Starfield’s Gameplay Leaks Are Pouring In Left And Right

Leaks everywhere, I tell you.

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  • Bethesda’s extremely anticipated RPG Starfield and one of the biggest releases of the year is finally about to come out in the next week or so, but apparently, a few people have already gotten their hands on the game. 
  • In doing so, a myriad of leaks and gameplay footage clips have been popping up online on various forums, showcasing different parts of Starfield for users to check out. From the looks of it, the game is packing a ton of surprises for aspiring players.
  • It’s strictly spoiler territory from here on out—you have been warned. 

Starfield’s scale knows no bounds apparently (no pun intended), being one of the flashiest releases of 2023. Bethesda’s latest venture set in space is its most ambitious yet, and as per the various reveals and other showcases of the RPG, Xbox fans are in for a treat. Unsurprisingly, though, it seems that some have already started playing Starfield ahead of release, and have taken to forums online to leak its gameplay footage

The r/GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit is currently a mosh pit for circulating Starfield leaks, not to mention other platforms, such as ResetEra, 4chan, and YouTube as well. Please beware though—the content following ahead can be considered as spoilers. If you’d like to go into Starfield blindly, we suggest proceeding with caution. 

First off, there’s this enormous ship that someone who has gotten their hands on the game evidently has built somehow. The scale of the spacecraft insinuates the in-depth customization mechanics of Starfield, and this is something that personally has me genuinely excited for the game. Moving on, the following post on the subreddit in question goes over some intricate details of the title’s gameplay.

Monstrous ship leak from Starfield. + More game details provided by leaker
by u/QuickLeak1 in GamingLeaksAndRumours

Next up, another leaked footage shows that it’s possible to order food in Starfield as well—a realistic touch to what is otherwise the pinnacle of fiction right now. You also got gameplay leaks spanning 4-12 minutes popping up on mirror websites as well, including Gofile where a certain someone has uploaded almost 2 GB worth of recorded footage. Better check that out as well.  

YouTube video


Those who’ve been following the gaming scene closely already know that a leak isn’t a leak without horrible video quality. Most of the gameplay footage shown has been documented in the portrait mode of someone’s phone. One commentator even goes as far as saying, “At this point I’m convinced the game itself is in portrait mode.” Some other leaks, though, have been recorded horizontally. 

YouTube video

Although images have surfaced of Starfield’s Akila City, what has gathered more interest from players is this section called Neon City. We’re not sure how big is this area going to be, but it does look pretty reminiscent of Night City from Cyberpunk 2077. People have been uploading mirror links of this particular section in Starfield as well, should you choose to take a look.

Getting to the next leak, a person has found out that you can also grab ledges in Starfield and climb up on them. This comes as a massive surprise to fans, considering that this is a Bethesda game we’re on about. Coming from a third-person perspective, the footage shown of the protagonist getting up on a ledge is smooth and snappy. 

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Another user has somehow gotten their hands on Starfield’s prison gameplay. This particular footage has fans overly excited for the forthcoming RPG, taking into account the overall art direction and visual style of the title. Last but certainly not least, a Brazilian YouTuber uploaded their version of the game’s review ahead of time, deleting it immediately afterward. 

However, some eagle-eyed Redditors were able to check the video out in the nick of time, imparting all that the YouTuber said in their review. The following is one of the summaries of the comments of the YouTuber, thanks to u/Honeydewmoney7761

Although the game is running at 30 fps, he pointed out that the game camoflages this very well and even at 30 fps, it is an extremely fluid experience with a few drops that are not occasional. Now, the quests. in his words, they have a similar basic structure, but even so, they are very captivating and hold the player. He claims to have spent many late nights trying to finish specific quests because they hold him so much and excite him so much. He didn’t say much about the main campaign so as not to give away spoilers, but according to him, it’s extremely good and certainly Bethesda’s best campaign.” 

Are you looking forward to Starfield as much as the rest of us are? Let us know in the comments section ahead. 

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