Rival to Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation journey kicked off with the first console shipping out more than 100 million units worldwide in less than a decade. PS1 featured some of the retro classics, console exclusives, and more. The console brought the fashion or culture of keeping home-based video game consoles. Sony’s PlayStation 2 benefited from the groundwork PS1 laid. PS2, by far in the history of gaming, is the best-selling video game console of all time. Even today, many players access PS2’s library from PlayStation Now. Today, the company have released PlayStation 5, which is the successor to PlayStation 4. Although the shortage of semiconductor is hindering the supply; still, Sony is going leaps and bounds to increase the production. Many may know of this, but for some, this must be news. It is why we at eXputer dedicate ourselves to bring you the hot news related to all PlayStation consoles.