Farthest Frontier: BEST Food Sources [Top 5]

To keep your Villagers happy, you have to utilize and grow the Best Food Sources in Farthest Frontier. Here's a quick rundown on Food Production in the game.

Farthest Frontier’s best food sources is important to know as you will need to manage your town to efficiently grow it and have everyone healthy for work at all times. The food sources can range from Nature to even using bread as the primary component.

Best Food Sources Summary
  • Food is crucial in Farthest Frontier, as players must provide it to townspeople.
  • Villagers require food for contentment and health; lack of it leads to negative consequences like scuffles or death.
  • Various foods, especially fresh fruits, are vital to prevent diseases such as scurvy.
  • Hunger can lower town productivity.

Why Is Food Important In Farthest Frontier?

farthest frontier food
Importance of Food in Farthest Frontier

In Farthest Frontier, food plays a vital role, just as it does in real life. Your responsibility is to provide a healthy food source to ensure your townspeople can work efficiently. Villagers are prepared and keep food in their homes and workplaces, minimizing interruptions when they get hungry.

Productivity suffers if residents have to travel to a Storehouse or Root Cellar to eat, and a shortage of food resources affects overall town growth. To transform your small town into a city, it’s crucial to establish and maintain good food sources. Let’s explore the best options for a happy and healthy life for your villagers.

1. Food From Nature

farthest frontier fishing
Fishing Shack in Farthest Frontier

In Farthest Frontier, your primary food source is nature, with the most straightforward option being meat from the environment. Crop fields require labor and funds. You can obtain protein-based foods through Fishing Shacks near lakes, which provide a reliable early food source, although fish may deplete over time.

Additionally, Hunter Cabins enable your town’s hunters to secure meat, tallow, and hides, with meat becoming a key food source as the game progresses. To ensure efficient hunting, maintain forested areas. Lastly, Forager Shacks allow for berry and fruit collection, serving as a food source and reducing illness risk. To sum up, the best food sources in Farthest Frontier from nature are Fishing Shacks, Hunter Cabins, and Forager Shacks.

2. Crops

farthest frontier farming
Crop Field in Farthest Frontier

As your town expands, you can create a crop field, which requires labor and time but provides a renewable food source in Farthest Frontier. The game offers various crop options, each with distinct weather preferences, shelf life, and fertility requirements.

Understanding crop rotation is vital for a successful Farthest Frontier farm. Crop foods are ideal for feeding a large population and for making processed foods. Managing shelf life is essential to minimize waste.

Top food crops for Farthest Frontier include:
1. Cabbages: High population feed, cold and heat-resistant, but spoil quickly.
2. Leeks: Also good for feeding the town, though with a shorter shelf life.
3. Beans: A durable food source that enhances soil fertility, with a quick growth cycle.

Other options like Carrots and Turnips exist, but Cabbages and Leeks are the best food sources due to their high yields.

There are other options too, which include Carrots and Turnips. But for us, the above-mentioned crops are by far the Best Food Source in Farthest Frontier when it comes to farming. Cabbage and Leeks yields are quite huge, which allows the player to feed a large population. 

3. Barns

farthest frontier barn
Large Barn in Farthest Frontier

Barns are essential for raising cattle, providing milk and occasional meat. To begin, buy two cows from Ander Plainsrider when he visits your town. These cows can be bred for calves over time with proper feeding. Once your Town Center reaches Tier 3, construct a Cheese Maker to convert milk into cheese, offering another food source.

As your barn reaches maximum cattle capacity, you can butcher some cows for meat, hide, and tallow, increasing food production. Despite taking time to reach peak production, barns are a valuable food source in Farthest Frontier, offering various options with just a few cattle.

4. Arborists

farthest frontier fruits
Fruits in Farthest Frontier

Fruits are crucial for health in Farthest Frontier, reducing Scurvy risks. For a reliable supply, establish Arborists in your town. Arborists exclusively manage fruit orchards, growing Apple, Peach, and Pear trees, which diversify the diet and are among the best foods.

To start, unlock the Arborist Building and place it near your town. Arborists plant and harvest fruits, but they grow slowly and need ongoing care. To boost production, create multiple fruit orchards, each specializing in one type of fruit. Planting them early is wise due to their maturation time.

5. Bread

farthest frontier bakery
Bakery in Farthest Frontier

Baking bread in Farthest Frontier involves growing Buckwheat or Wheat in your crop fields, grinding the grain in a Windmill, and processing it in the town’s bakery. Large crop fields and possibly buying grain from traders are necessary due to grain’s long shelf life. Store grain and flour in granaries, but remember that bread spoils quickly and should be used or sold promptly, offering good profits.

Bread-making is complex and not suitable for early game stages. These are the best food sources in Farthest Frontier; choose what suits your town. Now, let’s explore another key aspect of food production.

There you have it! That was our complete guide about the Best Food Sources. Not only that, but we also covered some other major aspects regarding food in the game. The game features a lot of details from diseases, food spoilage, and so much more. Therefore, learning about Food Sources will help you immensely. Your town will prosper because your people will be leading a happy and healthy life. We hope you found our guide informative.

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