Farthest Frontier Diseases: All Causes & Cures

Our guide covers all diseases in Farthest Frontier along with their causes and preventions.

What Diseases Are There In Farthest Frontier? 

There will be various diseases spreading all across the village due to various reasons. However, a healer’s house or its upgraded version can prove to be helpful in treating many of these diseases. Another effort that will prove effective in making villagers survive is building an Apothecary shop to produce the medicine. 

Key Highlights
  • To live in the Village of the Farthest Frontier, you’ll have to deal with some diseases, unsanitary conditions and injuries.
  • There are 14 Different diseases spreading all over the village in the Farthest Frontier because of various reasons.
  • Every disease has some causes behind them; some include Cholera caused by Drinking contaminated water, Exposure due to Lack of firewood, Dysentry due to Lack of clean water, among other matters.
  • These diseases can be prevented with proper medication and a healer’s house. Make sure you have clean and enough water to drink. You can also try avoiding melee combats with animals.
Farthest Frontier Diseases
Farthest Frontier Diseases

You can easily prevent Farthest Frontier Diseases by following some easy precautionary measures. Additionally, make sure to have enough water for your people and a compost yard to collect the waste. Moreover, try to have a cobbler replace the worn-out shoes. Building a rat catcher and avoiding melee combat with animals is also an effective way to prevent diseases. 

On the contrary, if people are frequently exposed to unsanitary conditions, they will get sick. Your villagers can get sick from diseases such as Cholera, Dehydration, Dysentery, and intoxication are likely to spread in the village. If you want to know the cause and prevention of every disease in detail, we have got you covered. 

Causes Of Diseases

causes of diseases
Causes Of Diseases

Different diseases in the game are caused by different reasons, which are mentioned in the table below.

Disease Name Cause of Disease
Cholera Drinking contaminated water
Exposure Lack of firewood, especially in cold weather
Dysentery Lack of clean water, specifically the drinking water
Dehydration Lack of water resources such as well
Festering Wound Taking damage in combat with an enemy human
Food Poisoning  Eating uncooked meal
Rabies Getting bitten by animals, specifically the ones that are rabid
Fractured Bone Getting Injured while working
Influenza Unknown, likely random chance
Foot Wound Lack of shoes or cobbler
Scurvy A lack of ascorbic acid, which is typically found in fruits
Tetanus Leaving foot wound untreated
Typhoid Dirtiness and Rats
Worms Dirtiness and Bare Feet

Prevention Of Diseases

prevention of diseases
Prevention Of Diseases

These diseases can be cured with medicines and a healer’s house. However, these diseases can also be prevented by following a few simple measures. We have covered these preventions of all diseases in the following table.

Disease Name Prevention of Disease
Cholera You need to make sure to have enough well for villagers and compost yards for collecting waste.
Exposure Make sure to have enough firewood for villagers, especially in winter. Exposure can cause the death of villagers instantly, so try to have firewood and never run out of it.
Dysentery You can prevent Dysentery by creating enough wells for the villagers, especially for drinking water.
Dehydration Like Dysentery, it can also be prevented by having enough water resources such as wells for the villagers. 
Festering Wound It is important to avoid fighting enemy humans and soldiers in the open area. If any of the villagers get hurt during fights, quickly heal their wounds in the healer’s house. Similarly, another simple prevention includes not leaving the wounds untreated at all.
Food Poisoning  Villagers should not eat uncooked food. You need to ensure enough supply of firewood so they can cook their food and prevent eating uncooked food. 
Rabies There is nothing you can really do about preventing rabies, but you can try to avoid contact with animals so that they do not bite the villagers.
Fractured Bone Fractured Bones cannot be prevented as well; you can only heal them in the healer’s house or any of its upgraded versions. 
Influenza Influenza cannot be prevented, but you can ensure the supply of herbs that treat influenza. Building a healer’s house will also make sure that the villagers under influenza’s impact are treated promptly.
Foot Wound You can easily prevent foot wounds by having a cobbler in your village. The Cobbler will make shoes for everybody so that no one develops a foot wound. Preventing the spread of foot wounds will also give an advantage in preventing tetanus spread.
Scurvy Ensure an adequate supply of Berries and Fruits in your village for all the people. However, if you see the problem of scurvy spreading rapidly, you can build an orchard and plant fruit trees.
Tetanus Foot wound, when left untreated, develops into tetanus. However, treating the foot wound instantly will prevent the spread of tetanus. 
Typhoid Preventing any kind of dirt in your village will prevent the spread of Typhoid. Moreover, you can make soap available for everyone, use rat catchers to prevent rats’ growth, and build compost yards to collect waste timely. 
Worms You can avoid worms by having a cobbler make shoes for everyone and make sure that no one is barefoot. Moreover, making soap available for everyone and collecting waste in the compost yard to prevent dirtiness that is one of the causes of worms.


Farthest Frontier is a village survival simulation where you have to protect the villagers. The game is set in medieval times, so you need to know what to do to make villagers thrive in this time. You are in charge of the town that you will build from scratch by making efforts such as harvesting raw material, hunting, fishing, and farming to survive. We have discussed Farthest Frontier Diseases in our guide and how to prevent them, as there will be diseases spreading in the town.

Like real life, the diseases will most likely attack people exposed to unsanitary conditions or injured. Although you will be putting in a lot of effort to make these villagers survive, they will get sick at some point. In this guide, we have discussed all the diseases, their causes, and their prevention. While you are at it, you must check out our guide on Farthest Frontier Best Seeds, which happens to be the most complex system in the game. 

Farthest Frontier Diseases are an important concern while you are struggling to help villagers thrive. However, the diseases can easily be treated through the healer’s house or by following some preventions. Above all, you need to know the causes of these diseases in order to treat them, so we have listed them for you. Additionally, the prevention of all diseases is also mentioned in the table. Thus, if you follow the guide above, you will be good to go.

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