Starfield: Best Ways To Farm Adhesives

Learn about all the methods to farm adhesives, a valuable resource for crafting several accessories and weapon attachments in Starfield.

Adhesives are a vital resource in Starfield, which you can use to craft several essential items. These craftables can range from the best weapon add-ons to spacesuit improvements to even modifications for your labs and workbenches. All in all, adhesives are handy for your outposts and inventory, letting you properly advance your workstations and inventory for exploration.

Key Takeaways
  • Adhesives in Starfield are a common and limitless resource with which players can craft workbenches, weapon mod attachments, shieldings for spacesuits, and much more.
  • The quickest way to farm these adhesives in Starfield is by purchasing them from vendors scattered across different planets, like Titan in Sol or Gagarin in Alpha-Centauri.
  • When the adhesives are depleted from their shops, players can rest, sleep, or wait in Starfield at a nearby bench or bed to restock the vendor’s inventory.
  • PC Players can also use console commands in Starfield to add adhesives to their inventory for free by opening the console typing player.additem 000055B1 followed the item’s desired quantity.

What Are Adhesives In Starfield?

Adhesive resource
Adhesives in Starfield (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Adhesives are a resource in Starfield used for crafting items, mod attachments, and most importantly, your Weapons Workbench and the craftables made inside that bench.

Even though it’s a common resource, you can use adhesives for crafting various magazines, laser sights, Spacesuit shieldings, and other weapon mods.

How To Farm Adhesives In Starfield?

Fortunately, adhesives are not a limited resource, so you can farm them as much as you like from certain planets or vendors. Furthermore, if you’re keen on exploring Starfield’s universe, you can craft them for free from specific items and loot.


Vendors are easily the quickest way to farm adhesives in Starfield since you can collect an unlimited amount from these NPCs. You can buy adhesives for credits from almost any in-game vendor selling weapons or animal parts, but it often depends on RNG. However, a few confirmed vendors always stock adhesives, but feel free to explore different star systems to find someone who sells them for the cheapest price.

You can reach the first vendor for adhesives on the Alpha-Centauri system via the following procedure:

  1. At Alpha-Centauri, go to the Gagarin planet, and once loaded at Gagarin Landing, make your way straight ahead until you find Clint’s Collectibles, a shop to your right.
Gagarin Starfield
Gagarin in Alpha-Centauri (Image taken by eXputer)
  1. The vendor inside, Clint De Haven, will be selling adhesives in bulk for 12 credits each, which you can access by talking to him and then going to the Resources tab in the buying menu.
Clint Starfield
Vendor: Clint De Haven (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  1. After he runs out of adhesives, you can restock and purchase them again by waiting on the bench outside for 72 hours.
The bench outside Clint’s Collectibles in Gagarin (Image by eXputer)
Important: Like most vendors in Starfield, you can rest or sleep as often as you like to restock Clint’s supplies.

Besides that, here are the steps to meet another prominent adhesive-selling vendor in the Sol system:

  1. After entering Sol, head to Titan, a moon located on the northwestern end of Saturn.
Titan Moon starfield
Titan Moon in Sol (Screenshot by eXputer)
  1. On the moon, you must land at New Homestead, an underground-like location with several points of interest like offices and a museum.
  2. Here, look for the Store, after which you’ll meet Jae Montreal, the primary vendor in the area.
jae starfield
Vendor: Jae Montreal (Image Source: eXputer)
  1. After talking to him, proceed to his inventory’s categories, select Resources, and you’ll find adhesives for 10 credits each.
  2. Once you buy all the available adhesives, exit the buying menu and rest on the chair beside Jae for 24 hours, after which the vendor will restock his supplies, letting you buy even more resources.

Sweetwater Cactus And Wildlife

Unlike vendors, hunting Sweetwater Cactus and animals is a free method to obtain adhesives. However, this procedure is much more restrictive since you can’t get infinite cacti or animals, and you’ll also need to explore the map before you find the necessary item drops in Starfield.

You’ll usually find Sweetwater Cacti in swampy and desert areas, so I recommend that you land on planets with these biomes for farming adhesives.

sweetwater cactus starfield
Sweetwater Cactus (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The abundance of Sweetwater Cactus and Wildlife are present in Alpha-Centauri, where you can collect adhesives using the steps below:

  1. Head to the Gagarin planet and land at the water region of the area, named “Gagarin Swamp.”
  2. Use your scan ability near the outskirts of the swamp, and you should find some nearby Sweetwater Cactus, which you can then scan until it gets to 100% and is ready to be cultivated.
  3. Close to your current location, you can also kill any nearby animals that might drop some adhesives and other resource drops.
gagarin water starfield
The Gagarin Swamp (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)


If you’ve settled at a swampy area after collecting some Sweetwater Cacti, you can make an automatic farm using a Greenhouse to produce and transport adhesives directly to your ship’s storage in Starfield. I use this method when low on adhesives since it’s versatile, efficient, and straightforward.

Important: Players must first unlock Level 1 Botany, a skill of Science in the Skill tree in Starfield, to build a greenhouse.

Here’s how to set up an Adhesive Farm from your Outpost using a Greenhouse:

  1. Make a Greenhouse at an Industrial Workbench using 3x Reactive Gauges, 5x Adaptive Frames, 4x Fluorine, and 3x Sealant.
  2. Then, make a Water Vapor Extractor with 5x Aluminium, 4x Membrane, and 3x Benzene.
  3. Place the Greenhouse near the swampy area, access its Control Panel, and you should see the option to cultivate Sweetwater Cacti.
  4. Use the Extractor to connect the Greenhouse to the nearby water source, then make a Wind Turbine using 5x Aluminium, 3x Nickel, and 2x Cobalt.
  5. Put the turbine next to the Greenhouse, set up a Transfer Container that will receive the Greenhouse’s output, and rest/sleep in your Outpost.
  6. Once you wake up, you’ll find adhesives stacked in your containers, which you can collect and let the process automatically repeat itself.
storage box starfield
Collecting adhesives from Storage unit (Image Source: eXputer)

Console Commands

Of course, if you want to farm adhesives for free with minimal effort, you can use Starfield’s console commands. However, this method is exclusively for PC users since they can access the in-game console prompt, and using certain commands will disable any in-game achievements.

console command starfield
Console Command Warning Prompt (Image Source: eXputer)
  1. Open the console using your keyboard’s (`) or (~) key.
  2. Then, input the following code without the period at the end into the command line to receive 100 adhesives: player.additem 000055B1 100.
  3. You can repeat the process indefinitely and even change the “100” in the command to any integer number, giving you precisely that many adhesives.
Warning: When I used a few console commands, I ended up causing a lot of glitches with Starfield. So, you must be careful to not abuse the console commands.

That wraps up this brief guide on how to farm adhesives in Starfield, listing various vendors, items, Adhesive Farms, and an easy-to-use console command. Given its crafting variety, it’s easy to see why adhesives are a common and demanding resource. As such, with the methods above, you can obtain this resource according to your requirements and content.

If you’re at a vendor and find yourself low on credits to buy the items you want, check out the Money Glitch in Starfield. For more insight on developing your in-game character, here are the best starting skills to optimize your general gameplay, including exploration and looting. Consider reading up on Neon City in Starfield, where you can dive deeper into joining factions, meeting companions in Starfield, and visiting other shops.


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