New Starfield Mod Makes The Game AI Much Smarter, Solving A Major Dilemma

The mod seems to be one of the biggest addition Starfield needed at this point.

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  • A new Starfield mod by NickMillion makes the RPG’s AI much smarter, causing enemies to be more realistic with a better stealth and combat system.
  • The mod features multiple separate downloadable files that can be downloaded to change various facets of the game AI.
  • Starfield launched globally on Sep 6 for PC, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

Starfield has launched to critical acclaim, but not everyone has been satisfied with the game’s AI at certain moments. The enemies in the RPG tend to easily get confused during ground combat. It has been a major concern among the fans, but the modder NickMillion has taken it upon themselves to solve the issue. Nick has created a mod that makes the AI much smarter and more natural to further enhance the vast Starfield universe.

The most in-depth overhaul to Starfield’s AI so far (probably). Contains roughly 100 tweaked parameters across several scripts.”

The mod dubbed “Experimental Combat and Stealth AI Overhauls” features multiple downloadable files with various tweaks. Players can grab any specific tweak that appeals to them and apply it in Starfield for better enemy AI. The optional feature in the mod can also help alter the HP of enemies and players alike for a more realistic venture.

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The devs’ 25 years of hard work have proven to be a staggering success in the gaming community. In early access, it had already gathered a million users with only the premium edition owners. It did not take long for the title to gather a million concurrent players soon after release. Now, the number has bumped up to six million downloads, as the space-faring RPG becomes Bethesda’s biggest launch.

Starfield is an enjoyable time for gamers who play it as the grandest Bethesda hit. However, some users have struggled to run the title on beefy PCs; Todd Howard has suggested that they update their devices. Those who cannot afford such upgrades and want to venture into the massive Starfield universe can utilize mods to further improve the experience. A certain mod has already made it possible for even the ancient PCs to run the game.

Microsoft’s first-party title has now launched across all current-gen consoles on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S only. The title runs at a locked 30 FPS on consoles but can manage around 60 FPS on average on PCs for players equipped with high-end rigs.

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