Starfield: This Save Relies On Content That is No Longer Available

Starfield Has Emerged With An Issue "This Save Relies On Content That Is No Longer Available" Error Due To Missing Add-ons or File Transfer issues.

When players launch the game, an error message in Starfield, “This save relies on content that is no longer available,” appears on the screen. Fortunately, there are some straightforward fixes for this issue, and this article guides those facing it. 

Starfield This Save Relies on Content That is No Longer Available Error
Starfield This Save Relies on Content That is No Longer Available Error (Image by eXputer)
Key Takeaways
  • Starfield is now available for play on both PC and Xbox, offering fans an exciting space exploration experience, but it comes with its fair share of errors.
  • Some players have encountered a specific error message reading “This save relies on content that is no longer available” when launching the game.

Reasons for the Content That is No Longer Available Error:

  • Absence of installed add-ons, including Premium edition content and the Marks Skin pack.
  • Improper transfer of game files when switching between Xbox and PC platforms.
  • Possible bugs within the Starfield game itself.

Here’s how to solve This Save Relies on Content That is No Longer Available Error:

  1. Ensure you are playing the premium version of the game.
  2. Copy and paste specific game files in a prescribed manner to resolve the error.
  3. Check and install missing game add-ons from the Xbox menu under the Manage section.

Reasons For This Save Relies on Content That is No Longer Available Error

You might come across the error message “This Save Relies on Content That Is No Longer Available” while playing Starfield, and it typically signifies issues related to your saved game files. Copying and pasting these files, especially when transitioning between Xbox and PC gaming or after a PC update, may not resolve the problem. You’re encountering this error during your Starfield gameplay for a few potential reasons.

One common cause is the absence of installed add-ons, particularly those that come with the Premium edition of Starfield and the Marks Skin pack. If you haven’t installed these add-ons, it can trigger the error message.

Another scenario where you might encounter this error is switching between Xbox and PC platforms without properly transferring and copying all your Starfield files.

Additionally, it’s possible that a bug within the Starfield game itself is responsible for the “content no longer available” error.

To address this issue, follow the solutions in our guide below.

Solution 1: Check Game Version

Firstly, confirm that you’re playing the premium version of the game, not the demo. The demo has limitations, and only the premium version permits the use of saved game files to continue your progress.

  1. Open your game library and locate Starfield.
  2. Install the Premium Edition Content and Old Mars Skin Packs add-ons.
  3. After installation, relaunch the game to check if the issue is resolved.
  4. If you’re encountering this error on Xbox or PC, you may have only installed the base Starfield game without these essential add-ons. Ensure you have everything installed to eliminate the “content not available” error.

If the error message persists on your screen, it’s essential to take action by relocating your saved game files. This step may be the key to resolving the issue, especially if you’re on a PC.

Solution 2: Relocate Game Files (PC Users)

You’ll need to move certain game files to address the error message. If you’re affected, follow these steps to correctly copy your Starfield files and prevent the error from recurring:

  1. Open the C:\XboxGames directory on your PC.
  2. You’ll find three folders: Starfield, Constellation, and Old Mars.
  3. Copy all files within the Constellation folder.

    Starfield Files – Constellations – Image captured by eXputer
  4. Return to the previous location, open the Starfield folder, and paste the copied files.
  5. Move to Constellation\Content\Data, and copy all three files.
  6. Go to Starfield\Content\Data and paste the copied files there.
  7. Return to the previous location and open the Old Mars folder.
  8. Copy all files from Old Mars and paste them into the Starfield folder.
  9. Finally, navigate to C:\XboxGames\Old Mars\Content\Data, and copy the three files found there.
  10. Go to C:\XboxGames\Starfield\Content\Data and paste the copied content.

Go ahead and relaunch the game, and you’ll find that you can now enjoy it without being bothered by any error messages.

Solution 3: For Xbox Users

In rare cases, Xbox users may experience this error due to missing game add-ons. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your console to open the guide menu.
  2. Hover over the Starfield game icon and press the menu button on your console.
  3. Under the Manage section, navigate to the Starfield screen and select Starfield.
  4. Ensure that all listed add-ons for your game are installed on your system. If any are missing, select and install them, then save the changes.
  5. Loading a save file in the future should no longer display the “This save relies on content that is no longer present” message.

All the additional content included in the add-ons should now be in place. When you load a saved file in the future, you should no longer encounter the error. If the issue persists, consider contacting the Starfield Support Team or Xbox Support for further assistance. 

Did We Solve Your Problem?

That wraps up our guide of practical solutions to tackle the “This Save Relies on Content That is No Longer Available” error. It’s essential to understand that with newly released games like Starfield, developers are diligently working to release updates and rectify glitches or issues.

If, regardless of your attempts, the error persists, we advise getting in touch with Starfield’s official support. They are best equipped to assist you further with resolving your specific problem. We hope to have the opportunity to assist you again in the future.

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