8 Best Laser Weapons In Starfield [Detailed Comparison]

The best laser weapons are basically alternatives to normal pistols and rifles and deal energy damage in Starfield.

The best laser weapons in Starfield include a combination of both pistols and rifles that deal energy damage to enemies. Laser weapons mostly offer a higher rate of fire and longer range as compared to physical damage weapons. The best weapons in this category will absolutely melt your opponents.

Key Takeaways
  • The best laser weapons In Starfield offer increased fire rate, range, and accuracy over other damage-type weapons, including pistols and rifles.
  • Some laser weapons even allow you to defeat your opponents without ending up killing them in battle, as these laser weapons utilize electromagnetic damage.
  • Special laser weapons also come pre-equipped with unique perks and amazing mods.
  • The only drawback to using these energy weapons is that you’ll be sacrificing base damage output for other stats compared to other weapon types in Starfield.
Important: Laser weapons mostly consist of laser rifles and laser pistols and offer better-ranged combat with accuracy.

The Best Laser Weapons In Starfield

Here is a complete list of the best laser weapons with their complete stats:

Weapon NameEnergyFire RateRangeAccuracyAmmoMagazineMassMods
Unmitigated Violence125335277%3KV LZR5010.657
Unrestrained Vengeance24336681.5%3KV LZR306.557
Orion27335077%3KV LZR355.257
Ember12252473.6%1.5KV LZR162.907
Equinox13505070.2%3KV LZR203.207
Short Circuit44293275.8%1.5KV LZR224.507
Solstice10253069.3%1.5KV LZR161.307
Brawler's Equinox2 EM1805066.5%3KV LZR202.907

1. Unmitigated Violence

items in game
The Unmitigated Violence Laser Rifle In Starfield (Image Captured by Us)
Fire Rate33

It boasts the highest damage and comes with a good enough range for medium to long-range combat, and the fire rate is average, but it gets the job done since the damage is already pretty high.

Undoubtedly, the best laser weapon was going to be a laser rife, and that spot is taken up by the Unmitigated Violence. Its high base damage and long range will help you take care of almost anything while exploring Starfield’s various planets. It also features a few legendary effects, which mean that you’ll have a chance of dealing frenzy, radioactive, and double damage with this weapon.

  • You’ll need to complete the main quest known as The Revelation to get the gun.
  • Make sure to join the Emmissary and kill the hunter during the quest.
  • That will reward you with the Unmitigated Violence.

2. Unrestrained Vengeance

items in game
The Unrestrained Violence Laser Rifle In Starfield (Image Captured by eXputer)
Fire Rate33

If you’re looking for a laser weapon with maximum range and accuracy, look no further, as the Unrestrained Vengeance has covered you in both departments.

Unrestrained Vengeance allows you to take out opponents and tackle battle from a distance, and that too with great accuracy. It even comes equipped with a perk known as Hitman, which increases the damage of this weapon by 15% when aiming with it. The magazine of Unrestrained Vengeance is smaller than Unmitigated Violence, so additionally, shoot your laser shots with precision.

  • Complete the main quest, High Price To Pay, if you want the Unrestrained Vengeance.
  • You’ll need to win against the Hunter during the final part of the quest.
  • Some additional credits will also be rewarded, alongside the weapon, for defeating the Hunter.

3. Orion

starfield best laser weapons
The Orion Laser Rifle In Starfield (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Fire Rate33

It has the third highest base damage not only in the laser rifles category but overall, including other laser weapons, and has the potential to act like a great long-range energy weapon.

This weapon offers higher damage at long range, and that too with a bigger magazine size. However, that comes at the cost of less accuracy, which can be overcome using a good scope. Additionally, no rare perks or legendary benefits come with Orion, which is why its rating is lower on the list, but you can still maximize its usage by equipping it with the best perks in Starfield.

  • Orion can be easily obtained as loot from various enemies, including the Spacer Punk and Spacer Scum.
  • You can also buy it from different shops, including the UC Exchange and Centaurion Arsenal.

