Farthest Frontier: How To Make Cheese [All-Steps]

Our guide covers all the steps you need to follow for cheese making in Farthest Frontier.

Steps For Cheese Making In Farthest Frontier

You will be performing every action with the intention of helping your villagers survive. Food shortage will be among the top problems you will face during the gameplay. However, there are various ways you can deal with this problem.

Key Highlights
  • Steps for cheese making in Farthest Frontier include enabling milking, building a cheesemaker, making plenty of cheese, increasing storage, and storing and trading the cheese.
  • The first step is to enable milking from the Large Barn bar and read a guide on how to get cows for milking.
  • The next step is to build a cheesemaker with 50 large bricks, which can be placed on any suitable area of land.
  • The goal is to make enough cheese for all villagers to manage food shortages and potentially trade excess cheese with merchants.
  • The purpose of cheese making is to preserve food and prevent wastage in the game.

Above all, food storage is something that will help you store food for later use. The following steps will explain the process of cheese making, as the cheese will also assist you in managing the food needs of your villagers. How To Avoid Food Shortage will help you get a better idea of dealing with food shortages.

Enable Milking

Enable Milking
Enable Milking

The first step in making cheese is to get the milk, as milk will be converted to cheese. You need to enable the milking option from the “Large Barn” bar to pop up on the right side of the screen. Here, you will see the option to enable it. You should also read our guide on How To Get Cows that you will need for milking. 

It is important to carefully select the enable or disable option, as you will not be able to start the process of cheese making with disabled milking. If you try milking, a pop-up will show that milking is not enabled. On the contrary, if you have enabled the option carefully, you can begin the cheese making. 

Place 50 Bricks

The next step after getting the milk is to build a cheesemaker which you will need to initiate the actual cheesemaking process. There will be a building bar on the right corner that will have the option to build cheesemakers. Select a cheesemaker that will require 50 large bricks to start building.

You can place this cheesemaker on any part of the land that you desire or think is suitable for placing a cheesemaker. It is advisable to flatten the area if needed before placing the cheesemaker to get an even area.

You will get these bricks whenever you get a good deal. Buy enough bricks to build a cheesemaker, as bricks are not reversible, but gold in Farthest Frontier is reversible.

Make Plenty Of Cheese

Placing a cheesemaker in the place of your choice will help you in making cheese without needing to go too far. Now is the time for you to build as much cheese as you want using this cheesemaker.

Try to make enough cheese for all your villagers to help manage the food shortage. If you go above your villagers’ needs, that is fine too, as there will be more options to deal with this cheese, such as selling it to a trader discussed later in the guide.

Increase The Storage

You will also get the option to increase the storage at various points in the game. You can increase storage either by buying bricks or using clay that you own to make coal. However, your priority here should be the cheesemaker’s storage. Increase the cheesemaker’s storage as much as you can. 

Store The Cheese

storing cheese
Store The Cheese

After completing the cheese making in Farthest Frontier, the next step is to store it. Your villagers will not be able to consume all the cheese that you made at once. Therefore, this cheese needs to go in storage until needed. The tip here is to stock it all.

Trade Cheese

It is important to store the cheese enough to fulfill your villagers’ needs. However, if you have excess cheese, there is always an option to trade it with merchants. Once the merchants come to visit you, you can add cheese to your trade post. If the deal does not work out with one trader, do not worry, as there are always options for other deals. You can wait for the perfect deal. 

Continue Progressing

The cheesemaking process comes to an end once you have enough cheese, bricks, and stone fences available. Now, you can continue to progress with your game and help save your villagers.

Reason For Cheese Making

Reason for cheese making
Reason for Cheese Making

While your main focus in the game is on food making and dealing with the food shortage, an important step is food preservation. You need to preserve food to prevent food wastage. There are not any modern technologies in Farthest Frontier, leaving you with no other option than to use the traditional methods to preserve food. 

Each food in the game has its own method of preservation, varying depending on the nature of the food. As for the meat and flesh, there are smokehouses in the game because they need to be smoked. Similarly, you can store berries in glass jars and bottles. 

The production of cheese is also a result of the food preservation process. The cheesemaker helps in the preservation of milk as it converts milk into cheese. It will not be wrong to say that the main reason for cheese production is milk preservation.


Managing food wisely is a very important step in helping your villagers thrive. Cheese is one of the products that help you deal with food shortages. We have covered this guide on Farthest Frontier How To Get Cheese to explain all the steps of cheese making process. This will not only help you in getting food for villagers but also help preserve milk to prevent its wastage. 


Farthest Frontier is a village simulation game that requires you to utilize in-game features to help villagers thrive. The game enables you to perform various activities, including Farthest Frontier Trading, Crop Rotation, hunting, and planting. A widely faced problem in the game is food shortage which you can avoid by storing food. This guide will discuss Farthest Frontier How To Get Cheese, as it will be a way to deal with food shortages.

Consider reading our guide on Farthest Frontier Tips and Tricks, which will help you a lot in the game. Moreover, you need to be extra careful of the raiders in the game while building. Keep your people armed, and have a look at the Best City guide to know about the strategy of the building.

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