Starfield: How To Get Best Ship Parts & Repair

Explore essential Ship Parts in Starfield for optimal vessel maintenance & upgrades, ensuring unparalleled space voyages in vast cosmos.

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, a ship’s prowess is often determined by the quality of its components. From the thrust of its engines to the resilience of its shields, Ship Parts in Starfield play an indispensable role in navigating the player, the best companions, and the best crew members as well. Knowing the nuances of these components can mean the difference between a smooth journey across the stars or a perilous voyage fraught with challenges.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 13 different Ship parts that players can customize and upgrade their ships with new parts.
  • Upgrading Ship Parts benefits spaceship repair and enhancement.
  • Major cities like New Atlantis, Akila City, and Neon offer diverse part selections for you to upgrade the ships.
  • Smaller settlements and specialized shopping areas can yield unique components that you may not find elsewhere.
  • Engaging in combat and assisting factions can also grant valuable Ship Parts.
  • Not getting the new and improved ship parts in Starfield will be a drawback for you, especially during spaceship combat scenarios.

What Are Ship Parts In Starfield?

Starfield Ship
Starfield Ship (Image Captured By eXputer)

From my experience, ship parts are essential components used to repair and upgrade spaceships.

Important: These Ship parts can be acquired from various locations including the Trade Authority Kiosk in New Atlantis, UC Distribution Center, Cydonia UC Exchange, and Shepherd’s General Store.

Furthermore, I discovered that they can also be obtained by looting defeated enemy ships or assisting factions in battles against the Crimson Fleet in Starfield. I recommend keeping a well-stocked inventory of these parts as it ensures a player’s spaceship remains in prime condition for exploring the vast expanse of Starfield.

Why Do You Need Ship Parts?

ship parts
Ship Parts(Image Captured By eXputer)

Ship Parts in my opinion are crucial for maintaining and ensuring the health of your spaceship, as they allow players to repair their vessel, particularly the hull when it sustains damage during space exploration or combat.

I discovered that without these essential components, spaceships become vulnerable, potentially leading to catastrophic failures. Having a good stock of Ship Parts ensures that explorations remain uninterrupted and that players can confidently face challenges in the vastness of space.

Where To Buy Ship Parts?

Ship Vendor
Ship Vendor (Image Captured By eXputer)

From my experience, ensuring your ship remains in prime condition is crucial. One of the essential items for this is Ship Parts, which can be utilized to repair your spaceship. If you’re seeking to purchase them, follow my guide below:

1. Finding Ship Parts In Vendor Inventory

Navigate to the Aid section in Starfield. It’s where vendors usually list Ship Parts, alongside other items like food and med packs.

2. Identification Tip for A Quick Search

Given the vast assortment of items in vendor inventories, a handy trick is to sort by weight. Ship Parts stand out due to their hefty weight of 10 kg, which is notably higher than most other items. This will make them jump right to the top, saving you time.

3. Recommended Vendors For Ship Parts

  • Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City: A reliable vendor known to stock Ship Parts.
  • Trade Authority storefronts on both Mars and Neon: While Trade Authority kiosks generally don’t carry them, their storefronts in these two locations do.
  • UC Exchange shops: These are primarily found in New Atlantis and Cydonia on Mars. They have a decent stock of Ship Parts for all your repair needs.

I recommend that you always ensure your inventory is stocked with a good number of Ship Parts. Exploring the world is less daunting when you’re confident about your ship’s health. 

How To Repair Your Ship?

Repairing Ship
Repairing Ship (Image Captured By eXputer)

In my opinion, maintaining your spaceship is a paramount task in the vast expanse of Starfield. Let’s delve straight into the repair mechanics: Always monitor your ship’s health. With these two repair methods at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to face any space challenges head-on.

Understanding Damage Sequence

  • Shields: They take damage initially, acting as your ship’s first line of defense. Always keep an eye on them.
  • Hull: Once the shields are down, your hull is vulnerable. Significant hull damage can lead to catastrophic failures, so act promptly.

Quick Repair With Ship Parts

If your hull has taken damage, you can swiftly address the issue using the Ship Parts repair kit.

To activate it follow my step-by-step guide:

    • Access your Heads-Up Display (HUD).
    • Select the Ship Parts repair kit option.
    • Commence the repair.
    • It’s a swift process, ensuring you’re back in action without much delay.

Other Repair Method

  • For players who prefer a more detailed approach:
    • Navigate to the Ship menu.
    • Here, you can view specific damage points, allowing for a more comprehensive repair.
    • Initiate the repair process from this menu, using Ship Parts as required.

How To Repair Ship Without Having Parts?

Ship Repairing tasks without the parts in Starfield (Image Captured By eXputer)

Traveling the cosmos can often lead to unexpected damage to your ship. But fear not, even if you’re out of Ship Parts, I discovered a reliable alternative:

Spaceport Repairs

  • When close to a spaceport, dock your ship.
  • Inside, you’ll find dedicated repair zones and the Ship Services Technician. 
  • These are equipped to handle a variety of ship damages, even without your personal Ship Parts.

Repair Costs

Important: Using the spaceport’s facilities is convenient but comes at a price. So I advise you to expect to pay a standard fee of 1,000 credits for the service.
  • I recommend that you have sufficient credits on hand before opting for this method, to avoid any unnecessary hitches.

While having Ship Parts is ideal for on-the-go repairs in Starfield, spaceports offer a trustworthy backup solution. I suggest always keeping a reserve of credits for such situations to ensure your voyages remain uninterrupted.