4. Ember

starfield best laser weapons
The Ember Laser Pistol In Starfield (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Fire Rate25
Ammo1.5KV LZR

Ember is not only one of the best laser pistols out of all of the available options in Starfield, but it also offers great overall stats in that category of weapons and comes equipped with amazing mods.

It is a special version of another laser pistol, Solstice, but the pre-equipped mods and the above-average make it a much better choice than other laser pistols. Pistols are mostly effective at close range, and the same can be said for laser pistols, but Ember also offers good accuracy. One of its pre-equipped mods also allows you to burn your enemies with laser shots, which is really handy.

  • You must complete a Ryujin Industries faction quest to obtain Ember in Starfield.
  • The quest is called Top Secrets, and you must select the Tell me about this side job dialogue when talking to Simon.

5. Equinox

starfield best laser weapons
The Equinox Laser Rifle In Starfield (Image Captured by Us)
Fire Rate50

The Equinox is the best laser weapon in terms of fire rate and quickly defeating your enemies with laser shots, and it also works well at medium range with good accuracy.

This weapon has low base damage for a laser rife but compensates for it with a high fire rate. The fire rate is so high that no other laser weapon even comes close to it in terms of that stat. Equinox does not have special buffs either, and you’ll have to mod it yourself. If you can make do with the low damage for a high fire rate, then go for the Equinox.

  • Equinox can also be looted from enemies and can additionally be bought from various shops like the Best Defense Shop.

6. Short Circuit

Fire Rate29
Ammo1.5KV LZR

The Short Circuit would’ve been the best laser pistol if it weren’t for its default buffs, but it excels in almost every other stat except for the quality of the pre-equipped mods.

The Short Circuit pistol is a great choice for a laser pistol as it offers above-average fire rate, rate, and accuracy, paired with a good enough magazine size. It also comes with a rare effect, which gives you a damage increase of 20% against robot enemies in Starfield. Overall, the Short Circuit should be your go-to laser pistol until you can get your hands on the Ember.

  • Go to the Best Defense Shop in Hopetown to purchase the Short Circuit Laser pistol.
  • The above-mentioned location can be found on the Polvo Planet in Starfield.

7. Solstice

starfield best laser weapons
The Solstice Laser Pistol In Starfield (Image Captured by eXputer)
Fire Rate25
Ammo1.5KV LZR

Solstice is an average laser pistol with the worst stats out of the three laser pistols, but it is still a viable option until you can get your hands on a better laser pistol in Starfield. Thankfully, the mods mechanic allows the player to customize this weapon with the right mods to reap the maximum benefits. Additionally, Solstice is quite effective at short-range if you manage to land your shots precisely.

  • You can buy Solstice from various shops in Starfield, including the UC Exchange or Shepherd’s General Store, which is why it’s a good option for the early game.

8. Brawler’s Equinox

Energy2 EM
Fire Rate180

The Brawler’s Equinox is a special variant of the normal Equinox, but it deals electromagnetic damage instead of energy damage, which is not viable for killing enemies in Starfield.

It is a good choice for making enemies vulnerable without killing them if you ever end up in such a situation. Aside from the electromagnetic damage, the overall stats are average. The fire rate is extremely good, however, with it being one of the highest for laser rifles. The Bashing rare effect that it comes with allows you to increase your damage when you’re gun bashing.

  • In order to get the Brtawler’s Equinox, make your way to the Apex Electronics in New Atlantis.
  • Find and complete the quest of Vicente Salinas at that location, and he will start selling you special weapons, including the Brawler’s Equinox.

Starfield is an amazing space exploration title where you can build your own ship and explore the vast cosmos with your favorite companion. The narrative of Starfield is just as engaging, and you write your own story. You can even romance characters like Sarah Morgan. Various locations like Neon City are beautifully designed, and you’ll find a distinct variation of architecture on different planets.

This concludes my guide on the best laser weapons in Starfield. I have ranked the top 8 laser weapons, including rifles and pistols. The special variants of laser weapons have also been mentioned with all of their stats. I hope that the guide was helpful in learning everything that you need to know about laser weapons. Let me know what you think about Starfield so far in the comments below!


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