Starfield: First Contact Quest [Dialogue & Rewards]

Learn about the all available endings in the Starfield First Contact quest guide and maximize your mission rewards.

The First Contact is one of the many side quests you encounter while exploring different star systems within Starfield. Set in the Porrima star system, the quest offers unique character encounters and multiple endings. Following the Starfield First Contact quest guide can help players navigate the extensive dialogues and interactions within the quest to achieve their desired ending.

Key Takeaways
  • The First Contact quest in Starfield is a side mission encountered in the Porrima star system.
  • In this quest, Starfield players are assigned the role of a diplomat who leads the negotiations between a colony of earth settlers and the Paradiso board of directors.   
  • You can get three different endings in Starfield, depending on your dialogue choices.
  • Each ending gives you 300XP, but the other rewards depend on whether you get the normal, good, or bad ending.
  • Each ending is unique and requires the players to make different choices through their dialogues for perfect execution.

How To Start The First Contact Quest?

The Constant Ship orbiting Porrima II in Starfield.
A screenshot of the constant orbiting Porrima II in Starfield. [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
To start the First Contact, you must go to the Porrima star system in the Starfield universe. The quest automatically starts once you are in Porima’s orbit.

You can also see the quest markers, which can be followed to progress the quest further. As you head to Porrima II, you will encounter a strange ship orbiting the planet.

Here are the next set of interactions that take place:

  1. Upon getting closer to the strange ship, you will encounter a transmission signal from Chief Sugiyama (head of Paradiso security), who will brief you about the situation.
  2. The chief advises you to meet him in his office if you can do something about the strange ship in orbit.
  3. You can head straight for the chief’s offices or try communicating with the ship independently; both choices do not impact the outcome. 
  4. When you try communicating with the ship, you will only get indecipherable static noise over all communication channels.
  5. Once all communication has failed, you will board the ship to investigate what is inside the ship.

You would still board the ship even if you decide to hear Chief Sugiyama’s story first. So, I recommend boarding the ship directly to save some time.

The First Contact: Starting Dialogues

Screenshot of the initial dialogue with Diana in Starfield First Contact.
The initial dialogue with Captain Diana in First Contact. [Image captured by us]
When you enter the ship, you will be welcomed by a colony of settlers that departed Earth before the invention of the Garv Drive. The Earth settlement within the colony ship Constant left the Earth searching for a new home in the early 2100’s. After their 200-year-long journey, they arrived at Porrima only to find their new home colonized.

After you board the ship, navigate the next series of events according to the following instructions:

  1. After you board the ship, the captain (Diana Brackenridge) will introduce you to the crew.
  2. Once you know the crew, say your name and offer help.
  3. The ship’s captain will now explain their situation and ask you to act as the middle person between them and Paradiso security since all communication efforts have failed.
  4. Now, ask them about getting away from the airlock.
  5. Once you are in the command bay, speak to the captain again.
  6. You will agree to be a diplomat between the two parties but make no promises.

Talk To Oliver Campbell

The Paradisaco board of directors in Starfield.
Screenshot of the Paradiso board of directors in Starfield. [Screenshot by eXputer]
After talking to Diana, fly to the Paradiso and speak to Chief Sugiyama (if you haven’t done that before.) Then, head to Olive Campbell to talk to the board of directors about the situation. Oliver and the other directors will present three possible solutions to the problem.

  1. Help the crew settle in Paradiso by providing some extra resources.
  2. Equip the Constant with a Garv Drive for them to settle somewhere else.
  3. Destroy the ship.

In this Starfield First Contact quest guide, the decision you make here will determine the ending you get. 

1. Settling The Constant Crew In Paradiso

A dialogue with Disuke in Starfield First Contact.
The dialogue with the Provisions Manager Disuke at the Constant. [Image by eXputer]
If you choose the first option, you will get the normal ending for the quest. After the dialogue with Oliver, head back to the Constant and talk to the captain. The captain will agree to the proposition, but you must persuade her to give resources for their transfer to Paradiso. I suggest that you “Quick Save” your progress before talking to Diana in case the persuasion fails. 

Here are the remaining steps to complete the quest:

  1. Talk to the provisions manager of the ship (Disuke) about any provisions the Constant can spare in the ship’s storage
  2. After taking their spare materials, you will still need more Sealant, Iron, Lithium, and Fiber.
  3. The best way to acquire these materials is to use the vendor on New Atlantis
  4. If the vendor is out of stock, you can rest for 48 hours so their stock resets.
  5. After you have all the necessary materials, inform Diana and ferry the colonists back to Paradiso on your ship. 

