Starfield’s Latest Update Makes Beefy Improvements To The RPG

Update v1.9.51.0 is now out.

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  • Starfield is the latest spacefaring RPG by Bethesda, and an Xbox exclusive for the ages to come. 
  • The game has been patched with a new update as of late, bringing interesting new improvements.
  • Expect an array of fixes spanning the general, outposts, animation, UI, ships, and skills categories. 

Although Starfield’s hype and anticipation isn’t what it used to be prior to its release, Bethesda is making sure new updates and content keep flowing to its spacefaring RPG. The game’s latest patch, titled v1.9.51.0, is now out, and it’s focused on introducing an array of bug fixes and resolutions for other technical issues that have been plaguing player experience so far.

Let there be LIGHT….ing improvements! Our latest update has moved out of Steam Beta and is now available for all Starfield players. The patch notes have remained the same as previously released during the beta except for a version number change and one additional PC crash fix noted below. We’re grateful for all the feedback we’ve seen and received and will continue to monitor and track your issues and critiques,” says the post detailing the latest Starfield patch. 

Some of the new changes brought forth by Starfield’s update v1.9.51.0 span categories such as Creature, Enemies, Crew, Companions, General, Graphics, Outposts, Powers, and Skills. The majority of the effort has been laid out for the “Quests and Random Encounters” department though, with the “Graphics” section sharing a somewhat similar focus. Here is a rundown of some of the latest graphical adjustments: 

  • Improved reflection on water.
  • Improved contact shadows on character skin (Xbox and PC Medium/High/Ultra).
  • Improved contact shadows on character cloth (PC High/Ultra).
  • Improved contact shadows on first person (PC Ultra).
  • Improved lighting in character generation menu.
  • Reduced the appearance of some minor artifacts during cutscene camera transitions.
  • Fixed flickering on a number of VFX (Sandstorm, corrosive liquid pools, waterfall).

Over two weeks ago, Bethesda issued a new blog post, confirming Starfield’s “biggest update yet” arriving at the Steam beta forefront, which is a separate version of the RPG on Steam that users can choose to opt for and essentially become a tester for the developers. Emphasis was put on quality of life (QoL) improvements, which Starfield is in desperate need of as per the players

Amelia Earhart in Starfield.
Amelia Earnhart During Operation Starseed in Starfield [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
The new update for the game is just that, with some minor differences, and the fact that it’s now out globally across Xbox Series X|S and PC, and isn’t just restricted to Starfield’s Steam beta. For those not in the know, Bethesda also has something major planned for the title later this year—Starfield’s very first DLC expansion Shattered Space.

The game itself came out on September 6, 2023, for current-gen Xbox platforms and PC, with early access kicking off on the first of that month. eXputer wrote a review on it as well, rating the RPG 3.5/5.0, with Asad Ahmed remarking, “Starfield aims high and delivers an expansive galaxy ripe for exploration, but it stumbles in its execution.” 

If you’re a new player, here’s how to defeat all Legendary ships in the game if you happen to come across one. 

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