Farthest Frontier Desirability: Best Ways To Increase

This guide tells you everything you need to know about Desirability, the most important stat in Farthest Frontier.

What Is Desirability In Farthest Frontier?

Farthest Frontier Desirability
Farthest Frontier Desirability

Desirability in Farthest Frontier is exactly what it sounds like. The tendency of other folks to live in your area. Or how nice or well-kept an area is around a house. The higher your Desirability in Farthest Frontier, the higher your chances of advancing to higher tiers in Farthest Frontier. Yes! That is right, and your Desirability will be a big contributing factor in acquiring higher tiers.

Key Highlights
  • Desirability in Farthest Frontier refers to the tendency of other players to live in your area or how nice or well-kept an area is around a house.
  • A higher Desirability in Farthest Frontier increases the chances of advancing to higher tiers in the game.
  • To reach Tier 3 in Farthest Frontier, you need 25 Homesteads each with 30 Desirability. To reach Tier 4, you need 25 large houses each with 65 Desirability.
  • To increase Desirability in Farthest Frontier, you can install pretty decorations and construct buildings that serve a good purpose to society, such as market buildings, shops, schools, and hospitals.
  • Keep real life in mind and experiment with different combinations of buildings to increase Desirability.
  • In the early game, make sure to keep the environment polluting buildings or buildings that are noisy away from residential areas.
  • In the late game, you can upgrade existing buildings to increase Desirability.

In order for you to understand how much of an impact Desirability has on leveling up tiers in Farthest Frontier, you need a general idea of the tiers, so let’s cover that first. You need 25 Homesteads each with 30 Desirability to reach Tier 3.

 Similarly, you need 25 large houses, each with 65 Desirability, to reach Tier 4. Now that you understand the importance of Desirability in Farthest Frontier let us show you how to increase the stat. Before moving forward, why not look at our Farthest Frontier Make Gold Faster guide?

Increasing Desirability In Farthest Frontier

When it comes to increasing the Desirability in Farthest Frontier, the same concepts that apply to real life apply in the game as well. So all you really need to do is to keep in mind all the real-life factors that would make you want to live in the area. Doing so will increase your desirability and help you have more fun in the world of Farthest Frontier.

Early Game

Farthest Frontier Desirability
compost Yard

However, that said, there still are a few measures you can take to optimize your Desirability stat in Farthest Frontier further, so let’s cover that now. Ok, so during the game’s early stages, you have two ways to increase desirability. One is to install pretty decorations around your area and construct buildings that serve a good purpose to society.

This is also where keeping real life in mind could help. Anyways good examples of such buildings would be market buildings, shops, schools, hospitals etcetera, you get the point. Also, make sure to experiment and use different combinations of buildings. You never know how much of a boost a building or combination of buildings might give to your Desirability in Farthest Frontier.

Bonus tip: you can learn about the Desirinilty score of your buildings if you press “G”. Speaking of, to get the best out of your experience in the simulation game, be sure to read our Farthest Frontier Tips & Tricks.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning when talking about installing buildings is that you need to use variety. Like you can’t just install the same building multiple times and expect them to increase your desirability every time. No! that is not how Desirability works; one building will only give its boost to Desirability one time; installing it again won’t do you any good and will just take more space.

Which is also not good for Desirability. You need to make sure that the buildings you will build are well-spaced apart and that the area does not look like a confusing mess. Because if your area does look like a confusing mess, then it will bring the Desirability down.

Late Game

Farthest Frontier Desirability Late Game
Desirability Late Game

That is just the first way; now let’s discuss the second way to increase the desirability in Farthest Frontier. Your second way is to simply keep the environment polluting buildings or buildings that are noisy away from the houses. Examples of these would be compost yards and tanners; keep them away from your residential areas!

You can get your Desiribilaty up fairly easily by using the methods mentioned above in the early game; however, as you progress through to the later stages of the game, you’ll have another option for increasing it. It’s to upgrade your existing buildings, and there are many buildings in Farthest Frontier which at their base level don’t do much to the Desirability but once upgraded, they can make a day and night difference.

 For example, please take a look at the well, its base version does not do much, but its upgraded version can do a lot. So, upgrade your buildings! Before moving on, we would advise that you shouldn’t hesitate at all when experimenting with new buildings. Who knows, things might actually go well for you. And even if they don’t, it is not the end of the world since you can always change the location of your buildings later.

Best Buildings For Desirability

Lastly, the following two buildings can give your area a considerable amount of Desirability boost, so make sure to construct these as well. They are the Large Parks and The Large Statues. These buildings alone can give you a boost of +10 % on Desirability. On top of that, this boost is further increased if you place them close to your houses.

Many players have been looking for ways to maximize this extremely crucial stat in their Frontiers. If that defines you too, then our Farthest Frontier Desirability guide is written just for you. 

That wraps up our Farthest Frontier Desirability guide, and if you found this helpful, you will also be interested in our Farthest Frontier Beer Making guide.

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