Starfield: Best Sniper Rifles [All Ranked]

Use the best sniper rifles at your disposal to annihilate enemies in Starfield!

Starfield has some of the best Sniper Rifles that players can choose from, including the Magsniper, Hard Target, and Old Earth Hunting Rifle. Sniper Rifles are the best weapons with high precision and a more extended range and will require higher accuracy. Players might want to know what the best Sniper Rifles are. 

Important: Players will need to attach mods to their Sniper Rifles in order to enhance their performance.
Key Takeaways
  • There are 3 official sniper rifles in Starfield, while rifles such as the Marksman A99 and Beowulf can operate as sniper rifles after using mods. 
  • The Sniper Rifles in Starfield operate as weapons with higher precision and a more extended range. 
  • The benefit of using sniper rifles is that they offer a higher damage output while also granting players excellent range. 
  • One drawback of Sniper Rifles is that they require higher accuracy to operate properly. 
  • Mods can enhance the performance of these rifles, such as ones that enhance Accuracy, damage being increased, magazine size, increased view, and more. 

Best Starfield Sniper Rifles

After trying various loadout combinations, here’s my summarized version of Sniper Rifles in the game, including their mod slots, fire rate, accuracy, range, benefits, and the best mods to equip:

Starfield Best Snipers MagsniperHard Target Old Earth Hunting Rifle
Best ModsStabilizing Barrel, Long Scope, Shock Charge Band, Recon Laser Light, High Powered, Long Barrel, Muzzle Break, Penetrator RoundsBull Barrel, Large Magazine, Long Scope, High Powered, Laser Sight, Tactical Grip, SuppressorHair Trigger, High Powered, Laser Sight, Small Magazine, High Velocity
Mod Slots673
Fire Rate172540
BenefitsMod Slots, One-Shot Damage, VersatilityStealth, High Fire Rate, Suppressor ModAccuracy, Fire Rate, High Range

1. Magsniper 

Magsniper (Screenshot By eXputer)
Magsniper Stats Attributes
Weapon Type  Rifle 
Ammo  6.5 mm 
Mass  9.55
Mod Slots  6
Base Damage  268 Physical 
Fire Rate  17
Range  100
Accuracy  86.1%
Magazine  12

I believe the Magsniper is one of the best Sniper Rifles In Starfield, known for its insanely high damage output.

  • Overall use: It has a range of 100, combined with an overall fire rate of 17 and a base accuracy of 86.1%, making it an excellent pick for players. 
  • Mod slots: It also has 6 mod slots, which makes it capable of being equipped with broken mods that can make it outshine better than the other rifles in your arsenal. 
  • One-shot damage: The Magsniper is also typically known for its excellent damage output, used to annihilate enemies repeatedly. 

Based on my exploration, here’s where you can buy the Magsniper rifle in Starfield, such as:

  • Centaurion Arsenal 
  • Neon Tactical 
  • Rowland Arms 

2. Hard Target 

Hard Target
Hard Target (Image Credits eXputer)
Hard Target Stats Attributes
Weapon Type  Rifle 
Ammo  .50 Caliber 
Mass  9.15 
Mod Slots 
Base Damage  139 Physical 
Fire Rate  25
Range  100 
Accuracy  74.2%
Magazine  5

The Hard Target Sniper Rifles in Starfield are known for their high fire rate, combined with being used for a stealth build.

  • Stealth: The Hard Target might be an excellent sniper rifle in Starfield if you prefer a stealth-based build. 
  • High Fire Rate: Compared to the Magsniper, the Hard Target offers players a higher fire rate of 25, making it all the more useful. 
  • Suppressor Mod: One thing that players should know is that the Hard Target can make use of the Suprresor mod as compared to the Magsniper. 

After exploring different ways, I found the Hard Target available for purchase at shops like:

  • Centaurion Arsenal 
  • Neon Tactical 
  • Rowland Arms 
  • UC Exchange

3. Old Earth Hunting Rifle 

Old Earth Hunting Rifle
Old Earth Hunting Rifle (Image Credits eXputer)
Old Earth Hunting Rifle Stats Attributes
Weapon Type  Rifle 
Ammo  9 x 29 mm 
Mass  3.15 
Mod Slots  3
Base Damage  36 Physical 
Fire Rate  40 
Range  100 
Accuracy  86.8%
Magazine  20

The Old Earth Hunting Rifles will provide a higher accuracy combined with an excellent fire rate, making it a great option to snipe enemies from afar in Starfield.

  • Accuracy: The Old Earth Hunting Rifle gives players an overall accuracy of 86.8%, making its shots very accurate. 
  • Fire Rate: When it comes to the Fire Rate, it has a fire rate of 40, making it an even better pick. 
  • High Range: The Rifle also has a pretty high range of 100. 

Based on my experience, here’s where players can buy these specific Sniper Rifles in Starfield, as mentioned below, or they can be stolen from the United Colonies Surplus.

  • Best Defense 
  • Centaurion Clint’s Collectibles 
  • Rowland Arms 

Advantage Of Sniper Rifles In Starfield? 

What Are Sniper Rifles
What Are Sniper Rifles (Image Credits eXputer)

Sniper Rifles in Starfield are long-range, high-precision guns that demand high accuracy but deliver a high damage output. 

There is a wide selection of rifles in Starfield that players can choose from when it comes to rifles in Starfield, ranging from that Laser Rifles, as well as Ballistic rifles, and even Particle Beam rifles. Still, the selection for Sniper Rifles is few and far between. 

Here are a few reasons why players might want to use Sniper Rifles, and they are as follows:

  • High Precision: Sniper Rifles typically provide excellent precision when used in the middle of a battle compared to other guns. 
  • High Damage: The overall damage output provided by a sniper rifle is also excellent. Therefore, it is preferred. 
  • Mods: With the help of mods such as Suppressors, scopes, and barrels, it can drive up the potential of the Sniper Rifle and make it all the more usable. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Starfield Sniper Rifles guide, and with that, let’s wrap it up! While you’re here, why not read the Starfield Ship Storage guide? Other than that, the How To Use Boost Pack Starfield guide is a must-read! Refer to this sniper rifle Reddit thread for more discussion about this weapon type.

The Starfield Digipick guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Digipicks. Lastly, the Starfield Powers guide is one that you should not miss out on!

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