Farthest Frontier Trading Guide: Usage & Working

This guide covers how the trading system works in Farthest Frontier.

The trading system is one of the most useful systems in Farthest Frontier. In the old times, trading was one of the most used ways of utilizing resources effectively. Similarly, in Farthest Frontier, you can get any item you want by trading the items. 

Key Highlights

The trading system is the best way of using resources effectively in the Farthest Frontier. You can get any item by trading it with another. Here is how to do it:

  • Utilize the trading system to efficiently manage and acquire resources.
  • Build a trading post where foreign merchants visit, allowing for item exchange.
  • Obtain items you lack in your town by trading with foreign merchants.
  • Transfer excess items to the trading post and sell them for money, but items cannot be retrieved once transferred.
  • Exchange items with other items or trade them for Gold.
  • If the merchant isn’t interested in your items, you may need to purchase what you need from them using Gold.

Players cannot build a Trading Post initially, but they can unlock it later. A trading post helps players to earn money by selling items that are in excess and getting what they want in return. You need to set a trading post first and know how to use the trading system effectively.

trading system
Trading System In Farthest Frontier

How To Use Trading Posts In Farthest Frontier

Trading Posts are the spots where all the merchants come from abroad and then trade items here. This is also the place where you deposit export goods. The best thing about this trading system is to get those goods from merchants that are lacking in your town.

After building this essential structure in the game, you can easily get access to extra resources and prevent the previous ones from getting wasted. We have listed below in detail how the Trading system works in Farthest Frontier and how you can use it effectively.

How to trade in farthest frontier
How To Use Trading Posts In Farthest Frontier

Transfer Excess Items

To make the most of your excess items in the game, consider transferring them to Trading Posts where you can sell them for profit. However, be cautious before making these transfers:

  1. Evaluate Excess Items: Before transferring items, ensure they are genuinely surplus and won’t be needed by your villagers in the future. Carefully review your inventory.
  2. Smart Transfer: Make informed decisions when transferring items to the trading post. Ensure you’re sending items that won’t be essential for your villagers’ survival.
  3. No Reversal: Once you transfer items to the trading post, you cannot retrieve them. Choose wisely, as you won’t be able to get these items back, regardless of future needs.

Buying And Selling

Now comes the part of buying and selling, where you can sell your excess items and buy the items that you need. You can either buy the items by exchanging them for other items or by exchanging Gold. While making the buying and selling decisions, it is important to select the item first and then its quantity.

follow these steps to make effective trade decisions:


  1. Item Selection: Choose the specific item you wish to buy from the merchant.
  2. Quantity Selection: Determine the quantity of the item you want to purchase.
  3. Check Merchant’s Requirements: Verify if you possess the items the merchant desires in exchange for what you want to buy.
  4. Exchange with Items: If you have the items the merchant seeks, proceed with the exchange, giving the merchant what they want in return for your desired item.
  5. Using Gold: If you lack the required items or the merchant doesn’t find your offerings appealing, you can use your gold to purchase items directly.
  6. Cautious Decisions: Make your buying choices wisely, as they are fundamental to your trading strategy.


  1. Item Selection: Pick the item you wish to sell to the merchant.
  2. Desirable Items: Consider whether the merchant wants the item you’re offering or if you can get something valuable in return.
  3. Exchange for Desired Items: If the merchant has items you need, offer your item in exchange for what you want.
  4. Gold Exchange: If the merchant doesn’t require your item but has something you need, you can sell your item to the merchant in exchange for gold.
  5. Merchant’s Demands: Pay attention to the merchant’s preferences to strike successful deals, and keep a variety of items on hand for trading.

Look For A Good Deal

how to trade
Look For A Good Deal

The trading deals with merchants usually have fixed prices. You can buy and sell items for a fixed price from a merchant. If a merchant is selling the items for a very high price and you do not consider it a fair deal, you can wait for the next merchant’s deal. 

Another thing to remember here is that the prices are not stable at all in the game, and they tend to vary a lot. It is totally up to you if you want to miss a merchant’s deal and wait for the next one, but you should make sure not to miss a good deal while doing this.

Prices in the game keep changing depending on the supply and demand of items. Sometimes, you will get an expensive item for a low price, or a cheap item for a high price, meaning that loss and profit are a part of this trading system. You should not skip reading How To Avoid Food Shortage in Farthest Frontier.

Trade Of Purchased Items

Merchants annually visit your town, and there will be two types of merchants that you will encounter while trading. One type of merchant will be looking for specific items, so if you do not own items that they want, they will not trade with you at all. The second type of merchants will buy everything they can. They will look for items to exchange and will even buy a few items in exchange for Gold.

During this trade between the merchant and you, your items will be going directly to the Store House to be stored or the trading posts. You can trade these traded items in the future to get more items in return. 


Farthest Frontier was developed and published by Crate Entertainment. Hunting, harvesting, fighting, Trading, and Crop Rotation, a village survival simulation game, helps protect the people. You will use the features and systems in the game to help villagers thrive in the game. In some situations, you do not have what you want, and that is why you need this guide on Farthest Frontier How to trade. 

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