12 BEST Grav Drives In Starfield: An In-Depth Guide

Make bigger jumps across Star Systems to reach planets while carrying more cargo using the best Grav Drive in Starfield.

The list of best Grav Drives in Starfield is huge, and the location and prices for the Grav Drive ship parts may vary depending upon their class. Additionally, some high-tier Grav Drives also require you to invest in the Starship Design skill, without which you cannot attach these parts to your ship. You must also obtain a Class C ship to use the best Grav Drives.

Key Takeaways
  • There are approximately 40 Grav Drives in Starfield, divided into three classes.
  • The best Grav Drives in Starfield consist mostly of the Class C modules in this category.
  • The advantage of using the Class C Grav Drives is that you’ll obtain the maximum jump thrust needed for space travel.
  • The disadvantage of using these is that you’ll need a Class C ship and a rank 3/4 in the Starship Design skill to equip these parts.
  • In my experience, the J-52 Gamma was the best choice near the end, and it allowed me to explore most of the Star Systems.
Important: Most of the best Grav Drives can only be equipped when you own a Class C ship and increase rank in specific skills like the Starship Design.

The Best Grav Drives In Starfield

Here is the list of the best Grav Drives with their jump thrust stat and price;

Grav DrivesJump ThrustHealthStarship Design Skill RankPrice (Credits)
J-52 Gamma50308Rank 4112,290
Apollo GV30050288Rank 4100,225
SGD 330045275Rank 474,575
J-51 Gamma45261Rank 368,685
Apollo GV20045241Rank 361,845
NG34045147Rank 354,435
SGD 320038230Rank 342,560
J-50 Gamma34218Rank 133,725
RD-3000 Beta36180Rank 229,450
NG32038147Rank 333,630
Apollo GV10034199Rank 129,735
NG30027147Rank 117,290

1. J-52 Gamma

Grav DriveJ-52 Gamma
Jump Thrust50

The J-52 Gamma Grav Drive is undoubtedly the best Grav Drive and is a C-Rank ship part. It offers the highest jump thrust stat. It basically translates to traveling easily to the farthest Star Systems while carrying the most load in your ship. You must invest in the Starship Design skill and increase it to rank 4 before using the ship part.

  • You can purchase it from Ship Technicians throughout major cities, including New Atlantis, Akila City, and Neon.
  • The price of this module is 112,290 Credits, which is pretty expensive but definitely worth it.

2. Apollo GV300

Grav DriveApollo GV300
Jump Thrust50

It is another Grav Drive with the same amount of jump thrust as the J-52 Gamma Grav Drive. Even though it offers the same speed while traveling, there are still some cutbacks made in terms of the health of this ship part. It has less health when compared to the J-52 Gamma and can malfunction earlier with damage. However, it is also cheaper to purchase, and the rank 4 in Starship Design skill is also needed here.

  • It can be bought from Ship Technicians in Starfield at the price of 100,225 Credits.

3. SGD 3300

Grav DriveSGD 3300
Jump Thrust45

The SGD 3300 Grav Drvie probably has the next-best jump thrust stats and health, which are slightly lower than the Apollo GV300. These drawbacks also mean that you can get this ship part for a considerably cheaper price when compared with the top two.

If you’re trying to save some credits, you should definitely go for the SGD 3300, as it has balanced stats overall and will work fine, even for the late game. The Starship Design rank requirement is still 4 for the SGD 3300.

  • The price of SGD 3300 Grav Drive in Starfield is 74,575 Credits.

4. J-51 Gamma 

starfield best grav drive
J-51 Gamma In Starfield
Grav DriveJ-51 Gamma
Jump Thrust45

This Grav Drive comes with the same jump thrust as the SGD 3300, but there’s a catch. It can still help you make big jumps through Star Systems and is much more cost-efficient, but it has lower health than even the SGD 3300. However, the J-51 Gamma Grav Drive is probably the best Grav Drive you can use at rank 3 of Starship Design skill. So when you can’t equip the rank 4 Grav Drives, the J-51 Gamma is your best bet.

  • You can purchase it from a Ship Technician for 68,685 Credits.

5. Apollo GV200

starfield best grav drive
Apollo GV200 In Starfield
Grav DriveApollo GV200
Jump Thrust45

The Apollo GV200 is essentially a Starship Design skill rank 3 variant of the Apollo GV300. As such, it offers lower jump thrust than the high-tier variant, but the cutback in that stat is not quite large. The major drawback happens in the health of this component, which is not great.

If you decide to use the Apollo GV200, then make sure to protect it during space battles since it is not that sturdy. However, it will still help you travel to distant Star Systems and requires a Starship Design skill rank 3.

