What Happened To Earth In Starfield? [Answered]

Learn everything there is about what happened to Earth in Starfield, along with how to get to it and what you may find there.

No matter how many new and exciting planets and Star Systems Starfield may have for you to explore, one can’t help but think of home. It does raise the question of what happened to Earth in Starfield. While it’s not the prettiest of scenes you may want your home to look like, it does still exist in that universe.

Key Takeaways
  • The Earth in Starfield is currently a barren wasteland, unsuitable for any life.
  • Apart from being a cold shell of a planet, it has no atmosphere other than a thin layer of CO2.
  • It was abandoned once its atmosphere started to erode.
  • It lies in Starfield’s Sol Star system with the rest of the solar system.
  • You can travel to Earth after completing the Old Neighborhood quest.
  • You can find materials like Lead, Chlorine, and Mercury on Earth.
  • Additionally, you can come across humanity’s old landmarks like the Empire State Building.

The Current Condition Of The Earth In Starfield

Starfield Earth
Earth: Sol Star System (Image Credits: eXputer)
Important: Earth in Starfield is an abandoned wasteland covered in a thin layer of CO2.

In my experience, the Human race is scattered across the universe instead of populating the Earth. That is because the humans successfully transformed the bright blue marble into a pale grey rock unsuitable for any life.

Some more key characteristics of the Earth in Starfield are mentioned as follows:

  1. Unlike the Earth you know now, the Earth in Starfield is a cold planet.
  2. Its atmosphere is just a thin layer of Carbon dioxide (CO2).
  3. The Earth was labeled uninhabitable by the year 2203.

Can You Still Visit Earth?

Starfield Sol Star System
Sol Star System (Image Captured by eXputer)
Important: Yes, you can still visit Earth in Starfield. It is located in the Sol Star system.

Land at the London landmark from your Map (or any preferred landmark) and witness a barren wasteland, offering a bleak glimpse into humanity’s last days. In a main story mission, Sarah Morgan reveals what happened to Earth in Starfield, serving as the origin story of the United Colonies. According to Sarah, humans had only 50 years to relocate to other galaxies or face extinction.

How To Travel To Earth?

Before embarking on the journey back home, ensure you meet specific requirements. First and foremost, you need enough fuel. If you receive a message preventing fast travel, complete the Old Neighborhood quest before visiting Earth. Lastly, confirm your ship’s inventory has adequate space and isn’t over-encumbered.

The steps to get to Earth are listed as follows:

  1. Open your Starmap and locate the Sol Star System.
  2. Set a course to this Star System and perform a Grav Jump.
  3. You can Grav Jump by holding X once the course is set.
  4. Once in the Sol system, find Earth and land at any landmark you like.

What Can You Find On Earth In Starfield?

Starfield Earth Landmarks
Empire State Buiding Landmark (Image Credits: eXputer)

The only thing left for you to explore is what you can find on this dry rock. You can find some resources here and there, but they aren’t huge in quantity nor exclusive to Earth. Other, easier, and more efficient ways exist to obtain the same resources.

Nevertheless, some materials and resources you may encounter on Earth are listed as follows:

  • Water
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Cholorosilanes
  • Mercury

I suggest exploring Earth in Starfield by roaming and taking in views of former major cities. Journey to iconic structures like the Empire State Building or the Pyramids of Giza. This concludes the walkthrough of What Happened to Earth in Starfield. For more guides, check How to Set Up a Transfer Container in Starfield or learn about the best major factions in the game.

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