Starfield: BEST Missile Launchers [Top 3]

There are tons of missile launchers to choose from, which can be confusing but here you can find the best missile launcher in Starfield.

A ship in Starfield has seven major types of weapons: Ballistic Weapons, Railguns, Lasers, Missiles, Particle Beams, Suppressors, and Turrets. Missiles are among the best weapons in Starfield. However, there are many available in-game, which could cause some confusion among players when choosing one. There are three Missile weapons that stand out from the rest, and among them, Atlatl 270C is the Starfield Best Missile Launcher.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 24 Missile Launchers in Starfield.
  • Missile Launchers are among the best weapons in Starfield that can destroy the enemy’s ship in a single shot.
  • All of the weapons discussed in the guide belong to Class C.
  • Without Missile Launchers, it can be hard to destroy the shield and engine of a ship instantly.
  • While Missile Launchers are great for destroying the enemy’s ships, they suffer from a lack of firing speed.
  • Atlatl 270C is arguably the best launcher players can get in Starfield, as it is not hard to get and has pretty good stats.
  • CE-19 and Atlatl 280C are other great alternatives that can serve as a good substitute for Atlatl 270C.

Best Missile Launchers In Starfield

Here’s an overview of the best Missile Launchers you can find in Starfield, alongside their Range, Hull Damage, Shield Damage, Fire Rate, Value, and required Level.

Missile LaunchersRangeHull DamageShield DamageFire RateValueRequired Level
Atlatl 270C40001491491.0024,40010
Atlatl 280C40002642641.0045,12543

1. Atlatl 270C 

Atlatl 270C Missile Launcher (Image Credits: eXputer)

Atlatl 270C Missile Launcher is just great. I think there is only one flaw about the weapon, and that is firing speed. However, the damage makes up for that flaw, as one good hit on the enemy’s ship is all you want to turn them into ashes. I have used Atlatl 270C many times and came to the conclusion that it is arguably the best Missile Launcher in Starfield that just annihilates the enemy’s ships.

There are some other weapons that are fast, but it might take you a long time to just destroy the enemy’s shield. It will cost you some time, and you will spend more effort. That is why I think no other launcher can best Atlatl 270C in Starfield.

The following are the stats of the Altatl 270C Missile Launcher:

Weapon TypeMissile Launcher
Hull Damage 149
Shield Damage 149
Em Damage 0
Fire Rate 1.00
Hull 6
Max Power4
Crew Capacity 0.5
Range 4000
Mass 7
Required Level10
ManufacturerLight Scythe

2. CE-19 

CE 19 Missile Launcher (Image Taken By eXputer)

Just like Altatl 270C, Missile Launcher CE-19 is another beast that can annihilate the enemy’s ships with just one good blow. It suffers from the same fire rate flaw, but regardless, it is one of the Best Missile Launchers. The weapon is overpowered, but it doesn’t compare to the first one in the list because that one has way too much Hull and Shield damage.

The CE-19 Missile launcher has a targeted system, which means if you shoot toward the enemy, the missile is guaranteed to hit the target. It can target the engine, shield, and destroy anything in its way. Moreover, you don’t even have to go out of your way to get a high-end ship to install the amazing weapon. You just need to reach Rank 3, and that’s a pretty valid requirement.

The following are the stats of the CE-19 Missile Launcher:

Weapon TypeMissile Launcher
Hull Damage 77
Shield Damage 77
Em Damage 0
Fire Rate 1.00
Hull 2
Max Power3
Crew Capacity 0.5
Range 4000
Mass 1
Required Level35
ManufacturerBallistic Solutions Inc.

3. Atlatl 280C 

Atlatl 280C Missile Launcher (Screenshot Grab By Us)

Atlatl 280C Missile Launcher is probably the best damage-dealing Missile Launcher you can find in Starfield. The weapon isn’t at the top because it has a value of 47,500, and it requires you to be level 43, meaning you won’t be able to use it in the early game. If you want to farm XP in Starfield and quickly level up, then it is perhaps the best choice for you.

It has some of the best stats and a lot of power. It can break through any ships you can see in space, and it has almost the same stats as the number 1 missile launcher on the list. The only difference is in the power and value.

The following are the stats of the Atlatl 280C Missile Launcher:

Weapon TypeMissile Launcher
Hull Damage 264
Shield Damage 264
Em Damage 0
Fire Rate 1.00
Hull 6
Max Power4
Crew Capacity 0.5
Range 4000
Mass 7
Required Level43
ManufacturerLight Scythe

What Are Missile Launchers In Starfield

Locking On Enemy (Image Source: eXputer)

Missiles are some of the most useful weapons in Starfield, as they just let you one-shot the enemy’s ship, and the best one for that is Atlatl 270C.

While missile launchers have a low fire rate, it only takes one good shot to destroy the engine of any ship. Missle Launchers have a high range, and you take benefit of that to target the parts of your enemy’s ship easily.

That’s almost everything you would want to know about the Starfield Best Missile Launcher. The three launchers explained in the guide are all great to use, as they will help you so much through your journey. If you prefer missiles over other weapons, then you will be able to one-shot the enemy’s ship more often. However, you will have to bear with the low fire rate as such huge damage comes with a flaw.

With that said, you should read the guide on the Main Quest List in Starfield to have an idea of all the story and side missions as it helps you in-game. After that, make sure to check out the guide on Temple Eta in Starfield to learn about its location and how to solve the puzzle. Do not forget to read the guide on Best Exploits and Hacks in Starfield, as it can make your progress in-game extremely fast. You can also note some things like ammo capacity and reload speed of missile launchers in this subreddit thread.

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