  • It can be purchased from a Ship Technician at the price of 61,845 Credits.

6. NG340

item in game
NG340 In Starfield
Grav DriveNG340
Jump Thrust45

If you’re looking for a similar jump thrust performance to the Apollo GV200 at a slightly lower price point, look no further than the NG340 Grav Drive in Starfield. It is cheaper and provides the same jump thrust, so you won’t miss out on space travel.

However, the health of this part is considerably low, and it is extremely fragile. It is almost 50% less than the top 5 Grav Drives. Travel with caution when you have the NG340 equipped as your Grav Drive. The Starship Design skill rank 3 is needed to use the part.

  • You can purchase it from Ship Technicians for a price of 54,435 Credits.

7. SGD 3200

Grav DriveSGD 3200
Jump Thrust38

This Grav Drive has slightly worse jump thrust capabilities when compared to the NG340. But it boasts a much higher defense and can take much more damage before malfunctioning. You can also purchase it for less than the NG340, and it also requires you to rank 3 in the Starship Design skill.

It all depends on whether you prefer a faster but weaker Grav Drive or a slightly slower but stronger Grav Drive. If you prefer the latter, then purchase the SGD 3200.

  • The price of the SGD 3200 Grav Drive at a Ship Technician is 42,560 Credits.

8. J-50 Gamma

starfield best grav drive
J-50 Gamma In Starfield
Grav DriveJ-50 Gamma
Jump Thrust34

Most of the top-tier Grav Drives have already been discussed. Now, I will entail a few average Grav Drives but lower skill requirements to use.

The J-50 Gamma will get you both good jump thrust and a better defense than the NG340. The best part about using this module is that you only need to rank 1 in the Starship Design skill. That allows you to enjoy bigger jumps between the various Star Systems without investing much in the skill.

  • It can be bought for 33,725 Credits.

9. RD-3000 Beta

starfield best grav drive
RD-3000 Beta In Starfield
Grav DriveRD-3000 Beta
Jump Thrust36

Even though the RD-3000 Beta is a Class B Grav Drive, it performs better than a few Class C Grav Drives. It is another average yet good Grav Drive that can get you through the campaign easily before you can obtain a stronger Grav Drive. The skill requirement for RD-3000 Beta is rank 2 in the Starship Design skill. That is higher than the J-50 Gamma, but it also comes at a cheaper price.

  • The RD-3000 Beta is available for a price of 29,450 Credits.

10. NG320

item in game
NG320 In Starfield
Grav DriveNG320
Jump Thrust38

The NG320 is the weaker version of the NG340, and it also comes with extremely low health for a ship part. Compared to the J-50 Gamma and the RD-3000 Beta, the NG340 does give you a much better jump thrust, but at the cost of health. Again, it is advised only to use this part if you want to explore and not engage in many spaceship battles. Lastly, you’ll need Rank 3 in the Starship Design skill to use the NG320.

  • You can purchase the NG320 Grav Drive for 33,630 Credits.

11. Apollo GV100

starfield best grav drive
Apollo GV100 In Starfield
Grav DriveApollo GV100
Jump Thrust34

The Apollo GV100 is the low-tier variant in the Class C Apollo Grav Drive modules. It will still enable you to explore a lot of Star Systems because it is better than many Class A and Class B Grav Drives. It is also the second cheapest Class C Grav Drive module you can purchase and comes with serviceable jump thrust and overall health. You can also use it with a rank 1 in the Starship Design skill, which makes it more accessible.

  • The Apollo GV100 Grav Drive at a Ship Technician costs 29,735 Credits.

12. NG300

item in game
NG300 In Starfield
Grav DriveNG300
Jump Thrust27

This is the weakest Grav Drive in the Class C Grav Drives list. However, the NG300 is still stronger than most Class A and Class B Grav Drives in Starfield. You can still take a voyage to a faraway Star System using this module, but it won’t enable you to explore the entire universe that the game presents. However, it is still a good Grav Drive that can be bought cheaply and only requires rank 1 in the Starship Design skill.

  • The RD-3000 Beta is available for purchase at the Ship Technicians for a price of 17,290 Credits.

Starfield is an amazing space exploration RPG with hundreds of unique planets to explore with your party, including your favorite companions. You can even join a major faction, and there are fun side quests related to those factions. The United Colonies has to be the most fun faction, as it allows you to roleplay a space pirate. Overall, Starfield is going to keep you hooked on exploring various planets.

This concludes my guide on the best Grav Drive in Starfield, which includes a list of these modules with their price and location mentioned in detail. I hope that the guide was helpful in creating the ultimate ship that allowed you to explore the distant planets in the various Star Systems. Let me know what you think about Bethesda’s Latest RPG set in space in the comments below!


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