Starfield: Mantis Quest & Puzzle

Players must know about the Starfield Mantis quest puzzle location & its solution in case they want legendary rewards in the early game.

As players progress through the secret “Mantis” quest, they are bound to come across a hallway with lettered panels on the floor. Here, players are quite literally one step away from either the rewards at the end of the Mantis quest or certain death in Starfield. Therefore, one must know how to solve the Starfield Mantis puzzle to save themselves from a gruesome fate.

Key Takeaways
  • As players reach the secret outpost, they will need to start killing all the hostiles and progress further into the facility until they have found Livvey in Starfield.
  • After conversing with Livvey, players can go to the hallway with lettered panels on the floor.
  • Players will need to spell out “TYRANNIS” by walking over the tiles in Starfield.
  • Once they have made it to the other side safely, they can open the door, deactivating the turrets.
  • The rewards that await you at the end of the outpost are the legendary Mantis armor and a brand-new ship.

For further assistance, here’s a quick rundown on solving the Mantis Puzzle in Starfield:

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What Is Mantis Puzzle In Starfield

The Mantis puzzle is a room in the secret outpost of Starfield where players have to step on the plates and spell out the word “TYRANNIS” to reach the other side safely.

The Mantis quest is unique, as there is no proper way to unlock it. It would depend entirely on the player’s luck on when they will be able to unlock this Quest.

As you are exploring the constellations and killing Spacers, there is a slim chance that one of them will have a “Secret Outpost” text slate in their inventory. Collect it, and the “Mantis” quest will unlock.

Starfield Mantis Puzzle Location

quest location
How to unlock the Mantis quest [Image Taken by eXputer]
These are the steps I took after reaching the secret outpost marked on the map:

  • Once you have entered the secret outpost, you’ll find yourself in a place filled with enemies and loot. Just go crazy here, kill any hostile, and loot the outpost.
  • In case you wish to complete the “Learn More About The Lair Of The Mantis” optional objective, then also keep an eye out for any intercoms on the wall and interact with them.
  • Aside from the intercoms, you will also come across different audio notes in their inventory as you loot your enemies. Collecting them is also required to complete the side objective.
  • As you progress further, you will come across Livvey. He will tell you the location of the Starfield Mantis puzzle.
mantis puzzle starfield
Livvey [Image Credit: eXputer]
In case you are having trouble in this outpost and wish to lower the difficulty, I recommend reading the Starfield: All Difficulty Settings guide.

Mantis Puzzle Solution

mantis puzzle starfield
The Puzzle in the Mantis Quest [Image Captured by eXputer]
Once you have made it to the location Livvey talked about, you will find yourself in a Hallway with lettered panels on the floor. Here, you have to be extremely careful, as if you were to step on the wrong tile, the level 46 turrets will become active and will most certainly kill you.

If you have a companion with you, then I would recommend first asking them to wait so they do not step on the wrong tile accidentally.

  • The solution to the puzzle is found in the voice note “Leon Voclain – Sic Semper Tyrannis,” which you will pick up from Leon.
  • In case the clue isn’t obvious enough. The answer to the Mantis Puzzle in Starfied is “TYRANNIS.”
  • To solve the Starfield Mantis quest puzzle, players will need to spell out this word by walking over the tiles in the room.
  • Once you have made it to the other side safely, then you can progress further.

One player also reported just using their jetpack in Starfield to hover over the tiles to make it over the other side safely. Despite the method you choose, don’t forget to grab your companion after unlocking the door and disabling the turrets.

Lair Of The Mantis

mantis puzzle starfield
The Mantis Armor [Image Taken by eXputer]
After progressing ahead, you will reach the last room of the outpost, which is the “Lair of the Mantis.” The rewards that await you here will most certainly make your entire journey worth it as players will not only get a brand new legendary armor that will keep the players satisfied for a considerable chunk of Starfield. Additionally, players will also obtain a brand new ship. 

With that, my guide on the Starfield Mantis quest, its puzzle, and rewards comes to an end. I hope my guide helped you out. With a brand new ship now at your disposal, one must know how to upgrade its storage as well. In that regard, consider reading the Starfield: Ship Storage guide. 


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