Farthest Frontier: How To Get Bricks [Explained]

Bricks are one of the most important resources that must be acquired to fulfill the objective of the game, which is to construct cities. Since it is a resource that is both, durable and permanent, it’s a great building material for your cities. Do you find yourself wondering how to get bricks in Farthest Frontier? Well, below, we will discuss this question.

Key Highlights

  • Bricks are an important resource in Farthest Frontier used to build buildings and other structures.
  • Clay is necessary for crafting bricks and must be located on the map.
  • The Brickyard building produces bricks, but it can only be constructed once the Town Center is upgraded to Tier Three.
  • Clay can be found by exploring the map and is used in various projects in the game.
  • Bricks can be crafted from clay through various crafting processes.
  • If you cannot find clay, you can purchase it from the trade center.

Clay is an essential material in Farthest Frontier that will be used in a wide range of crafting endeavors by the players. However, it is not always simple to locate Clay, and it is essential for fans to conduct some reconnaissance at the beginning of their games in order to verify that the resource is, in fact, showing on their maps.

Once these gamers have identified the location of the Farthest Frontier, they will need to know how to extract Clay and how to utilize it to produce vital items such as Bricks from the Clay.

Why You Need Bricks In The Farthest Frontier

It appears that getting wood in this game will be fairly simple. Simply click on the trees to order your woodcutters to collect the wood.

One of the main materials you’ll need to start building with when the game first starts is wood. However, as you advance in the game, you might want to think about building structures that are more robust and long-lasting.

Brick construction is a choice to think about because it is a strong and long-lasting material. Bricks can be used to build structures that are more durable and able to stand the test of time.

How To Get Bricks In Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier brickyard
get bricks faster

On the Farthest Frontier, bricks are an essential building material used in the construction of a wide variety of buildings and structures. They can be used to construct medical facilities like hospitals and clinics as well as educational institutions like schools and universities.

You will have a consistent supply of this priceless resource to use in the construction of a variety of buildings if you can make bricks out of the clay you find on a daily basis. Additionally, you can always sell any extra bricks for a profit at the Trade Center if you have any. Overall, an important aspect of development in the region is the use of bricks in the construction of notable architecture on the Farthest Frontier, and their production and prosperity of your community.

You need to build a Brickyard in order to carry out your plans. However, you must first make sure that your Town Center has been upgraded to Tier Three before you can start construction on this structure. This is an important step because the Brickyard cannot be constructed until the Town Center reaches this point.

The Brickyard will be crucial to your game progress once it is finished. The Brickyard produces bricks, which are necessary for a variety of tasks. They are required for the creation of a Cheese Maker, a crucial step in the chain of food production in the game. Bricks are also needed to build a Market Square, which is a key location for trade and business in the game.

As a result, it’s crucial to give the Brickyard’s construction priority and see to it that it’s finished as soon as possible. Without it, you might discover that you’re unable to finish certain projects or meet certain objectives. To ensure the successful construction of this important structure, be sure to allocate resources and time as necessary.

Acquiring Bricks From Trade Center

If your exploration efforts were unsuccessful and you are unable to locate clay deposits nearby, you might still be able to buy bricks at the Trade Center through trade. You might have the chance to buy bricks from roving merchants after constructing the Trade Center. It is advised to buy a lot of bricks—at least 50 or more—because they will be required for upgrading a lot of the town’s infrastructure.

You might have the opportunity to trade for clay at the trade center in addition to other valuable commodities like beer, bulky tools, cows, wood, cheese, iron, and more. To make these transactions easier, make sure to always have some gold on hand.

Remember that you must always have a steady supply of bricks because they are a vital resource in the game and are required for many tasks. If you are unable to locate clay deposits or produce them at a Brickyard, trading at the Trade Center might be a helpful way to acquire them.

It’s not just clay that you may trade in Farthest Frontier, you will find merchants selling beer, heavy tools, cows, wood, cheese, iron, and many other things. So, always keep Gold in your trading center. 

How To Get Clay To Make Bricks 

clay pit
use clay to get bricks

Clay is, without question, one of the essential materials you can get in the Farthest Frontier. It is imperative that you get this vital item as soon as possible in the game so that you may use it in a wide variety of ways.

Clay can be used in a variety of projects throughout the game that will assist the players in maintaining their village. During the early stages of the game, while you are still surveying and exploring the area, you will come across Clay.

Unfortunately, it will take a significant amount of time for you to locate Clay since the map is very large, and the location of Clay is not simple to discover. Clay is an indispensable asset in Farthest Frontier, and in our walkthrough, we will show you how to get it as well as all of the significant ways it can be used by players.

When you first begin your search for clay in the Farthest Frontier, the first thing you will need to do is identify a Clay Deposit in the area. After loading a map in Farthest Frontier, you should quickly begin searching for a Clay Deposit anywhere on the map.

On your map, the formations will be represented by an icon that looks like a piece of brown substance. Finding Clay is very important for the following reason: if you do not succeed in acquiring Clay reserves early on in the game, you will eventually be forced to deal with the repercussions of your failure to do so.

If the players were unable to acquire any Clay Deposits during the first phase of the Farthest Frontier game, we strongly suggest that they restart the experience all over again.

If you are fortunate enough to find a deposit of clay, your next step should be to remove the clay from the deposit once you have satisfied the conditions for constructing a clay pit. You can accomplish this by sending a worker or some locals to the Clay Pit and waiting for them to collect the clay. The Clay Deposit’s size and the effectiveness of your worker or villagers will determine how much clay can be extracted.

Once the clay has been extracted, it can be used in the game for several different things. Bricks, which can be used to build various structures in your village, are one of the main uses of clay. You’ll need a Brickworks building in your village to produce bricks. Once you’ve built a brickwork, you can send workers or villagers there to use the clay you’ve extracted to make bricks.

Clay can be used to make pottery and other items in addition to bricks. The precise items that can be made out of clay will depend on the structures and technologies that are available to you in your village.

Overall, clay is a crucial resource in the Farthest Frontier, so it’s crucial to have a consistent supply of it if you want to advance. You should be able to locate clay and extract it with ease, use it in your village, and put it to good use by following the above-mentioned steps.

clay pit farthest frontier

extract clay for bricksIf you are fortunate enough to find a clay deposit, the following step is to construct a clay pit on the site of the deposit. When the Town Center in your community reaches Tier Two, you will have access to the ability to create these particular kinds of structures.

Furthermore, a further condition must be met before the Clay Pit may be constructed. Before building a clay pit, you need to check to see whether your town already has a Wagon Shop established. If it does, you may go on to the next step.


Farthest Frontier is a city-building video game with a medieval setting that, unlike most other games in its category, doesn’t clutch your hand for the whole adventure. The objective is straightforward: players must establish a colony and grow it into a flourishing town from scratch.

As players advance through Farthest Frontier, they will come across a number of difficulties and hindrances that they must get past to maintain the health of their colony. These difficulties can include attacks from bandits and other hostile groups, as well as natural disasters like earthquakes and fires. Players must use their strategic planning abilities and resources wisely to overcome these obstacles and maintain the security of their settlement.

As your population increases, you will want more room and more structures to house everyone. In addition, you will have to increase the quantity of food you generate while simultaneously increasing the productivity of your production facilities via upgrades. Because of all of this activity, there will be more individuals who are available to work, which will allow you to keep the economy going.

This cycle, which never finishes yet never repeats itself, is the center of the game. In general, these components set world-building games apart from other video games.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to get bricks in Farthest Frontier. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments box below.

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