Farthest Frontier: How To Destroy A Wolf Den

In This Guide We Will Focus On How To Destroy A Wolf Den In Farthest Frontier.

How To Kill A Wolf In Farthest Frontier

Wolf Attack
Wolf Attacks In Farthest Frontier

Now, before we discuss Farthest Frontier Wolf Den, we should know how to kill a wolf. First of all, the wolves will be one of your common enemies as they will be attacking your settlement quite often. So in order to protect your people and settlement, you will have to kill them. And to do that, you require various weapons.

Key Highlights
  • The Wolves are the first common enemies which you’ll encounter in Farthest Frontier. In order to protect you from the wolf attack, you have to kill them by using different armors and weapons.
  • You have to fight the wolf with proper strategy. Send a group of villagers to deal with the wolves and assign each of them different roles which include a role of a Hunter, Guard or a Soldier.
  • In order to kill the wolf, destroy its Wolf Den which is the Wolf’s Nest. You have to craft a Hide Coast in order to protect the villagers from getting infected with rabies by the wolf attack.
  • The Wolf’s Den is guarded by a couple of Wolves. The hunters can use their bows to kill the wolves one by one. And then take out the wolf’s den.

Also, one of the things you should keep in mind is that you should never send a single villager to duel the wolf in a one-on-one battle as the villager will eventually die of the wounds that will cause him to be sick, or he could just die from the wolf’s attacks. 

Your Settlement In Farthest Frontier

However, the strategy that you should use is that make a Lookout tower, a big barrack, or the alternative is to send a group of villagers to deal with the wolf. But, to make a group of villagers, you will have to use your town hall to instruct them on a special mission.

Furthermore, you can also assign roles to your villagers like you can make them Hunters, Guards, or Soldiers to boost their combat ability. These villagers are granted armor and weapons, which suits the whole wolf-killing thing. Also, you can equip the villagers with bows to kill the wolves from a safe distance behind a barricade.

How To Destroy A Wolf Den 

Wolf Den
Hunters Attacking A Wolf Den In Farthest Frontier

Now, to deal with your wolf problem, you will have to find and destroy a Farthest Frontier Wolf Den, which is basically a Wolf’s Nest where they are repeatedly spawned. The den is guarded by a couple of wolves, so be careful when you venture close to one. Also, do not send a single villager to deal with a den as he would be decimated pretty quickly.

The Wolf Den is usually in a forest where your villagers can also find resources like blueberries and other items. Now, as mentioned before, the wolf den will be protected by some hungry wolves that will attack anything in sight, including your livestock. So be careful and fence your livestock so that they do not venture near a wolf den.

Also, be careful with your villagers as the wolf attacks can infect the villagers with rabies which is a dangerous disease. So to protect your villagers, you will have to craft Hide Coats and equip them for your villagers. The hide coats will reduce the chance of contracting rabies disease. 

Furthermore, as mentioned before, the best type of roles to defeat the wolves are hunters and soldiers as they have armor that will protect them against attacks and rabies. At the same time, also they can use their bows and other weapons to deal damage, preferably from afar.

Now, in order to destroy a Wolf Den, you will have to deploy at least two hunters as they are best equipped for the task. They will first kill all the wolves guarding the wolf den through their bows, giving them the advantage of distance

However, the best strategy to destroy a wolf den is first to take care of all the wolves one by one and then later take out the wolf den through the hunter’s attacks. After the den has been destroyed, there will be no more wolves in the surrounding area for a while.


The new Farthest Frontier game is an Indie Simulation game which is developed and published by Crate Entertainment. In the game, people gather from far away to build their own city. However, before the settlement, the place was home to beasts of different kinds. Also, some raiders will come and plunder your settlement. However, at the start, the main problem is the wolves. 

Now, we also recommend that you read our Diseases guide, as wolves are one of the main causes of rabies. So it is best to know more about the diseases before you take on a Wolf Den. Also, some other useful articles to go through are the Farthest Frontier Best Seeds and How To Make Gold, as these guides will come in handy at the game’s early stages.

Lastly, we also recommend that if you are new to Farthest Frontier, then read our Tips And Tricks guide, as it will be quite helpful early on in the game. 

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