Farthest Frontier: How To Get Iron & Craft Iron Bars

Our detailed guide will show you how to get Iron and how to craft Iron Bars in Farthest Frontier.

What Is Iron In Farthest Frontier 

Iron is one of the most important resources in Farthest Frontier that is used in crafting several important projects like buildings etc. When you start expanding your cities, you will eventually need a few sources of Iron. If you are looking for the method to make beer in Farthest Frontier, then look no further, as we have created our detailed guide on it. 

Key Highlights
  • Iron is an important resource in Farthest Frontier used in crafting various projects such as buildings.
  • Iron Ore deposits can be found on the map with an icon representing a chunk of silver material.
  • Best way to utilize Iron Ore is to get them early on in the game by exploring the map.
  • Iron Ore deposits are usually found near tall mountains and may require the Flatten Terrain Function.
  • Iron Mine can be constructed by upgrading the Town Center to Tier Two and building a Wagon shop.
  • Iron Bars can be made in the Foundry building once it is unlocked.
iron ores for crafting Iron in Farthest Frontier
Iron in Farthest Frontier

Survival in Farthest Frontier is important, and you will need every ounce of Iron you can find to make sure you have all the important projects you need. Not many players realize that they need Iron until an important crafting project becomes their new task.

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If you are one of the players still struggling to find Iron. And crafting Iron Bars, read on to find how to do so and then the efficient and quick way in Farthest Frontier.

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How To Get Iron In Farthest Frontier 

The first step to getting Iron in the game is to locate Iron Ore deposits that are scattered throughout the huge map of Farthest Frontier. Locating the Iron Ores is not as tedious a task as you might think. These deposits will appear on your map with an icon representing a chunk of silver material. Thus you can easily find these deposits if you consult the map. You can also repair buildings in Farthest Frontier by consulting our guide. 

The best possible way to utilize Iron Ore is to get them early on in the game. You can do so by starting to look out for these deposits as soon as you start the game. The deposits can be found easily by exploring the map. 

However, the Iron Ore deposits are usually found near tall mountains. Also, before moving on to the next step, the players might have to use a function called the Flatten Terrain Function on these deposits.

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Locating The Iron Ore Deposits

As soon as you have located enough Iron Ore deposits, you can extract them by using the Iron Mine. However, in order to unlock the building and construct it, you will need to upgrade your Town Center to Tier Two.  

How To Get Iron in Farthest Frontier
Upgrading Town Center

Also, a Wagon shop must be set up in your city if you want to build the Iron Mine. It requires wooden planks to be built. You will also need them to build the Clay Pit in Farthest Frontier. In order to upgrade the Town Center, you will need the following resources. 

  •  1200 gold 
  •  100 clay 
  •  100 planks 
  •  125 citizens 

When you have constructed both of the buildings, you will be able to establish the Iron Mine. 

After the players have collected enough amounts of Iron Ore, they can now upgrade their Town Center to tier 3 in Farthest Frontier.

Also, the upgrade is still pretty minimum, and it will take the players a lot of time before they complete the upgrade. Once you reach tier three of Town Center, you can now construct a Foundry. 

How To Make Iron Bars 

Once you unlock the Foundry, you can make Iron Bars in Farthest Frontier easily. In order to construct a Foundry, head to the Buildings section in Farthest Frontier.  

The Buildings section of the game

You will then see a Resources Tab, and there will be an option of constructing the Foundry. The Foundry building is responsible for converting Iron Ore into Iron. 

It is to be noted that in order to build a Foundry, you will need a Heavy Tool. The heavy tool can usually be obtained among a Trader’s Offerings. Therefore you must construct and set up a Trading Post before making the Foundry.  

foundry to craft Iron in Farthest Frontier
Foundry in Farthest Frontier

Make sure to check whenever a trader visits to see if there is a heavy tool in the offerings or not. Doing so will allow them to build Foundry and help them craft Forges, Windmills, and many more important buildings. 

Final Words

Also, if you are looking for some of the best seeds to farm in order to expand your city and get the best crops and soil fertility, make sure to check our guide. 

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With this, we conclude our extensive guide on getting iron and making iron bars using deposits in Farthest Frontier. Hopefully, after reading our guide, you will be able to craft and find Iron easily. Make sure to leave any queries you have in the comment section down below. 

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