DEATHLOOP PlayStation 5 Gameplay Footage Leaked

Gameplay footage from the combat in DEATHLOOP has been leaked before release!

DEATHLOOP is the upcoming action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was announced at E3 2019 in June 2019 and has since been a headliner in the gaming community. While the embargo date for DEATHLOOP reviews is 13th September, footage from the much-awaited game has already been leaked online.

Earlier today, Karanfire Games uploaded a video on YouTube, which showcased the combat of the game. The nearly 4-minute video contains a compilation of the combat from the campaign of the game. Since the footage was captured on the PlayStation 5, we can also see the graphics of the game on the next-generation console.


From what we can observe, the visual quality and clarity of the game are really admirable. The environments seem detailed and the lighting is very accurate. However, we personally think that the gameplay is rather tiresome and monotonous. There doesn’t seem to be much action going on during the combat, which makes the game extremely slow.

DEATHLOOP takes players through different sorts of environments, which tries to keep the gameplay active. However, even with these transitions, the combat still feels repetitive. Furthermore, from what we can see in the leaked gameplay footage, the game gives players the option to take both the stealth and action route.

Others seem to have the same feelings about the game. “I love Arkane’s games, but this one…or it has 20 different maps, or it is gonna become stale nad boring very soon,” commented one person under the video. “This looks boring,” said another. For a game that many players have been anxiously waiting for since its announcement, DEATHLOOP really has set the bar low.

What did catch our eye were the unique weapon variations and animations in the game. DEATHLOOP brings some humour into the combat, which slightly sets it apart from other FPS games. Personally, this is something that we did like about the game! The game also seems to have many similarities to the Dishonored franchise, which makes sense since that was also developed by Arkane Studios.

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