Farthest Frontier [Our 25 Best Tips & Tricks]

In our guide we will look into all the tips and tricks you should know while playing Farthest Frontier.

Most people know that playing the Farthest Frontier game is no easy feat; hence we have compiled a Farthest Frontier Tips and Tricks guide for your ease. Before moving forward, let’s first look at what the game is like!

Farthest Frontier Tips
  • Do not forget the importance of game settings.
  • Game settings allow you to choose if you want combat and raids in your gameplay.
  • Know the different difficulty settings in Farthest Frontier.
  • Pioneer difficulty is the lowest and offers plenty of resources and no hostile forces.
  • Trailblazer mode reduces resources and increases wildlife and enemy forces.
  • Vanquisher mode is the most difficult with no resources, frequent attacks from vicious creatures, and armored raiders.
  • Choose your terrain carefully, as it can change the outcome of your gameplay.
  • Opt for Lowland Lake for easier farming and water access.
  • Explore the advanced setting option to change elements of the game to your preference.
  • Choose your Town Center carefully as it can greatly impact your gameplay.

Important Tips and Tricks

Now that we have the basic gist of the game let’s look into the Farthest Frontier tips and tricks you should know.

Game Setting 

In our opinion, one of the biggest mistakes new players make is that they are not aware of the importance of game settings. Most players only pay heed to it at the start of the new game and then completely forget about it.

We are here to tell you that you should not do that! This is because, through the game setting, you will be able to choose if you want your gameplay to include combat and raids. You did, in fact, read that right. Farthest Frontier actually allows its gamers to choose if they want to have battles or not.

So you can see how important knowing your game settings is. If you just want to have a relaxing time while farming and building your city, just click on the “Pacifist Mode”.  

Know The Difficulty Settings

Just like any other game, Farthest Frontier has different variations of difficulties. However, unlike most games, they do not have the standard easy, medium, and hard names. It can become a huge point of contention for new players who may not know where to look. 

For your gaming ease, we have explained the different difficulty settings, this way, and you will know which one works for you!


  • Lowest difficulty setting, offering abundant starting resources and wildlife.
  • Minimal healthcare challenges and absence of hostile forces like raiders or vicious creatures.
  • Ideal for players seeking a relaxed gaming experience without significant adversity.


  • Reduced starting supplies and wildlife availability compared to Pioneer.
  • Increased difficulty in acquiring food and materials for building.
  • Introduces occasional encounters with boars, wolves, and bears, as well as raids by enemy forces.
  • Healthcare challenges may arise, posing risks of injuries or illnesses to your village population.


  • Most challenging difficulty level with minimal starting resources and scarce wildlife.
  • Frequent attacks from vicious creatures and armored raiders.
  • Higher likelihood of illnesses and injuries among your people.
  • Recommended for experienced players seeking a substantial challenge, while beginners may find it overwhelming and are advised to start with Pioneer.

Choosing Your Terrain

Since Farthest Frontier is, at its core, a farming game, you can imagine how important the cultivation of land is. Most players might not know the following, but choosing your terrain can definitely change the outcome of your gameplay. Now pay special attention to our next Farthest Frontier Tip; it is very important. 

While there are multiple types of land to choose from, we would encourage players, particularly first-time ones, to always opt for Lowland Lake. Hence, you will not have to face issues like barren land and lack of water.

Advance Setting 

While most games will let you change a predetermined set of variables, Farthest Frontier takes it to the next level. Our next tip for you while playing the game is to explore the advanced setting option.

From there, you can actually change different elements of the game based on your own liking. Hence, the game will be altered to your preference. For example, if you want more resources while playing, you can select that.

Choosing Your Town Center

choosing the town centre
Farthest Frontier Tips and Tricks: Choosing the Town Centre

As soon as gamers start playing the game, they will have to make a very crucial decision. This decision will pretty much make or break the game that will follow, so no pressure! If you are getting curious as to what the pivotal decision is, well, it is choosing where to locate the town center.

As you can imagine, the town center is the hub of all economic activity, so you want to make sure to find an area where there are ample trees. But that’s not all. You also need to take into account the fact that the building will require a lot of water. Hence, being near a water reserve is extremely crucial. 

Another thing to remember is that you should always avoid building on a hill. Why? Well, the thing is that while you will easily build the town center on the summit, constructing the rest of the town on the steep slopes will be a huge nightmare.

Speeding Up Time

Throughout the game, players will need to gather resources to build better and stronger structures. Gathering resources can be a tedious process and can sometimes take a long period of time to acquire.

