4 BEST Farthest Frontier House Layouts

This Farthest Frontier Best House Layout guide will showcase 4 layouts that can be used by players!

Farthest Frontier is a town-planning and settlement-type game where players are encouraged to build a town from scratch, grow a population and maintain it, build homes, plazas, and farms and let their imagination run wild. 

Key Highlights
  • Farthest Frontier is a town-planning and settlement-type game where players build a town from scratch, grow a population, and maintain it by building homes, plazas, and farms.
  • Players are encouraged to use community-selected layouts for inspiration and change them as needed.
  • The first layout is a beginner-friendly, modular design that focuses on keeping the settlement clean and organized.
  • The layout features a 4×4 home placement with 8 locations, 32 homes in total, and areas for entertainment and markets in the middle.
  • The layout also includes a lack of excessive roads and an option to add more plazas or decorations to improve the settlement’s desirability.
  • The second layout, created by VerucaKatt, is a full settlement layout featuring farms, graveyards, theatres, markets, schools, barns, breweries, parks, pubs, and a fully developed area.
  • The home placement in this layout includes 1×2 clusters with a little space in between for decoration or ornament additions.

Please remember that these layouts are community-selected, and the layouts are there for inspiration rather than focused execution. Therefore players are encouraged to change these as needed. 

Residential Modular Layout

Farthest Frontier Modular Layout
Modular Layout

The first layout is one of the easier layouts. While it requires a certain amount of effort from the players, it is more beginner-friendly. It focuses on a modular design rather than a spread-out residential and commercial area. 

Players that want to keep their settlements clean and organized should look into modular designs since it requires the houses to be placed together in seamless order and brings in the commercial areas like the schools, plazas, and markets in a way it doesn’t look cluttered. If you’ve wanted to know about quarries in-game, then our Farthest Frontier Quarry Guide is a must-read!

Home Placements 

To fit the homes, the layout features a 4×4 home placement layout, spread out over 8 locations that are separated from one another. Four houses can fit together in one block, and in total, the particular layout will feature 32 homes together, the homes being marked by light and dark blue spaces. 

A total of 16 homes will be spaced out in 1×2 spaces with green spaces that are focused on the placement of decorations. The decorations can benefit and add loads of scenery, making the overall outlook a whole lot more aesthetic. 

Entertainment and Markets 

To fit in the entertainment centers and shopping areas, instead of spreading out the buildings on the outskirts or beside your homes, there is a main area in the middle which has been marked out by red blocks. 

The middle will feature areas like the markets, whereby your ever-growing population will be able to shop and supply food for themselves. Schools will come in handy for making the people in your town more viable for higher positions in your settlement, and the middle can also feature a Healer’s House and more decorations. 

The main thing missing from the particular layout is a theatre, and while it is not a big deal for the theatre to be in the middle, the theatre can fit into a couple of clusters of homes. Considering one theatre cannot supply all 32 homes, you can change the layout a bit to fit in one or two more theatres. 

Excessive Roads 

One thing that can be noticed in the layout is the sheer amount of roads connecting one house to the next, and while roads are needed, there doesn’t need to be a connecting road for every possible building. 

Instead of having many roads, the players can have boundary roads and replace a few of the connecting roads with even more decorations, which will further add to the beauty of the settlement and directly benefit the residents. 

Players can go for adding either more plazas or simply add more ornaments and slowly grind their way up to tier four and improve upon their desirability. 

Full Settlement Layout 

Farthest Frontier Full Settlement Layout
Full Settlement Layout

The next layout will be a community-based layout by VerucaKatt, which will essentially feature a complete settlement layout. It doesn’t feature only homes or basic settlements. Still, it is a complete city that will feature farms, graveyards, theatres, marketers, schools, barns, breweries, parks, pubs, and a fully developed area. You might find our Bricks guide interesting if you want to get your hands on bricks!

Home Placement 

Starting with the house placements, the homes have been placed together in a 1×2 with one house in front, one in the back, and then another 1×2 placement right beside the previous house. These two 1×2 clusters are separated by a little space, allowing for decoration or ornament additions. 

While most homes are built in a 1×2 dimension, there is a particular placement where three homes are built in a 1×3 dimension. 

Middle Area

The homes wrap around a large middle area, which features everything that people would need to thrive as a community essentially. 

These spaces include everything such as a theatre, shrine, park, healer, market, school, bakery, and even wells. Everything is kept in a neat and organized manner, and decorations purely separate it. There are also plenty of roads that connect one building to the other while still being able to maintain a clean look. 

Industrial Areas 

The areas that would bring down your desirability in your town are placed in the bottom left, and the industrial areas will feature places like the foundry, barns, compost, saw pit, landfill sites, and any other “unclean” areas. These unclean areas are kept out of the commercial and residential areas so that the entire city is kept clean. 

Farming Areas 

Now, besides the industrial and commercial areas, there are large 10×10 farms, which will feature tons of workers consistently working to plant, maintain and harvest crops so that there is always a constant supply of food to the town’s residents. There are 4 10×10 farms beside each other, and there will be a small space between these farms. 

