Starfield: In Memoriam Quest [Walkthrough & Bug Fixes]

Find Love Among the Stars with Sarah Morgan's 'In Memoriam Starfield' Quest.

In Starfield, players engage in numerous adventures, including Sarah Morgan’s companion quest, known as “In Memoriam Starfield.” This quest involves Sarah’s past before Constellation, revealing the sadness of losing her crew. To start this quest, you must approach Admiral Logan, who can unlock Sarah’s file, starting the central part of the quest. However, there is a bug that can cause issues, leaving you stuck in a frustrating situation during this quest.

Key Takeaways
  • “In Memoriam” quest delves into Sarah Morgan’s backstory, deepening player connection.
  • Objectives: Talk to Admiral Logan, visit Cassiopeia I, investigate the UC Dauntless crew, and interact with Sarah.
  • Rewards: 250 XP and 10,500 credits, aiding character progression and finances in Starfield.
  • Beware the “In Memoriam Bug” tied to Sarah Morgan, causing dialogue and quest issues, and game crashes.
  • Players attempt fixes like restarting, completing other missions, adjusting Sarah’s crew status, and waiting in-game.

What Is In Memoriam In Starfield?

Starfield In Memoriam Quest
In Memoriam Quest – [image grab by eXputer]
In Memoriam is a quest where players can deepen their relationship with Sarah Morgan while uncovering the mysteries of her past as a pilot in the United Colonies military.


The “In Memoriam” quest is a heartfelt journey that revolves around Sarah Morgan, a companion. This side quest allows players to forge a deeper connection with Sarah, offering the opportunity to develop a romantic relationship and even marry her.

As the quest unfolds, players accompany Sarah on a mission to uncover the fate of her previous ship, the UC Dauntless, which was lost during the Colony War.

I’ve listed down the objectives for this quest below:

  1. Your first task is to talk to Admiral Logan in New Atlantis for information.
  2. Travel to Cassiopeia I, which is your next destination.
  3. Land near Sarah’s old campsite and have a conversation with Sarah.
  4. Retrieve and install the Emergency Power Cell.
  5. Analyze telemetry data and investigate the shuttle crash site.
  6. Engage in a conversation with the mysterious girl Sona you encounter.
  7. Collect Genetags during your mission.
  8. Return to Sarah, allow Sona to stay, and proceed to the Overlook.
  9. Have more conversations with Sarah at the Overlook.
  10. Return to New Atlantis, speak to Sona again, and lead Sarah to the Colony War Memorial and the Waterfall in New Atlantis.


I have compiled everything you need to do to unlock the “In Memoriam” quest and embark on this heartfelt journey:

  1. You must have a high approval rating with Sarah Morgan, your companion.
  2. Sarah Morgan requests your assistance in discovering the fate of the UC Dauntless crew.
  3. Begin your journey at New Atlantis, which is the starting location of the quest.
Starfield In Memoriam Quest
Admiral Logan – [image credits eXputer]


Upon completing the “In Memoriam” quest, you will be rewarded with XP and credits. These rewards not only acknowledge your accomplishments but also contribute to your character’s progression and financial well-being within your game. Players can use credits to enhance their equipment, purchase valuable items, or advance their journey through the vast and intriguing universe of Starfield.

Reward Quantity
Experience 250 XP
Credits 10,500

In Memoriam Bug & Fixes

Starfield In Memoriam Quest
In Memoriam Bug – [screenshot by eXputer]
The In Memoriam Bug is a glitch that affects the character of Sarah Morgan, who is a potential companion and romance option for players. This bug prevents players from recruiting or romancing Sarah Morgan and may cause various issues within the gameplay.

  • The bug can lead to issues such as dialogue errors during interactions with Sarah Morgan.
  • It may prevent players from progressing in the In Memoriam quest, making it impossible to complete the associated storyline.
  • In some cases, the bug has been associated with game crashes or freezes.

Players encountering the In Memoriam Bug in Starfield have sought various workarounds to address this glitch. While these fixes are not guaranteed to work for every player, they have been reported as potential solutions to resolve the issue. It’s advisable to back up saves before attempting major changes. Keep an eye out for official patches from Bethesda, which may address and resolve this bug in the future.

From my experience, here are some workarounds:

Restart And Load

  • Quit Starfield and restart your game.
  • Load the saved game where the In Memoriam quest is glitched.
  • Sometimes, a simple restart and loading the correct save can resolve the issue.

Complete Another Mission

  • Try completing another mission or quest before returning to the In Memoriam quest.
  • Progressing through a different quest might reset variables and flags, allowing you to proceed with In Memoriam.

Switch Ships

  • Visit a Ship Services Technician near a spaceport.
  • Choose “I’d like to view and modify my ships.
  • Select a different ship as your “home ship” and see if the issue persists.

Add/Remove Sarah from the Ship’s Crew

  • Access your ship’s menu from the character menu.
  • Open the crew tab and interact with Sarah’s profile to add or remove her from the crew.
  • Adjust her crew status to see if it resolves the bug.

Try Waiting

  • If the above methods fail, try fast traveling to a different location and interacting with Sarah.
  • Alternatively, sleep or wait for a few hours or until the day of the ceremony and check if it triggers the quest progress.

However, there’s a bug in Starfield that can make this quest frustrating. Players have found some ways to fix it, like restarting the saved game or completing other missions first. While these fixes might not work for everyone, the Starfield community is dedicated to finding solutions. 

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