Starfield: Best Ways To Get Structural Materials

Master Starfield structural materials by understanding how to optimally obtain them & enhance your outpost capabilities & sustainability.

In the vast expanse of Starfield, Structural Materials stand as foundational assets, crucial for optimizing outposts and ensuring seamless interstellar navigation. As explorers embark on their cosmic journey, mastering the art of obtaining these materials becomes paramount. From vendor purchases to scavenging enemy bases, and the bounties of intergalactic flora and fauna, opportunities abound. Let’s delve into the most efficient ways to secure these indispensable resources.

Key Takeaways
  • Structural Materials are essential for enhancing outpost capabilities in Starfield.
  • Purchasing from vendors offers convenience but can be costly.
  • Enemy bases, especially those of pirates and smugglers, are rich scavenging sites.
  • Planets like Porrima II and Eta Cassiopeia are prime harvesting locations in Starfield.
  • Investing in Starfield best starting skills like Botany or Zoology boosts outpost harvesting.
  • Balancing methods of obtaining materials ensures steady inflow without excessive costs.

What Are Structural Materials In Starfield?

Structural Materials
Structural Materials (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, players often need Structural Materials for enhancing outpost capabilities and ensuring a sustainable journey. Here’s what you need to know about obtaining these crucial resources:

Important: Structural Materials can be acquired through various means such as purchasing from vendors, scavenging enemy bases, and harvesting from diverse flora and fauna across different planets. These planets include prime locations like Porrima II and Eta Cassiopeia.

Best Ways To Obtain Structural Materials

There are multiple ways that players can go about and expedite the process of obtaining Structural Materials. However, in the huge world of Starfield, not knowing could waste your time and in return, you may be farming fewer materials if you have the proper information. That is why I have listed here the best ways to farm for Structural Materials in Starfield.

1. Purchasing From Vendors

Vendors (picture credits: eXputer)

When venturing into the vastness of Starfield, one of the crucial resources you’ll frequently need is Structural Materials. These components play a pivotal role in enhancing your outpost capabilities, thus ensuring a sustainable journey in Starfield. Here’s a breakdown of the primary way to acquire them: through vendors.


Purchasing Structural Materials in Starfield from vendors offers players the convenience factor. It’s the most straightforward route, enabling you to acquire the resource without the additional effort of looting or farming.


  • While purchasing may be hassle-free, it might not always be the quickest way to amass a large quantity in Starfield.
  • Additionally, this method tends to be heavier on the player’s credits, making it less cost-effective in the long run.
  • A significant limitation of relying on vendors is their stock availability in Starfield.
  • If a vendor runs out, players need to wait for a restock, which can introduce unwanted downtime, especially if you’re in urgent need of the material.

Best Vendors

  • Generic Shops: As a rule of thumb, players should gravitate towards the all-purpose stores in settlements in Starfield. These shops, unlike those specializing in weaponry or food, are more likely to stock up on Structural Materials.
  • Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis: A prominent vendor that is known to frequently have Structural Materials in their inventory.
  • Distribution Center in New Atlantis Commercial District: A reliable source for these resources, especially for players based around New Atlantis in Starfield.
  • Shepard’s General Store in Akila City: Another excellent vendor to keep on your radar as you traverse Starfield.
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters and Newill’s Goods in Neon: These vendors often stock Structural Materials, offering players more options to acquire the resource.

2. Scavenging Enemy Bases

scavenging enemy bases
scavenging enemy bases (picture credits: eXputer)

In the vast universe of Starfield, enemy bases present unique opportunities for players to acquire valuable resources. After trying this almost 10 times, here’s what I figured, key areas for scavenging include:

  • Pirate Bases: Often isolated and heavily guarded, but ripe with a mix of looted goods and materials in Starfield.
  • Smuggler Hideouts: Concealed and treacherous, they usually contain contraband and rare materials.
  • Spacer Stations: Floating in the void, these bases can house valuable tech alongside basic structural materials.
  • Zealot Sanctums: Usually fortified and with a religious undertone, expect to find unique and sacred items, some of which can be repurposed.