The black areas that have yet to be occupied by any buildings can be purely up to the Farthest Frontier player’s imagination or can come in handy for building more farms in the future. If not that, then it can also be used as cattle-grazing areas or to build more housing areas as your population grows. 

Overall, the layout is pretty easy to understand, and it can be implemented with a little effort from the player’s end. Want to get food in the game? Well, our Food Sources guide is going to be a worthwhile read for you!

Quad Residential Layout 

Farthest Frontier Quad Residential Layout
Quad Residential Layout

The third layout is a community-inspired layout by TacticalFriedRice on the official Farthest Frontier Discord Community. Our Farthest Frontier Apiary Uses and Productivity guide will showcase just how Apiaries can be used and how they can help the player in the game!

Home Placements

It is a monstrosity of a layout, and the eye-catching part is the sheer number of homes that the person was able to cram into a quad setup. There is mainly an expansion of 2×4, 2×3, 1×2, and 1×1 housing placements, and the 2×4 layouts are typically placed side by side and will be separated by roads. 

The brown color will indicate the homes, and apart from the houses located on the outskirts of the settlement, there are also a total of 8 homes that will be located in a 1×1 setting in an L shape right in front of the theatre. 

Understanding The Layout 

The overall design of the layout features a quad setup, and everything is extremely organized and neatly labeled so that players who are beginner players in Farther Frontier will also be able to replicate the layout as they please. 

Apart from the massive housing, the main theatre is also located in the middle of the settlement, which is marked by red. Apart from that, 5×5 parks labeled in green surround a total of 8 homes, allowing a lot of nature to be implemented into the layout and allowing the settlement to look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. 

A total of 8 wells will be placed on the outskirts of the town, ensuring that there will be a consistent water supply to the residents, and the wells are kept far away from the actual residential areas to prevent flooding. 

Markets are conveniently placed within walking distance of the homes, allowing the people to shop as they please and get their daily necessities, while schools are located right beside the market. The town also features buildings like pubs and bakeries that will offer more entertainment and leisure. 

Smaller 3×3 parks marked with a dark green color are also located, and there are also smaller 3×3 shrines on the city’s outskirts. 3×4 statues, a healer’s house, and other spaces also fill the area and make the entire city look much more lively. In order to know how to get an Arborist, you might want to check out our Farthest Frontier Arborist guide!

Making Money 

Apart from aesthetics, the monetary value of the settlement is also going to be pretty high, considering the sheer number of homes and commercial areas in the small space. 

Centering all the homes around the market will allow the player to benefit from the Farthest Frontier Best House Layout and earn as much money as possible. 

There is a lot of space around the theatre, which allows the player to use their imagination and place down decorations that will make the town even more lively. The overall layout is easy to understand and can be easily implemented. 

Walled City Layout 

Farthest Frontier Walled City Layout
Walled City Layout

Last but not least, we have a layout that is by yet another Farthest Frontier community member Pinklitchee, and it will mainly focus on a walled city type of layout. 

Many layouts typically share the same type of layouts whereby the players will place houses together, and center them around the main plaza, a theatre or surround them with many markets. The main reason that players would do that is to increase their desirability, reach higher tiers, gain monetary value, and earn money from their town.

While we’re on the topic of desirability, why not read up on our Desirability guide that covers the best ways to increase it?

Home Placements 

For this layout, in particular, the city is divided into four repeating sections, and each section features a four-block housing system. There is a commercial area in the middle of the residential area. 

The homes are located next to each other, and while they are pretty close, they manage to refrain from being too cluttered and don’t give a messy outlook. There are 14 homes in each square block, and there are a total of 16 blocks like these spread out evenly throughout the entire city. 

Commercial Areas 

As for the commercial areas, within each four housing areas, there is a cluster of commercial areas that include everything the residents might require for a sustainable and comfortable life. There is a market for food, a bakery, a healer’s house, a school for education, a well for water supply, a park for recreation, a pub for entertainment, and a large statue represented by a pink block. 

There are also tons of smaller parks that are 2×2 and 1×3 in dimension, and these are perfect as they act as filler if the player has too much space and needs to fill it out. Read our How To Get Iron guide!

Walled Areas 

Considering the layout features a walled city, there is a clear indication of the walls spreading all around the outskirts of the city, and there are also gates that make the city feel a lot safer. 

Within these gates and walls are roads marked by the grey color that act as streets and connect one house to the next and separate one area from the other. 

The town center, vault, trading post, and areas like the storehouses are double walled and even gated so that it is able to provide ample amounts of protection from any potential dangers. 

Industrial Areas 

As we mentioned before, the industrial areas will always be located on the outskirts and as far as possible from the homes, and the same has been done for the walled city layout in Farthest Frontier as well. 

All in all, the layout is insanely protected and secure, and not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the entire layout also is cohesive and appears organized, making it all the easier to follow for any player that might want to replicate it. With that, we will wrap up our Farthest Frontier Best House Layout guide! You might find our Farthest Frontier Clay guide useful!

Guide and Photo Credits: Taka on Youtube

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