So, what to do if you do not have a lot of time on hand? Well, these farthest frontier tips will have you shocked! As soon as you have highlighted the resources you want, look at the bottom the left corner of your screen.

Over there, you will notice a small 3x button. If you click on that, the whole resource will get extracted faster. This gives you more time to focus on the big stuff.

Know Your Seasons 

It might come as a surprise to you, but you will actually see the season change throughout the game. While you can visually guess which season it is, a more accurate way would be to look at the season bar on the top of your screen.

As you can imagine, winter will be one of the few harder months for your town. With scarce resources available, it is vital that you are prepared. 

Building Farms

construcing farms is an important Farthest Frontier Tips and Tricks
Farthest Frontier Tips and Tricks: Building Farms

One mistake most new players will make is that they will start building their farms in year one. So why is it such a huge no-no?

Think about farms that are not just built in a day, and they take time. So if you start making them in year one, winter will be around the corner by the time you finish up, which means that all your hard work and resources will go down the drain.

Hunting For Resources 

If you have placed your town center at a strategic location, you should be able to see different animals that can be hunted, like deer and fish. Of course, players can not go hunting for these resources until and unless they have a hunting cabin.

Our main tip for players would be to start building their hunting cabin as soon as possible. So make sure that you click on the prioritize build option. Hence, it will allow your people to get food faster.

Use Your Resource Widget

We can not stress this enough. Always keep an eye out on your resource level. Most players haphazardly start building. Once they are halfway through, it is here that the realization strikes. There are far too many ongoing projects but not enough resources to go around. 

Our trick for you is to always look at your resource widget. You can open it by clicking F4. It will show you where the resources are.

On the other hand, if you want to make sure you know exactly where your town folks are working, click F3. It will locate all of them for you.

Start Building Roads 

Once your town hall is completed, it is important that you start building roads around it. Building roads will ensure easy access for the town’s folks. The hotkey for the construction of roads is M.  

One huge mistake that most players make is not properly mapping out their roads. Always make sure that your road network is organized. It will be a huge help later on when you are expanding.

Firewood Splitter Is Essential 

The first stage in creating your new community is to build your town hall. However, homes and firewood should come next.

As soon as the game begins, the first winter will be rapidly approaching, and the villagers will not only need shelter but also need to stay warm, or they will freeze to death. So when we say that having a firewood splitter is crucial, we are not exaggerating.

Building Adequate Housing 

Of course, your people need a place to rest. Hence, after building the town hall and firewood splitter. Your main focus should be on developing a residential area.

We would encourage you to keep the hosting area fairly near the firewood splitter. Think about it. The most fire consumption will happen in this area, so it makes logistical sense.

Moreover, try to keep some space between each home. Hence, you will be able to add decorations afterward. It will make your town more desirable to people and will boost morale. (We will talk in-depth about decorations later in the guide.)

Have A Well Near Homes

Having a well near home Farthest Frontier Tips and Tricks
Farthest Frontier Tips and Tricks: Have well near home

One tip you should always remember is keeping your wells near the residential area. Not only is it a smart logistical move, but your town’s people need water on a day-to-day basis. 

But, it will come in handy when the houses inevitably catch fire. Hence, you can minimize the damage during enemy raids. 

Try To Have Labor On Hand

  • As your community grows, ensure a diverse workforce including hunters, cultivators, craftsmen, and soldiers.
  • Reserve a portion of your population as ordinary laborers, tasked with general duties like resource gathering and construction.
  • Monitor the labor pool indicator in the top left corner; if it turns red, consider reallocating workers or changing professions to maintain efficiency.
  • Adjust the number of laborers converting to builders when construction projects require acceleration.
  • Access the professions panel in the upper right corner to check laborer numbers and make necessary adjustments for optimal town operation.

How To Move Your Villagers 

When you want to move a group of villagers, you could drag to pick them all at once. Then, click the desired position on the map. 

You might sometimes see suspicious or shadowy figures creeping around the edge of your town. You can ignore them, but the curiosity to know what or who they are is unreal. In this case, we have an amazing trick for you to do!

So what you do is move your cursor to that area. Once you are there, right-click. It will lead to an exploration flag being placed there. So what is the significance of the flag? Well, it will show the townspeople to go to that area and inspect it.

Moving Soldiers 

When you start building up defenses for your town, you will have to deal with a lot of soldiers. You might not know the following, but there is a very interesting movement trick in Farthest Frontier associated with it.

