early access on September 1, 2023, on Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game has already been well-received and is set to be released for everyone on September 6, 2023.

Matt Frary, the senior director of public relations at Bethesda Softworks, revealed in a recent tweet that a handful of reviewers unironically asked him for a PS5 code. He refrained from entertaining such queries, but the situation gave him a good laugh. A few gamers seem stuck a few years back when Starfield was thought to arrive on PlayStation before Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media.

For those uninitiated, Starfield, in its early stages of development, was thought to be a multiplatform, arriving on PlayStation and Xbox. That did not last long, as rumors of Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media became widespread. It is the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, which meant that Starfield would be destined to thrive as a Microsoft exclusive if the deal went through. 

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Yet it seems like some fans never received word of the acquisition and asked a developer for PS5 review codes. As funny as it seems, it is a bit concerning that people want to review a game without knowing much about its platforms.

Now that it’s the weekend… shout out to the small handful of reviewers who requested a PS5 code unironically. I may not have responded, but just know… you made me laugh,” says Matt Frary.

Some might think this could be a marketing stunt by developers to start a console war and let the people spread the word about their game. When Quantum Error developers made a series of tweets regarding Xbox Series X’s “inferior SSD” holding back its potential, many thought the same in that situation. However, Frary made it clear in a reply by stating that this isn’t a console dig but more of a contact dig.

This isn’t a console dig. It’s a dig at contacts not checking their work. Angry people out there… find a way to let the anger go. It’s ok,” says Matt Frary.

This serves as a good lesson for reviewers to do their homework before making such a request. Lucky for them, none of their names were exposed, so they can continue their business and be more cautious next time.

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Starfield is an ARPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The space-exploration game was released in early access on September 1, 2023, on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It is set to be released for everyone on September 6, 2023. It is Bethesda’s first new IP in 29 years and has been well-received by critics.

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