Modders Say Starfield Isn’t Welcoming To Mods

Lack of official modding support makes it difficult to play with the game's code.

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  • Starfield launched last month filled with classic Bethesda jank and a severe lack of finesse.
  • According to the modders behind a community-based patch, the game feels like it isn’t mod-friendly.
  • Halgari states that these issues could be fixed by Bethesda but its team has remained silent.

In an attempt to fix the myriad bugs infesting Starfield, modders feel as if the game wasn’t made to be modded. Eurogamer spoke to one of the founders of the SCP project, a patch that aims to address the space RPG’s problems to provide a relatively seamless vanilla experience to players.

The Starfield Community Patch (SCP) started before the game’s release, mainly due to players expecting the iconic “Bethesda touch.” Its main focus is to resolve all issues in the base game as long as it serves as a detriment to the user’s experience. This range of fixes excludes new content, adjustments to balance, or other things not in line with the initial idea of the developers.


One of the founders of the SCP, Halgari, stated, “What can we do right now to start laying the groundwork so that no one, not even Nexus [Mods] – the people in charge – can control the project?” After figuring out the groundwork, the number of contributors went up while the vision to keep the patch community-owned, gain recognition, and serve the Starfield playerbase remained intact.

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Despite the thorough prep work for the eventual release of Starfield, efforts on the SCP have just begun. According to Halgari, the perpetually increasing backlog will continue this trend due to the game’s scale and how long it’s going to be around. That said, they expressed the frustrations of those involved with the project with regard to the difficulty of working with its code without official modding support.

I don’t see it as a problem. Some people are like ‘Bethesda’s sloppy’ or whatever, but I’ve done software development [for long] enough that there are some times where you just say it’s going to take too long to fix that and we won’t make any money off of it so [you don’t bother].”

When it comes to the SCP’s backlog, Halgari states that these problems could be addressed by Bethesda but due to the lack of communication from that end, the SCP team has no idea if the devs will do it or not.

Starfield was released on September 6, 2023, for the Xbox Series X|S and PC through Game Pass and Steam. In our review, Asad Ahmed rated it 3.5/5, highlighting its exploration, combat, storyline, performance, and more. If you’re just getting started on your starfaring odyssey, here’s how to rename your ship in Starfield, followed by this write-up on all powers and effects in the game to lend you a hand. 

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