How To Target Engines In Starfield [Explained]

Target and destroy engines of enemy spaceships once you unlock the targeting mode which is locked behind a skill in Starfield.

You can actually target engines in Starfield using the unlockable targeting mode, which allows you to tackle battles in the night of space with ease. Players might even miss using the targeting mode if they don’t pay enough attention to the skills in Starfield.

Key Takeaways
  • There is a specific skill that you need to purchase in order to target engines.
  • Targeting Control Systems is the skill that you need to unlock in Starfield.
  • This skill is located in the Tech Skills tab and will cost you 1 skill point to unlock.
  • Once unlocked, you can then target various parts of enemy spaceships, including the engines.
  • If you destroy the engines of the enemy ship, then the spaceship becomes immobile in Starfield space battles.
  • You can then board or dock the immobile enemy ship and loot it additionally.
Important: You can only target engines as well as other spaceship parts once you have unlocked a specific skill.

How To Target Engines

starfield target mode
Unlocking Targeting Mode (Image Captured by Us)

Targeting is actually locked behind a skill under the tech skills tab. You’ll need 1 skill point to purchase the skill. Most players will end up overlooking this skill, not realizing its actual importance during space battles.

It is probably one of the most important skills that is utilized in spaceship combat.

  • Once you unlock the Targeting Control Systems skill, you can target spaceship engines.
  • Before unlocking the skill, you could only lock on to the enemy ships during combat.
  • Now, after the initial lock-on, you can now enter the targeting mode, which allows you to target various parts of the spaceship.
  • If you want to immobilize a spaceship, then simply target its engines and only shoot at them.
  • A slow-motion effect also occurs while shooting specific parts in targeting mode, which allows you to shoot precisely.

Destroying Engines

  • Once you have destroyed an enemy ship’s engines, it will become immobile.
  • You can then dock onto the enemy ship using your own spaceship and loot the enemy ship additionally.
  • The loot that you get through this method is much larger than what you get by completely destroying a ship.

Make sure to stay clear of enemy weapons before boarding the immobile ship. You can also destroy them alongside the engines, but make sure not to damage the spaceship too much because that might end up destroying the whole ship. Lastly, the Targeting Control Systems skill will really help you out if you’re going to loot spaceships in Starfield and if you’re going to become a space pirate by joining the Crimson Fleet faction.

Starfield offers a rich RPG experience across hundreds of planets in space. You can land on various planets and explore using the boost pack, which is your jetpack. Join various factions and explore the huge star systems with your favorite companion. You can even unlock new powers as you progress through the main campaign.

This concludes my guide on how you can target engines in Starfield using the targeting mode in the different battles that take place in the night of space. I have included the exact skill that you need to unlock in order to unlock the targeting mode. The method of boarding enemy ships after destroying engines has also been mentioned. Let me know what you think about Starfield in the comments below!


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