Indonesia’s Game Market Size To Reach $1.5 Billion By 2027, Study Predicts

The gaming industry is growing rapidly in the region.

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  • A new study published by Niko Partners alleges that the gaming market in Indonesia is expected to reach $1.5 Billion by the time 2027 rolls around. It is growing at a massive rate in the region. 
  • 79% of gamers residing in the country have stated that localization is needed. Four out of every ten users said that local language and local characters were the most notable facets of localization support.
  • Many figures in the industry have begun showing interest in the region and seek to add localization, like major game devs, Steam, shareholders, and the like. Steam is adding official support soon.

Initially, the video game sensation was booming only in places like Japan and the West, but things have shifted swiftly in third-world countries in the last two decades. A new study published by Niko Partners analyzes the growth of Indonesia’s gaming market in the last decade and how far it is expected to expand in the next few years. 

Safe to say, the predictions made by the research report are looking quite immaculate for the region. It argues that despite the huge population of 278.6 million — of which 130 million are gamers — not many major entries feature localization for Indonesia. Despite that, the gaming market in the country is expected to grow by a huge margin of $1.5 billion till 2027 rolls around, as predicted in the study by Niko. 

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The localization effort in Indonesian titles usually happens in the mobile gaming industry. It makes sense because the region is dominated by mobile gamers. Almost all the top 20 highest-grossing mobile titles include the Indonesian language. The report also says that PC gaming is the fastest growing out of all Southeast Asia. A lot of devs have started showing interest in adding localization support for the region as a result.

A study conducted by the same organization last year reported that 79% of gamers from Indonesia said that localization was crucial for them. Four out of every ten users stated that local language and local characters were the most notable facets of localization support.

The report by Niko Partners shows the Indonesian gamers' response to localization.
The report by Niko Partners shows the Indonesian gamers’ response to localization. || Image Source: Niko Partners.

Steam, devs, and many shareholders have started showing interest in ensuring Indonesian localization after noticing massive swaths of growth in Indonesia. For instance, Steam is slated to add official Indonesian language support soon. In other words, we can expect to see a gigantic inpour of Indonesian gamers on the Steam store.

The gaming industry has grown tenfold in places where gamers were as low as an endangered species in the past. Many third-world countries, like Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, and the Oriental lands of the East, are expected to see a big surge in the gaming industry. The evolvement of mobile gaming in the past decade has played a major role in making it possible, and only a giant incline is predicted for these regions in the future.

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