Places to Focus Your Search

While scouring these bases, specific areas tend to be gold mines in Starfield for structural materials and valuable items. Based on my gameplay experience, here’s how you should be able to maximize your scavenging efforts:

  • Countertops: Often overlooked, these surfaces can harbor smaller but essential items.
  • Workbenches: A focal point for any base, they usually contain tools, components, and sometimes rare materials.
  • Crates: The bread and butter of scavenging in Starfield. Rummage through them for a chance to discover an assortment of goods, from weapons to structural materials.


While scavenging enemy bases can be convenient due to their proximity or your current mission, I discovered and explored the limitations associated with it. Here’s my recommended method for navigating these challenges and still extracting valuable resources:

  • It’s less efficient for bulk collection: If your primary goal is to amass a large quantity of structural materials quickly, other methods might serve you better. However, if you’re already infiltrating a base for a different objective, it’s a convenient way to supplement your stockpile.

3. Galactic Harvesting In Starfield

Galactic Harvesting
Galactic Harvesting (picture credits: eXputer)

Flora Harvesting

  • Approach any flora closely.
  • Wait for the ‘Harvest’ prompt to appear.
  • Activate to gather materials.

Fauna Harvesting

  • After defeating a creature, inspect its remains.
  • Some creatures have body parts labeled ‘(Structural)’ indicating their utility.

Prime Locations For Efficient Harvesting

  1. High Vegetation Planets: For instance, Porrima II is known for its dense jungles and lush landscapes, making it an excellent location for sourcing materials from plants.
  2. Creature-Abundant Planets: Eta Cassiopeia, as an example, hosts a diverse range of creatures known to frequently drop structural materials upon defeat.

Key Planetary Destination

For those truly committed to amassing a collection of Structural Materials in Starfield, focusing on flora and fauna proves fruitful. Selecting planets teeming with vibrant plant and animal ecosystems ensures a steady flow of these materials.

Take, for instance, Oborum I in the Oborum Prime system. This verdant haven is renowned for its rich biodiversity, particularly the Laga Plant—a predominant source of structural materials for dedicated gatherers.

4. Harvesting From An Outpost

Harvesting from an Outpost
Harvesting from an Outpost (picture credits: eXputer)

To delve into outpost harvesting, a player must first gain proficiency by unlocking Outpost Engineering within the Science skill tree in Starfield. This foundational step provides the necessary knowledge to exploit outposts for material extraction.

Diversifying Skill Sets

To maximize the potential of your outpost in Starfield, turning to specialized disciplines such as Botany or Zoology is crucial. Depending on your focus—whether flora or fauna—these skills will enable you to tap into a richer vein of resources, enhancing the outpost’s yield.

Constructing Efficiently

Once the necessary skills are in place, constructing specific modules tailored to your chosen specialty is imperative. For instance, if you’ve honed in on Botany, integrating plant-based modules will exponentially increase your harvesting outcomes.

Words of Caution

While outposts promise lucrative returns, it’s vital to note that this method demands a substantial investment in both resources and time. Players should approach this strategy with patience and a clear understanding of Starfield’s long-term goals.

My Recommendations To Get Structural Material Faster 

A balanced and diversified approach to collecting structural materials will always yield the best outcomes. By judiciously alternating between purchasing and natural collection methods, players can ensure a steady inflow of resources without burning a hole in their in-game wallets in Starfield.

Combining Strategies For Maximum Output

For players looking to maximize their returns on structural materials, a multifaceted approach is key. Don’t rely on a single method; instead, blend various strategies to leverage their strengths.

Target Rich Planetary Environments

Target Rich Planetary Environments
Target Rich Planetary Environments (picture credits: eXputer)

Planets such as Porrima II and Eta Cassiopeia emerge as top contenders due to their natural abundance in Starfield.

They offer a swift collection route, given the wealth of materials they harbor. Adventurers are encouraged to frequent such locations as a primary resource hub.

Convenience Versus Cost

While purchasing from vendors provides the allure of immediacy, it comes at a higher monetary cost.

  • On the other hand, methods like harvesting and scavenging, though potentially more time-intensive, prove to be economical in the long run.
  • Players should assess their immediate needs versus their in-game financial situation to make an informed decision.

To wrap it up, securing Structural Materials in Starfield is not just an activity but a strategy, pivotal for advanced gameplay. Whether purchasing, scavenging, or tapping into the galaxy’s natural resources, a player’s adaptability in obtaining these materials shapes their journey. Embrace a multifaceted approach, and the universe’s secrets will unfurl seamlessly.

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