Mission Rewards

You will get the following rewards for the first ending:

Item Name Value
.45 Caliber Acp x 30 25
Antique Earth Baseball x 2 4590
Antique Earth Basketball 5400
Antique Earth Hockey Stick x 3 3580
Antique Earth Soccer Ball x 2 5500
Antique Piggy Bank 6490
Modified XM-2311 15580

2. Buying A Garv Drive For The Constant

A player negotiating with james about the Garv Drive Price in First Contact Starfield.
A dialogue with James about the Garv Drive. [Image credit: eXputer]
If you decide to get a Garv Drive for the colonists at the Constant, you must buy it for them. This is the second and better ending in the Starfield First Contact quest guide. Here, Oliver will ask you to visit a man named Bennu St. James at Hope Tech to source the Garv Drive.

To meet James, head to planet Polvo in the Vlad star system. Before you talk to James, Quick Save your game in case you have to perform the dialogue again. James will offer to retrofit the Grav Drive into the Constant for forty thousand credits, including labor costs. However, if you succeed in persuasion, you can reduce this cost to twenty-five thousand credits. 

Once you have paid James for the Garv Drive, return to the Constant and talk to Diane.

Help The Constant’s Engineers

After talking to Diane, she will ask you to speak to the ship’s lead engineer (Amin Kazemi). Amin will assign you three tasks to prepare the ship for the Garv Drive.

  1. Reroute the power from the port turbo pump to the auxiliary cryogenic generator.
  2. Turn the plasma runoff inhibitor to five percent.
  3. Lastly, decouple the magnetic flange pipe enclosures from the auxiliary module assembly.

You perform these tasks as follows:

  1. To perform step 1, head to the first terminal on the left side of the room and select Turbo Pump-Port > Cyrogenic Radiator-Auxiliary.
  2. The next terminal is exactly on the right side of the first one; interact with the terminal, select Plasma run-off inhibitor, and set it to five percent.
  3. Magnetic flange pipe enclosures can be decoupled from the console right before Amin by selecting Magnetic Flange Enclosure > Decouple > Auxiliary Module Assembly.

After completing the above preparations, you can talk to Diane and end the Starfield First contact quest.


Here are the rewards for the second (good) ending:

Item Name Value
.45 Caliber Acp x 30 25
Antique Earth Baseball x 2 4590
Antique Earth Basketball 5400
Antique Earth Hockey Stick x 3 3580
Antique Earth Soccer Ball x 2 5500
Antique Piggy Bank 6490
Garv Drive Retrofit Manual 0
Modified XM-2311 16400

3. Destroy The Constant

A player fighting against Constant's security members in FIrst Contact Quest.
Screenshot of a player fighting against hostile crewmembers on the Constant. [Image credit: eXputer ]
If you decide to destroy the Constant for the Paradiso, you will get the third and the worst ending. Oliver will mention that the reactors on the ship can self-destruct if they overload. You will need the pickpocketing and lockpick skills to complete this task. Once you have these skills, go to Amin to make him move. Once Amin moves, you can pickpocket him to obtain the ESC Constant Reactor Terminal Key.

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Find the reactor terminal and set the power level to “Emergency Reactor Overdrive.”
  2. Use lockpicking to confirm the reactor overdrive from the terminal at the Command Bay using digipicks.
  3.  After the above step, all NPCs in the ship will become hostile, so you must exit the ship as soon as you authorize the overdrive.

I enjoyed the quest a lot but did not like the choices it gave me at the end. There was no real way for me to save the colonists without paying for a Grav Drive.


Here are the reward(s) for choosing the third ending in Starfield’s First Contact quest:

Item Name Value
Credits from Oliver 6500

The First Conatant Quest in Starfield is a unique interaction between the players and a group of colonists that departed Earth two hundred years ago. As a diplomat, the players must negotiate terms of agreement between the colonists and the board of directors at Paradiso. There are three endings with different rewards. The ending you get will depend on your choices within the dialogues.  

Apart from reading the Starfield First Contact quest guide, there is still much more to explore in the Settled Systems and beyond. For instance, you can learn to steal ships, romance Sarah Morgan, and get the best companions in Starfield. You can also read about Starfield’s max-level cap and skill tree to enhance the play style further.


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