Farthest Frontier: How To Get Bricks [Explained]

Our Farthest Frontier Bricks guide entails the best ways about how to get the bricks in the game and keep constructing your town.

Clay is an essential material in Farthest Frontier that will be used in a wide range of crafting endeavors by the players. However, it is not always simple to locate Clay, and it is essential for fans to conduct some reconnaissance at the beginning of their games in order to verify that the resource is, in fact, showing on their maps.

Once these gamers have identified the location of the Farthest Frontier, they will need to know how to extract Clay and how to utilize it to produce vital items such as Bricks from the Clay.

Key Highlights

  • Bricks are a vital resource in Farthest Frontier for constructing buildings and structures.
  • Clay is essential for crafting bricks and must be discovered on the map.
  • To produce bricks, you need a Brickyard building, which can be constructed after upgrading the Town Center to Tier Three.
  • Clay is obtained through map exploration and used in various projects.
  • Bricks can be crafted from clay through different crafting processes.
  • If you can’t find clay, you have the option to purchase it from the trade center.

Why You Need Bricks 

It appears that getting wood in this game will be fairly simple. Simply click on the trees to order your woodcutters to collect the wood.

One of the main materials you’ll need to start building with when the game first starts is wood. However, as you advance in the game, you might want to think about building structures that are more robust and long-lasting.

Brick construction is a choice to think about because it is a strong and long-lasting material. Bricks can be used to build structures that are more durable and able to stand the test of time.

How To Get Bricks 

Bricks are essential for constructing various buildings and structures. To get bricks faster, follow these steps:

  1. Upgrade Your Town Center to Tier Three:
    • Before you can build a Brickyard, you need to ensure that your Town Center has been upgraded to Tier Three. This upgrade is essential for unlocking the Brickyard construction.
  2. Build a Brickyard:
    • Once your Town Center is at Tier Three, construct a Brickyard in your settlement. The Brickyard is where bricks are produced.
  3. Prioritize Brickyard Construction:
    • Make the construction of the Brickyard a priority in your game progress. Bricks are required for various tasks, including building a Cheese Maker and a Market Square.
  4. Allocate Resources and Time:
    • Ensure that you allocate the necessary resources and time to complete the Brickyard construction promptly. This will help you meet objectives and complete projects that require bricks.
  5. Use Clay Resources:
    • To produce bricks, the Brickyard relies on clay resources. Ensure you have a consistent supply of clay to keep the Brickyard operational.
  6. Manage Your Settlement Efficiently:
    • Efficiently manage your settlement to maximize brick production. Ensure your workers are assigned to the Brickyard to optimize brick output.
  7. Consider Trading Excess Bricks:
    • If you have surplus bricks, consider selling them at the Trade Center for profit. This can provide additional resources for your settlement.

By following these steps and giving priority to Brickyard construction and brick production, you’ll be able to get bricks faster in Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier brickyard
get bricks faster

Acquiring Bricks From Trade Center

To acquire bricks from the Trade Center:

  1. If you can’t find clay deposits nearby, consider buying bricks through trade.
  2. Construct the Trade Center to access roving merchants selling bricks.
  3. It’s recommended to purchase at least 50 bricks, as they are essential for town upgrades.
  4. You can also trade for clay and other valuable items like beer, tools, cows, wood, cheese, and iron at the Trade Center.
  5. Always keep some gold on hand to facilitate transactions.
  6. Bricks are crucial for various tasks, so ensure a steady supply through trading if you can’t find clay or produce it at a Brickyard.

It’s not just clay that you may trade in Farthest Frontier, you will find merchants selling beer, heavy tools, cows, wood, cheese, iron, and many other things. So, always keep Gold in your trading center. 

How To Get Clay To Make Bricks 

clay pit
use clay to get bricks

Clay is, without question, one of the essential materials you can get in the Farthest Frontier. It is imperative that you get this vital item as soon as possible in the game so that you may use it in a wide variety of ways.

To get clay for making bricks, follow these steps:

  1. Identify Clay Deposits:
    • Look for Clay Deposits on the map. These deposits are represented by brown icons that resemble clay-like formations.
  2. Locate Clay Deposit Locations:
    • Explore the map thoroughly to find Clay Deposits. Early in the game, it’s crucial to locate and secure a source of clay.
  3. Construct a Clay Pit:
    • Once you’ve found a Clay Deposit, construct a Clay Pit near the deposit’s location. You can build a Clay Pit once your Town Center reaches Tier Two and meets the necessary conditions.
  4. Ensure a Wagon Shop:
    • Before building a Clay Pit, make sure your town has a Wagon Shop established. Having a Wagon Shop is a prerequisite for building a Clay Pit.
  5. Assign Workers or Villagers:
    • Once the Clay Pit is constructed, assign workers or villagers to work at the pit. They will extract clay from the deposit.
  6. Use Clay for Bricks and More:
    • The clay you obtain can be used to make bricks, among other items. To produce bricks, you’ll need a Brickworks building in your village. Assign workers or villagers to the Brickworks to convert clay into bricks.
  7. Utilize Clay for Other Items:
    • Besides bricks, clay can be used to make pottery and various other items in your village, depending on available structures and technologies.
  8. Maintain a Consistent Supply:
    • Ensure that you maintain a steady supply of clay to support your village’s construction and crafting needs.

By following these steps, you can successfully obtain clay.

clay pit farthest frontier

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to get bricks in Farthest Frontier. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments box below.

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