Starfield: How To Flirt & Romance Sarah Morgan

Explore romance relationship with Sarah Morgan in Starfield & immerse in a unique blend of cosmic adventure and character dynamics.

In Starfield, players can form a special bond with Sarah Morgan. Sarah is the leader of the Constellation team. If you want to be more than just friends, there are steps you can follow. Talking, exploring, and making choices she likes can make her your partner in the game. Let’s get into the details of How to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield!

Key Takeaways
  • Sarah Morgan leads Constellation, a top Starfield exploration team.
  • Players can initiate a romance sequence with Sarah Morgan in Starfield upon recruiting her.
  • Dialogue choices impact the strength of your bond with Sarah.
  • The “In Memoriam” quest offers a lot of help in increasing the chances of romancing Sarah.
  • Flirting at the Colony War Memorial intensifies the relationship.

Can You Romance Sarah Morgan In Starfield?

Yes, players have the opportunity to pursue a romantic relationship with Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

Sarah is the leader of Constellation, a prominent exploration team. Upon successfully recruiting her to the player’s team, various interaction options, including romantic ones, become available.

How To Romance Sarah Morgan In Starfield?

How To Romance Sarah Morgan
How To Romance Sarah Morgan (picture credits: eXputer)

To romance Sarah Morgan, you need to keep a few things in mind. along with that, you’ll have to make certain choices in dialogue sequences to get her to like you. Here’s a quick breakdown explaining how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield:

From the onset, establishing a solid relationship with Sarah is paramount. I advise that you start by recruiting her as an active companion in Starfield.

  • The bond between the player and Sarah is primarily strengthened through engaging dialogues.
  • Remember, each choice in dialogue plays a pivotal role in the relationship.
  • Choosing options that resonate with Sarah’s values and beliefs will undoubtedly garner her favor, drawing her closer to the player.

Quests And Choices

A significant portion of the romantic storyline with Sarah is anchored in the “In Memoriam” quest.

  • This mission provides deep insights into Sarah’s background in Starfield, particularly her experiences as a United Colonies pilot.
  • Completion of this quest not only progresses the player’s understanding of her past but also propels the relationship forward.

However, mere quest completion won’t seal the deal. During a poignant visit to the Colony War Memorial, players will encounter ‘flirt’ dialogue options. These flirtatious exchanges are crucial turning points, with the potential to significantly deepen the bond between the player and Sarah.

In addition to that, here are some other important instances you should be aware of while trying to impress Sarah Morgan:

  • New Atlantis Waterfall: In New Atlantis Waterfall, players face a choice that could either make or break the budding relationship. The options? “Friendship” or “Romance.” 
  • Lastly, players will be introduced to an intimate part of Sarah’s life—meeting her mother. It’s during this delicate interaction that players will have the chance to express their long-term intentions by selecting the “commitment” dialogue option. This culminating choice paves the way for a profound romantic conclusion.

Likes & Dislikes

Sarah Morgan's Background
Sarah Morgan’s likings (picture credits: eXputer)

Sarah Morgan has a certain list of likes and dislikes. Being aware of them will further help you to initiate a romantic relationship with her in Starfield. Here’s a summarized list of all her likes and dislikes:

Peaceful solutions Stealing
Following the rules Pickpocketing
Inquisitive responses Murder
Praise for Constellation Lying
Support of exploration Harming civilians

Increasing Affinity With Sarah To Romance

In Memoriam Quest
In Memoriam Quest completion is required to Romance Sarah Morgan (picture credits: eXputer)

To build a strong bond with Sarah Morgan in Starfield, I suggest that you follow these pointers:

Actions Details
Be Kind and Avoid Danger Sarah prefers non-violent approaches. She’ll appreciate it if you can persuade others to avoid fights. For example, a successful persuasion to dodge a battle will earn her approval.
Support Constellation She values your enthusiasm for Constellation’s mission, especially the search for Artifacts. So, be excited about it!
Avoid Unnecessary Violence There isn’t a visible score, but you’ll know you’re doing right when you see the “Sarah approved of that” pop-up. Avoid decisions leading to “Sarah didn’t like that” or “Sarah hated that”.
Chit-chat with Sarah Occasionally, you’ll get prompts to chat with her. Don’t skip them! These talks dive into topics like the Artifact on Vectera, her ties to Constellation’s ex-leader, and her days in the UC Navigator Corps. Engaging in these discussions can also unlock the “In Memoriam” quest, essential if you aim to romance Sarah.
Travel Together Simply put, take her with you. This isn’t just about her being on your ship. She should be with you, exploring. That’s when special conversations trigger.
Earn her Approval Align with organizations that have noble intentions. For instance, having Sarah with you while helping the UC Vanguard is more favorable than working with the trade authority. A word of caution, Sarah isn’t fond of the Trade Authority. So, if you work with them, maintain your noble demeanor. Also, helping out folks in need, even if it’s a hefty 20,000 credits, will win her over.
My Opinion: Sarah Morgan is probably my favorite female character in recent video games. She is brilliantly written and has some witty dialogues that are genuinely funny.

In conclusion, Starfield lets you journey across space and form close bonds. With the right choices, you can make Sarah Morgan a special part of your adventure. 

This concludes my guide on how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield. While you’re at it, consider reading Best Starfield Settings For Maximum Performance On PC, What Is The Max Level Cap, How To Get Dream Trait & Home, and Starfield: All Skill Tree guides.


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