Starfield: Paradiso [Location & Mission Rewards]

Dive into Paradiso in Starfield: the universe's beacon of luxury on Porrima II, where narrative meets action-packed quests.

The universe of Starfield unfolds with many wonders, but the Paradiso location stands out as a beacon of luxury and intrigue. Nestled on Porrima II in the Porrima Star System, this resort promises opulence and enigmatic quests, drawing adventurers into its embrace as they navigate the expansive cosmos.

Key Takeaways
  • Paradiso location is a beacon of luxury set on the Porrima II planet within Starfield’s universe.
  • It is located in the Porrima Star System, east of renowned systems like Olympus and Volii.
  • Players often encounter Paradiso during the pivotal “First Contact” mission in Starfield.
  • This resort is not just about opulence; it’s a nexus for significant decisions and moral challenges.
  • Engagements with figures like CEO Oliver Campbell and Diana offer branching narrative outcomes in Starfield.
  • Successful mission completions reward players with unique items, such as the XM-2311 pistol.

What Is Paradiso In Starfield?

What Is Paradiso
What Is Paradiso (picture credits: eXputer)

It is a luxurious resort located on the small Porrima II planet within the Porrima Star System.

Important: Known as a hotspot for the affluent, it boasts magnificent weather and opulent amenities. Players often encounter Paradiso during the “First Contact” mission. In my opinion, it is a significant location for both narrative and gameplay experiences.

Paradiso Location In Starfield

Paradiso Location
Paradiso Location (picture credits: eXputer)

Whether you’re on the First Contact mission or simply exploring, I believe that finding Paradiso in the cosmos is worth the journey. Let’s deep dive into its location specifics and what players should look out for.

Porrima II Planet

Porrima II Planet
Porrima II Planet (picture credits: eXputer)

Paradiso is nestled on Porrima II, a small planet within the expansive Porrima Star System.

For newcomers, the scale of the star systems can be overwhelming, but the uniqueness of each locale, like Paradiso, makes exploration worthwhile. In Starfield’s vast expanse, destinations can range from dense asteroid belts to sprawling nebulae. 

Navigating To The Porrima Star System

Navigating To The Porrima Star System
Navigating To The Porrima Star System (picture credits: eXputer)

The Porrima Star System holds a strategic location that’s relatively accessible for explorers.

  1. If you’re starting from the well-known Alpha Centauri, simply navigate east.
  2. Along the way, you’ll pass by the Olympus and Volii Systems.
  3. These can be useful markers or pitstops, especially for players managing their fuel and other resources.

Given Starfield’s emphasis on space navigation and resource management, plotting a direct or indirect course can influence gameplay decisions and challenge the player’s strategic abilities.

Decoding The Porrima Naming Convention

Now, here’s where players often get tripped up.

  • The Porrima Star System, in a quirk of space cartography, named all its planets “Porrima” but distinguished them with different numbers.
  • While this may seem like a minor detail, in the thick of space exploration and with the pressure of limited resources, such nuances can be the difference between a successful mission and a frustrating setback.

I advise players to be hyper-aware and ensure they set their course for Porrima II, the exact celestial body where Paradiso is situated.

Zoom And Discover

Once in the vicinity of Porrima II in Starfield, players can zoom into the map interface to unveil the points of interest. It’s always a thrill to see what mysteries or challenges a new location presents.

By selecting the Paradiso location, players will initiate the sequence to land on this enticing resort. But as with all ARPGs, I recommend being cautious and scouting out points of interest, as they might hold secrets, dangers, or valuable resources.

What To Expect At Paradiso

Paradiso (picture credits: eXputer)

Paradiso in Starfield isn’t just a pitstop; it’s a multi-faceted location offering both adventure and relaxation, making it a must-visit for every player.

1. Hotel

Paradiso boasts a striking hotel in Starfield, a haven for players amidst the vastness of space. It’s not just an aesthetic delight but serves as a central hub for many activities and interactions.

2. Safe Exploration

The surrounding area is notably safe. This provides players with the freedom to explore without the constant threat of ambush or conflict, a refreshing break from potentially hostile zones.

3. NPC Interactions

Engaging with the locals is vital. NPCs at Paradiso offer a range of side quests, enhancing the gameplay depth and extending the narrative threads for players to pull on.

4. Shipyard

What sets Paradiso apart is its status as a shipyard. Though it might not have the vastest inventory compared to places like Deimos Staryard or Akila City, it provides essential ship modules, catering to players’ spacecraft customization and upgrade needs.

