Farthest Frontier: Best Ways To Increase Desirability

This guide tells you everything you need to know about Desirability, the most important stat in Farthest Frontier.

What Is Desirability In Farthest Frontier?

Farthest Frontier Desirability
Farthest Frontier Desirability

Desirability in Farthest Frontier is exactly what it sounds like. The tendency of other folks to live in your area. Or how nice or well-kept an area is around a house. The higher your Desirability in Farthest Frontier, the higher your chances of advancing to higher tiers in Farthest Frontier. Yes! That is right, and your Desirability will be a big contributing factor in acquiring higher tiers.

Key Highlights
  • Desirability in Farthest Frontier determines player attraction and area appearance.
  • Higher Desirability boosts progression to higher game tiers.
  • Tier 3 requires 25 Homesteads with 30 Desirability each; Tier 4 needs 25 large houses with 65 Desirability.
  • Improve Desirability by installing decorations and constructing beneficial buildings like markets, shops, schools, and hospitals.

In order for you to understand how much of an impact Desirability has on leveling up tiers in Farthest Frontier, you need a general idea of the tiers, so let’s cover that first. You need 25 Homesteads each with 30 Desirability to reach Tier 3.

 Similarly, you need 25 large houses, each with 65 Desirability, to reach Tier 4. Now that you understand the importance of Desirability in Farthest Frontier let us show you how to increase the stat. Before moving forward, why not look at our Farthest Frontier Make Gold Faster guide?

Increasing Desirability In Farthest Frontier

When it comes to increasing the Desirability, the same concepts that apply to real life apply in the game as well. So all you really need to do is to keep in mind all the real-life factors that would make you want to live in the area. Doing so will increase your desirability and help you have more fun in the world of Farthest Frontier.

Early Game

Farthest Frontier Desirability
compost Yard

In the early game of Farthest Frontier, optimizing your Desirability stat involves two main strategies. Firstly, focus on installing decorative items and constructing buildings that serve societal needs, such as markets, shops, schools, and hospitals. Utilize different combinations of buildings to maximize Desirability, considering real-life factors that attract people to an area.

Remember to use variety in buildings and avoid installing the same building multiple times, as each building contributes to Desirability only once. Additionally, ensure that buildings are well-spaced apart to maintain organization and prevent clutter, which can decrease Desirability. Press “G” to learn the Desirability score of your buildings, and don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations to optimize your experience in the game.

 Speaking of, to get the best out of your experience in the simulation game, be sure to read our Farthest Frontier Tips & Tricks.

Late Game

Farthest Frontier Desirability Late Game
Desirability Late Game

In the late game of Farthest Frontier, increasing desirability involves two key strategies. Firstly, ensure that polluting or noisy buildings, such as compost yards and tanners, are kept away from residential areas to maintain a pleasant living environment.

Secondly, focus on upgrading existing buildings to further enhance desirability. While some buildings may not contribute much to desirability at their base level, upgrading them can significantly improve the overall desirability of the area. For example, upgrading the well can greatly enhance its desirability impact.

Before moving on, we would advise that you shouldn’t hesitate at all when experimenting with new buildings. Who knows, things might actually go well for you. And even if they don’t, it is not the end of the world since you can always change the location of your buildings later.

Best Buildings For Desirability

Lastly, the following two buildings can give your area a considerable amount of Desirability boost, so make sure to construct these as well. They are the Large Parks and The Large Statues. These buildings alone can give you a boost of +10 % on Desirability. On top of that, this boost is further increased if you place them close to your houses.

Many players have been looking for ways to maximize this extremely crucial stat in their Frontiers. If that defines you too, then our Farthest Frontier Desirability guide is written just for you. 

That wraps up our Desirability guide, and if you found this helpful, you will also be interested in our Farthest Frontier Beer Making guide.

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