Owned by Microsoft, Xbox is the video game console brand of the American tech giant company. The software-maker corporation stepped into the video game business in the early 2000s and launched its first console called Xbox. For quite some time, it rivaled Sony’s PlayStation 2, but the latter had already snugged a wide market share thanks to its predecessor PlayStation 1. Even then, Microsoft released Xbox 360, which, more or less, paralleled in performance with PlayStation 3. However, the latter triumphed the competition mainly due to 1st party exclusives. Even though consumers prefer buying consoles (PS & Xbox) over a PC, the latter has got Steam platform up its sleeve, bringing the most active users to PC. This may be surprising for a few, but not for everyone. So, this is why we at eXputer always try to outsmart the competition by bringing in hot news, reviews, guides & more revolving around Xbox. The Xbox currently expands on Xbox One, Xbox Seris S, and Xbox Series X.