Troops can be ordered to gather in certain locations on the map by picking the barracks, choosing the “Flag Combat Area” button from the menu, and then selecting the desired location on the map.

Relocating Is Important 

Our next tip is probably one of the most important ones in the Farthest Frontier. Since the game is heavily dependent on natural resources, they may at times become scarce. It happens mostly in the case of wells that end up running dry. So, what will you do?

The easiest solution we can provide you with is relocation. Try to relocate near trees; those areas tend to have more water. Yes, it is that easy!

Start Preserving Your Food

As soon as you start hunting, we would suggest you build a smokehouse. The building will help in preserving all the excess food your hunters catch. Let us assure you that during the winners, having preserved food will ensure that the people do not die of hunger.

Try To Upgrade Living Areas

the importance of upgrading living areas
Try To Upgrade Living Areas
  • Enhance residential areas to increase your tax revenue and modernize your community.
  • Location plays a crucial role; residences near amenities like marketplaces or taverns are more desirable.
  • Place amenities such as wells near housing to improve their appeal.
  • Upgrading residences from basic shelters to larger houses and manors boosts annual tax income.
  • Allow space between homes for decoration and additional features like flowers, courtyards, shrines, and altars.
  • Regularly invest funds to update these features and further increase the value of neighboring properties.

Build A Compost Yard

It is very likely that the land you cultivate may start to lose fertility, so what do you do in that case? Well, the tip we have for you is to build a compost yard. Having it will have two major benefits.

Firstly, you will be able to make your own fertilizer for your land. Hence, your land will remain at its peak productivity all year around.

Secondly, you will be able to use the waste materials made by the town’s people in a more effective and eco-friendly way. See, it is truly the best of both worlds!

Bees Are A Lifesaver 

You might not know the following, but you can build your very own apiaries. Not only will it give you honey in the warmer months of the year, but the bi-products are also very useful. In fact, you can use wax to make candles and different types of wicker baskets.

All of which is nice, but as you can imagine, it comes at a huge cost. The time it takes for farmers to extract honey from the apiaries is substantial. So we would suggest that you construct the apiaries near farmland. It will drastically reduce the amount of traveling time your workers will have.

Traders Are Important

Once a trading post is established, traders will start to stop by. Trade is essential for the sustainability of your town because it allows you to both sell excess commodities for gold and buy products and resources that you can’t produce solely on your own.

However, each merchant only purchases and sells a small number of goods, and they generally stay in town for a short period of time. As a result, you must monitor your trade station to find out when they come, which would typically be at the beginning of the year.

What Do Raiders Want

what will raiders take from the town
What do Raiders want from the town?

Okay, so we talked about the most important tips and tricks you should know while playing Farthest Frontier. The last two will give us tips on how to deal with raiders.

The Raiders’ primary objective is to plunder your town’s wealth, but they will gladly slay any residents who stand in their way. They will go directly to your trade center, your storehouse, and even your factory throughout a raid.

This is mainly because those are the places where they have the highest likelihood of making off with coins, meat, iron bars, and even basic supplies like wheat. 

When they have enough money in their pockets, they will not remain and battle. Instead, they will flee into the forest, taking their loot with them.

The Town Bell

As your town begins to expand, it will become hard to let all the people know about raids, so what do you do?

Whenever raiding starts, you can sound a warning to let your people know by selecting the bell button in the town hall submenu. The town hall bell will begin to ring at that point, and the inhabitants can rush inside to take cover.

But remember to click the bell once more to silence it after the raid is complete. The people that rushed into the city hall to take cover will remain there as long as the bell continues to ring. 

Bottom Line

Many players around the globe have been waiting to get their hands on the brand new Farthest Frontier game. With its insane layouts and challenging tasks, it really keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Think of the game as a survival game meets a farming game. It takes the best elements of both genres and gives us one heck of a game to play! Interestingly it is both created and published by the talented Crate Entertainment.

Throughout the game, players will be able to create a town out of unbridled nature at the cusp of the known world. Try to name a game more dramatic than that. We will wait! Players will have to guard and lead their citizens and ensure that no harm ever falls on them. 

To thrive, gamers must farm, scavenge, and fish. It will also include mining raw resources. But it is not that easy. While doing all of that, you will have to be wary of surviving the environment and external enemies and creating manufactured objects for trade and use in combat. If you want to be a good farmer, we have an amazing Farthest Frontier Best Seeds guide.

We hope our guide gave you tons of cool Tips and Tricks about Farthest Frontier, happy farming! 

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