Starfield Chronomark Watches Are Breaking After A Month Of Use

Fans are struggling with Bethesda's customer support.

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  • Several fans have reported that their Starfield collector’s edition watches are breaking after one month of use despite being handled with utmost care.
  • While some have received a response from Bethesda, others barely see progress in their raised concerns.
  • It has only been a month, and this is the second time we have seen such a situation regarding these watches; the first time it happened was when players were receiving faulty watches upon delivery.

Several fans have reported that their Starifeld Chronomark watches are breaking after one month of use. Similar to the situation in early September, people find it nearly impossible to get through Bethesda’s customer support. Considering the expensive price tag of these gadgets, fans are questioning their quality, and the silence from Bethesda is only making it worse.

Reddit user Tovrin recently posted, “So after a month and a week of working just fine, I left it [Chronomark] on the charger, and a day later… the watch is dead.” The user claims to have tried many things, including Bethesda’s instructions on its website but found no solution. Even after trying to reach Bethesda’s customer support, the frustrated fan only found an automated response.

So much for the Starfield watch. It’s dead after a month and a week.
byu/Tovrin inStarfield

So I explained the entire situation to Bethesda in a ticket and got a canned response from support… which included the same instructions on their website that I told them I had already followed. They didn’t even bother to read the ticket,” says u/Torvin.

The situation has caused them to lose all expectations from Bethesda, and they believe that the watch will remain dead forever in the box. They consider themselves a massive fan of collector’s editions and keep such items on their shelf. While talking about Chronomark, the Starfield watch, they said, “It was one very expensive waste of money. Not even something cool to show off.

However, the same user has found a glimmer of hope; recently, they updated the post, giving details on how they received a reply from Bethesda, asking the fan about proof of purchase, address, and other details. So, it seems like the Starfield Chronomark might just get replaced. However, this isn’t an isolated case; other people have reported something similar and failed to receive a proper response.

Mine just got the endless scrolling bug a week and a half ago, and it’s the same story. Bethesda first ignored my ticket and gave me an auto-response. Now they responded back asking for shipping details and no updates after sending them almost 5 days ago,” says u/Forgotten___Fox.

The situation looks similar to what happened a month ago when players received faulty watches upon delivery. There have been several cases that are pretty serious as this is an expensive product. We have already seen two significant issues comprising many player reports. It also raises concerns regarding the quality of these products and can discourage people from making such purchases in the future.

Starfield Chronomark Watch
Starfield Chronomark Watch (Credit: Bethesda).

Still, we can only hope that these issues get resolved by Bethesda and that the company improves its customer support for fans who have spent a lot of money and still feel isolated because of the responses. 

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Starfield is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The space exploration RPG is Bethesda’s first IP in 25 years, which is why it quickly became one of the most highly-anticipated titles. It was released on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6, 2023.

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