Starfield: You Are Not Authorized To Pilot This Ship [FIXED]

Learn how to resolve the "you are not authorized to pilot this ship" issue and other reasons that cause this issue in Starfield.

A message in Starfield “You are not authorized to pilot this ship” appears when a user is trying to pilot a ship. There can be several reasons for that, so one might wonder about them. You might not have enough points in your piloting skill, or the ship is just not yours. If you don’t own a ship other than the one you get after the prologue, there are also ways to steal it.

Key Takeaways
  • The main reason players are not authorized to pilot the ship is the rank of their Piloting Skill.
  • Players need to add more points in the Piloting Skill to be able to pilot a ship in Starfield.
  • If a player is unable to ride a ship, they might have a hostile relationship with a faction the ship belongs to.
  • There could be issues with the ownership of the ship, too, as players can’t ride a ship they don’t own.
  • The best solution for that is to steal the ship.
  • However, players should keep in mind that allocating more points to the Piloting skill is necessary when stealing ships in Starfield.

How To Fix “You Are Not Authorized To Pilot This Ship” In Starfield?

Pilot Seat (Image Credits: eXputer)

The message “You are not authorized to pilot a ship” in Starfleid means that you don’t have enough points in your Piloting skill needed to fly the ship.

Without enough points, there is no way you will be able to ride the ship. To increase the rank of your piloting skill, you need to destroy a ton of enemy ships. It will take a long time as farming has never been easy and takes so much time.

If you are not looking for a quick fix, then it is a good choice. However, there is also a possibility of some other problems. The main thing to do is to put a point in piloting skills. So, when you hit Rank 3, you will be able to pilot the Class B Ships. If you don’t want to do that, you can hire a crewmate who has a higher-ranked piloting skill.

My recommendation is Sam Coe who’s the Constellation companion in Starfield. The reason why I recommend him is because he has a four-star Piloting Skill. So, you can assign the crewmate to a particular ship to take advantage of his skill. However, keep in mind that neither of the options provides a quick solution. Even if, after doing the aforementioned options, you still can’t access then there are some more methods you should try.

Other Issues For Not Being Able To Pilot The Ship 

Based on my gameplay experience, here are the following issues that might be limiting your access to pilot a ship:

Check Your Progress In Starfield

  • There could be a problem with the progress, too.
  • You should check if you have completed all the requirements you need to pilot a ship in Starfield.
  • By completing the prologue, you will automatically get a ship that you will be able to upgrade so that you can buy some more.

Check License And Credentials

  • A ship you are trying to pilot may require some sort of license or credentials to operate.
  • So, make sure you have completed the requirements to ride the ship before trying again.

Issues With Factions

  • If you are trying to ride a ship that belongs to a certain faction, then first, make sure you don’t have any issues with them.
  • If you have a negative relationship with a faction, it could prevent you from getting access to its ship, so make sure not to be hostile.
  • You can complete some quests for the faction and gain some credits.

Verify Ownership

  • You might not be the rightful owner of the ship if you can’t access it.
  • However, there are ways to steal the ship, too.

How To Steal A Ship In Starfield?

If a message in Starfield you are not authorized to pilot this ship appears, you can try to steal the ship.

Below are the following steps I took to steal a ship in Starfield:

  1. First of all, find the ship you want to steal and then disable its engine
    Destroy The Engines (Image Captured By eXputer)
  2. Make sure not to damage the ship while doing so.
  3. Once you are done with that, dock the ship and eliminate the enemies in sight.
  4. When you have eliminated all the enemies, head towards the cockpit.
    Kill The Enemies (Screenshot Captured By eXputer)
  5. To steal the ship, you would still need the required Piloting skill; otherwise, you won’t be able to fly it.
  6. When you have acquired access to the ship, you are ready to transport it to the spaceport.
  7. Now, all you have to do is register the ship.
  8. To do that, head to the spaceport and talk to the technician.
  9. View your ships and choose to register the stolen ship.
  10. Registering the ship will cost you some credits, but the ship will finally be yours.

With this, my guide on fixing the piloting ship command in Starfield has come to a close. While you’re here, I suggest that you read the guide on the top 10 Best Backgrounds To Pick In Starfield. After that, make sure to visit the page of Best Ways to Digpicks Faster in Starfield, as it is an essential tool for accessing loot, lore, and hidden areas.

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