All Ship Part Locations In Starfield

Ship Vendor Locations
Ship Vendor Locations (Image Captured By eXputer)

Navigating the vast galaxies of Starfield, one quickly learns the importance of keeping their ship in top condition. Whether upgrading or fixing, knowing where to procure the right Ship Parts is crucial. Let’s delve into the prime locations and vendors for acquiring these components.

1. Key Cities For Ship Parts Acquisition

  • New Atlantis: An advanced hub ideal for multiple selections.
  • Akila City: Centrally located and rich in parts for various brands.
  • Neon: A bustling marketplace known for its diverse inventory.

2. Brand-Specific Module Locations

  • Deimos modules: Head to the Sol / Mars / Deimos Staryard.
  • HopeTech: Make your way to Valo / Polvo / Hopetown for exclusive parts.
  • Nova Galactic: The Sol / Earth / Nova Galactic Staryard offers state-of-the-art components.
  • Stroud-Ekland: For specialized parts, check out Narion / Deepala / Stroud-Eklund Staryard.
  • Taiyo Atroneering: Don’t miss the Trade Tower’s second floor in Volii / Volii Alpha / Neon.

3. Diverse Brand Selection Hotspots

  • Alpha Centauri / Jemison / New Atlantis: A range of brands under one roof.
  • Cheyenne / Akila / Akila City: Offers both popular and rare components.
  • Volii / Volii Alpha / Neon: Known for high-quality, diverse options.

4. Niche Settlement Selections:

While key cities are popular, smaller settlements such as Sol / Mars / Cydonia also offer unique, sometimes rare, components.

5. Specialized Ship Parts

  • Porrima / Porrima III / Red Mile: For those seeking luxury or rare components.
  • Exclusive for the Crimson Fleet affiliates: Head to Kryx / Suvorov / The Key for parts that aren’t found anywhere else.

Best Ways To Acquire Ship Parts

Spaceship Debris
Spaceship Debris (Image Captured By eXputer)

Acquiring the best Ship Parts is essential for maintaining and upgrading your vessel. Follow my concise guide on the most efficient ways to secure them:

1. Purchase From Established Vendors

  • Trade Authority Kiosk in New Atlantis: A hub for diverse components.
  • UC Distribution Center: Renowned for its large inventory, ranging from common to rare parts.
  • Cydonia UC Exchange: Favored for its strategic location and variety.
  • Shepherd’s General Store: Trusted by many for its consistent stock and reasonable pricing.
Important: I advise you to always check vendor inventory quantities before making the trip. Some vendors in Starfield might have limited stock or may be out of specific items.

2. Engage In Combat And Looting

Defeating enemy ships often yields valuable Ship Parts. Salvaging from these fallen vessels can be a lucrative method to stock up on essential ship components.

3. Assist Factions In Battles

Offering assistance to various factions against the formidable Crimson Fleet ships can prove beneficial. Many factions reward your support with Ship Parts, making it a mutually beneficial endeavor.

Note: During my Starfield playthrough, I built a landing pad at an outpost with a shipbuilder, which provided me with nearly 90% of the parts. However, keep in mind that only specific vendors will sell exclusive ship parts.

Best Ship Parts To Get

Ship Parts
Ship Parts (Image Captured By eXputer)

Certain Ship Parts have risen above the rest in terms of their functionality and reliability. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best that you should always try to get in the game.

1. Drives

NG300 Grav Drive: A state-of-the-art Gravitational Drive System. Not only is it efficient in propulsion, but its unique anti-inertia features make navigation smoother than most drives. When compared to others in its class, it provides a delicate balance of speed and fuel efficiency.

2. Weaponry

  • CE-09 Missile Launcher: Boasting an impressive range, the CE-09 stands out for its high-impact damage and swift fire rate. This launcher is ideal for those who prefer striking from a distance.
  • Flare 15MW IR Laser: With capabilities to severely damage shields and penetrate hulls, the Flare 15MW is a choice for those who want precise and consistent laser fire.
  • Mauler 106T Cannon: A versatile cannon designed for both close and mid-range combat. The Mauler’s strategy is in its burst-fire mode, which, when used correctly, can decimate enemy defenses.

3. Engines

  • White Dwarf 3015: Known for its unparalleled thrust capacity, the White Dwarf is a favorite among explorers and fighters alike, providing quick escapes and rapid chase downs.
  • SAL-6830 Engine: Built for endurance and longevity. Performance metrics indicate consistent speeds with less fuel consumption.

4. Shield Generators

  • 101D Guardian Shield Generator: Prioritizes health, making it perfect for long battles. However, it has a slightly higher power consumption than its counterparts.
  • Tower N400 Shield Generator: The N400 is lauded for its balance. While it may not have the health pool of the 101D, it makes up for it with swift regeneration and manageable power usage.
  • Marduk 1010-A Shield Generator: A standout for its rapid regeneration rate. Ideal for hit-and-run strategies where shields need to recharge quickly.

5. Reactors

Pinch 8z Reactor by Xiang: The heart of many ships. The Pinch 8z stands out due to its stability and the ability to handle multiple system demands without faltering.

To sum it up, Starfield’s expansive universe hinges upon the mastery of ship components. Understanding and sourcing the right Ship Parts not only ensures smoother voyages but also prepares players for the unforeseen challenges of the cosmos. A well-maintained vessel becomes the cornerstone of every successful spacefarer’s journey in this intricate RPG.

If you want to explore more about the game, then consider reading Starfield New Atlantis City, How To Check Out Your Ships Inventory, and Starfield Ship Building guides.


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