Starfield Unpacking: How To Speed Up The Process

Learn how to speed up the Starfield unpacking process and resolve common launch problems with our helpful guide.

Unpacking Starfield on Steam can sometimes feel like an arduous journey before you even set foot in the vastness of space. If you’re having Starfield unpacking issues on Steam, this guide is your beacon in the cosmic darkness. I will discuss ways to expedite the process and tackle those persistent launch problems, ensuring a smoother ride as you prepare to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Key Takeaways
  • Starfield may encounter launch issues on Steam, including startup failures, dark screens, and slow unpacking.
  • Common Starfield issues include slow unpacking, which can be mitigated by upgrading to faster storage, optimizing game decoding speed, and selecting the optimal drive for installation.

  1. Disabling write caching on SSDs may enhance data integrity for the unpacking process but may reduce write performance.
  2. For damaged or missing game files, Steam’s Verify Integrity of Game Files option can be useful.
  3. Steam may display a greyed-out play button, which can be resolved by restarting the Steam application.

Common Issues And Fixes For Unpacking Starfield

Starfield Unpacking Issues.
Troubleshooting Starfield Launch Issues on Steam.

For those with Starfield pre-installed on Steam or considering preparing for its early access release on August 31, here are some important tips:

Speed Up Starfield Unpacking With HDD And SSD

  • The game files may need time for unpacking by Steam, which depends on your PC’s drive speed.
  • The capacity causes this delay and slows the write speed of your SSD or HDD.
  • To speed up the Starfield unpacking process on Steam, upgrading to a larger and faster SSD or HDD is recommended.

However, this option can be costly and may not provide significant benefits. Therefore, it’s generally wiser to wait until the software is fully installed and ready for use. Sometimes, the duration of this delay is solely determined by your internet speed, with no influence from your CPU or storage capacity. Hence, uninstalling and re-downloading Starfield will only prolong the wait.

Optimizing Game Decoding Speed For Faster Play

Another possible reason could be the necessity for game decoding by the platform before playing. Therefore, it’s advisable to install Starfield on a faster drive to minimize decryption time. Progress bars during decryption will indicate network and drive usage related to the unpacking process.

Optimal Drive Selection For Improved Gaming

  • If you happen to have multiple storage devices, it’s a wise move to place Starfield on the one boasting swifter data transfer rates to have a better Starfield unpacking experience.
  • Simultaneously, consider liberating some extra room on your selected drive, even if it technically offers enough space for Starfield to download.
  • This precaution can help avert possible file overhead problems during the unpacking process.

Disabling Write Caching For SSD

Disabling Write Caching
Disabling Write Caching for your HDD/SSD
  1. Right-click on the Start button in the Windows taskbar. Select ‘Device Manager‘ from the context menu that appears.
  2. In Device Manager, expand the ‘Disk drives‘ section to view your SSD. Right-click on the specific SSD you want to modify.
  3. Choose ‘Properties‘ from the dropdown menu. In the SSD’s properties window, navigate to the ‘Policies‘ tab.
  4. Within the Policies tab, find the ‘Write-caching policy‘ section.
  5. In this section, you’ll see an option named ‘Enable write caching on the device.
  6. To disable write caching, simply deselect or uncheck this option.

Please bear in mind that while turning off write caching can enhance data integrity by reducing the risk of data loss during power outages or system crashes, it may result in reduced write performance on the SSD.

Fixing Damaged Or Missing Files In Steam

If you’re facing problems such as unresponsiveness or an inability to launch, it could be due to the presence of damaged or absent game files.

In this case, follow these steps to make your Starfield unpacking faster:

  • Open the Steam application. Locate your Starfield game in your Library.
  • Right-click on its title. Select “Properties.
  • Go to the “Local Files” tab. Find and click on the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” option.
  • This will initiate a scan of your game files, identifying and fixing any problematic ones, potentially resolving the issues without the need for a complete reinstallation.

Steam Preload Issues

Completely shutting down Steam
Completely shutting down the Steam application from Task Manager

If you don’t encounter these issues, Steam may display the Play button as grayed out. This is a bug that has a very easy fix. In this case, just restart your Steam application to resolve the problem. Keep in mind that these delays are not specific to Starfield, so patience is key.

  • If you’re still having trouble accessing Starfield, consider a PC restart, as it can often resolve various issues and grant you early access.
  • These steps will hopefully assist you in resolving Starfield Unpacking Problems.

In closing, tackling Starfield’s unpacking challenges is like preparing for an exciting voyage into the unknown. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can streamline the process and get ready to explore Starfield’s captivating universe with ease. Remember, patience is key, and with the right steps, you’ll soon be enjoying the wonders of Starfield without any launch hiccups. Here’s what Reddit has to say about the unpacking issues.

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