5. Rooftop Party

For players looking to unwind, the hotel offers relaxation opportunities, with the rooftop party being a highlight. Such features underscore Starfield’s commitment to blending action with leisure, providing a well-rounded experience.

6. Scanner Utility

Lastly, while on Porrima II, utilizing the Scanner tool in my opinion is crucial. By scanning specific objects or locations, players can obtain the Survey Data Paradiso, a valuable asset that can be traded for credits. It’s an indirect way to boost one’s in-game economy while exploring.

My Tip: When I was exploring Paradiso, I found it to be one of the best places for Role-playing.

First Contact Mission In Starfield

First Contact Mission
First Contact Mission (picture credits: eXputer)

The “First Contact” mission in Starfield is one of those narratives that has piqued the interest of many players, myself included. Let’s delve deeper into its essence and what makes it stand out.

Located conveniently near the Alpha Centauri starting point, it offers new players an opportunity to engage in a meaningful quest without straying too far or expending excessive resources.

What truly sets “First Contact” apart is its layered narrative. Players don’t just fetch items or combat foes—they are thrust into a 200-year-old conflict, acting as mediators between two adversarial groups/factions in Starfield. This demands not just skill, but strategic diplomacy and decision-making, testing a player’s ability to navigate intricate socio-political dynamics, a rare treat in the ARPG genre.

Mission Choices & Moral Dilemmas

The “First Contact” mission isn’t just about exploration; it dives deep into moral conundrums that can greatly impact gameplay:

The ECS Constant’s Stake

ECS Constant's Stake
ECS Constant’s Stake (picture credits: eXputer)

One of the central issues arises when the ECS Constant, an orbiting ship, stakes its claim on the same planet as Paradiso. This sets the stage for a conflict requiring not just action but nuanced decision-making.

CEO Oliver Campbell’s Proposition

Oliver campbell proposition
Oliver Campbell proposition (picture credits: eXputer)

Engage with CEO Oliver Campbell at the Paradiso Hotel, players are presented with three distinct choices, each with its ramifications:


  1. Grav Drive Purchase: Opting to buy the Constant Grav Drive offers a monetary solution, possibly hinting at future technological advancements or alliances.
  2. Colonist Compromise: Convincing the colonists to settle their debt by working at Paradiso introduces socio-economic dynamics, potentially affecting the planet’s workforce and economy.
  3. The Drastic Measure: Choosing to eliminate the Constant is the most extreme, raising ethical questions and likely leading to severe in-game consequences.

The “Settlement Deal”

  • Campbell’s Demands: Should players lean towards the colonist compromise, Campbell’s demands become central. He provides a resource list that players must fulfill.
  • Resource Gathering: Acquiring the specified resources – 10 Lithium, 80 Iron, 20 Sealant, and 40 Fiber – introduces a scavenger hunt element to the mission, testing the player’s gathering skills and knowledge of the Starfield universe.
  • Character Interactions: Interacting with Diana, potentially the voice of the Constant’s crew, and Daisuke, the ship’s supply manager, adds depth to the narrative. Transferring the colonists further emphasizes the weight and consequences of the player’s decisions.

Rewards & Consequences

Rewards From Diana
Rewards From Diana (picture credits: eXputer)

The “First Contact” mission in Starfield promises both tangible rewards and intriguing consequences, a balance that underscores the mission’s depth

Completing the First Contact mission in Starfield, regardless of the path taken, comes with a nod to nostalgia and utility:

  • Antique Earth Relics: These are more than mere collectibles. They bridge the player to Earth’s past, possibly serving lore or crafting purposes later.
  • XM-2311 Pistol: An invaluable asset for any player, this weapon potentially offers unique attributes or advantages in combat scenarios. 

Oliver’s Response

Oliver's Response
Oliver’s Response (picture credits: eXputer)

Interestingly, the First Mission doesn’t pay off (literally) from every angle:

  • Absent Rewards: Despite the effort players invest, Oliver doesn’t reward them. This could be a narrative tool, emphasizing Oliver’s character or hinting at a future encounter.
  • Resource Retention: The resources players painstakingly gather remain with them, providing two perspectives: a potential boon for future use or a comment on the futility of certain in-game tasks, urging players to weigh effort against real benefit.

In conclusion, as players traverse the vast expanse of Starfield, Paradiso emerges not just as a haven of luxury, but as a nexus of pivotal decisions and moral dilemmas. Within its lavish confines, the resort encapsulates Starfield’s essence, melding narrative depth with action, ensuring an unforgettable journey in the cosmos.

That is all for now and before you read the next guide, I want you to check out the Starfield persuasion, United Colonies, Assign weapons to the group in Starfield, and Transfer Container guides.


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