Starfield: Where To Find Serpentis System [Quick Guide]

Find everything about the high-level Serpentis system, along with where it is located and how to reach it.

The Serpentis system is located far from the major systems, toward the galaxy’s center. Almost any ship can reach this system with only a few stops along the way. 

The system closest to Serpentis is the Kryx System. From the Kryx system, Serpentis will be on the right/northeast side. Due to its high suggested level, I found a lot of enemy ships in the Serpentis system, so ensure the ship you’re flying has strong shielding and the best weapons in Starfield.

Serpentis System Location
Location of Serpentis System to the East of Kryx System [Image by eXputer]
Key Takeaways
  • Serpentis is an ideal choice for engaging in ship battles or efficient XP farming because it is one of many Starfield high-level systems.
  • Situated in the middle of the galaxy, Serpentis offers many neighboring systems to travel to.
  • The presence of Serpentis in neighboring systems ensures that it is reachable by any ship, making it a more appealing system for players.

What Is In The Serpentis System

Serpentis System All Planets
All Planets in the Serpentis System [Image by eXputer]
Serpentis System is one of 120 playable Starfield systems. It has a suggested level of 55, featuring nine moons and six planets for exploration. 

  1. XP Opportunities: There are lots of creatures in the area that can give you a good amount of XP if you’re at the right level. And the moons around the system are perfect for doing quick checks and mining resources easily.
  2. Space Battles: Many space battles happening in the system are the main thing that draws attention. No particular faction officially controls the area. Be careful, as there might be a chance of a surprise attack by powerful Va’ruun ships around the planets.
  3. Survival and Advancement: You’ll need powerful ships to survive in battles. There are chances to earn XP points and improve your piloting abilities by taking part in battles and defeating enemy ships

My Take

The Serpentis system in Starfield is quite easy to locate, but on the other hand, I find it quite difficult to survive. Many enemy ships make it difficult to harvest the resources if you’re not XP farming. Since it is also near other systems, returning for more resources or experience points never makes it boring. 

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