Farthest Frontier: How To Get Wood [Guide]

Running out of wood in Farthest Frontier? We got you covered!

Why Should You Collect Wood In Farthest Frontier?

In Survival games like Farthest Frontier, you have to build and craft different items to survive and proceed through the game. In order to craft different items and buildings, you need resources and gear to progress. Wood is one of the primary survival resources that is required in many tasks. Whether you have to light the fire, cook food or build up a structure, you will need this resource.

Key Highlights
  • Obtaining Woods in the Farthest Frontier is one of the primary survival resources which is necessary to run tasks and to speed up the building process.
  • You have to gather a lot of wood in order to set up the Town center and mark the surroundings. 
  • Try to place the Town center in a dense area to have access to a large number of trees. The villagers will help you cut down the trees and gather wood.
  • You can also use the Harvest Resources for getting a large number of trees and harvesting them collectively.
  • Once you get to the higher levels, hire Log Workers and send them to bring woods for you from dense forests.

As obtaining Wood is necessary to run daily tasks and activities, it is necessary to have knowledge of how to obtain Wood in the Farthest Frontier. So, let’s get right into it. Also, have a look at our guide related to the strategy of building the best city.

How To Get Wood In Farthest Frontier

When you get into the initial phase of Farthest Frontier, your first task is to set up a Town Center and mark its surroundings. As it is a construction task, you have to gather Wood to accomplish it successfully. It also shows that you will need Wood from the beginning of the game. After successfully placing the Town Centre, you will be able to make sleeping shelters and other primary structures for your villagers.

You will need to accumulate a lot of Wood to speed up your building process. Here are the best strategies to get the maximum amount of Wood in the Farthest Frontier. 

Place Town Centre In A Dense Area

The first thing you should keep in mind is to select an appropriate area for placing your Town Centre. We recommend you choose a dense spot where you have access to a large number of trees. In this way, you will not have to travel far to gather Wood. 

Farthest Frontier How to get wood
Select Dense Area

Your villagers will also help chop off trees and gather them for you. In Farthest Frontier, your villagers are your companions, and they will help you with different tasks, such as gathering resources, building structures, and farming different items. So, make sure to use the help of your villagers to collect Wood. 

Use The Harvest Option

Farthest Frontier allows you to harvest resources, and this is the most optimal way to collect Wood. In order to harvest Wood, all you need to do is select the tree and choose the “Harvest Resource” option. Once you do that, the Wood accumulated from the tree will go into your inventory. 

Harvest Resources
Harvest Wood

If you are in a place that has a large number of trees, you can save up your time and harvest them collectively. For multiple selections, highlight the area of the trees you wish to chop and then again select the harvest option to collect a considerable amount of Wood. 

Farthest Frontier How to get wood
Harvest Multiple trees

You can also harvest the trees by pressing the H key on your keyboard. Pressing the button will select the area from where the resources can be harvested. If you do not wish to accumulate other types of resources, you can only select trees in that area and deselect the other items. 

Gather Wood From Log Workers

Farthest Frontier is the trending simulation game of the season. You can build a complete farm from scratch in the wilderness and customize it according to your playstyle. You are also responsible for protecting your villagers and meeting their daily requirements by providing sufficient food and resources.

To get a better understanding of the game, you should look at our Farthest Frontier Review. Also, have a look at our guide on how you can unlock Heavy Tools.

While Harvesting is the primary way of collecting the maximum amount of Wood, there are other ways to get the material. As Wood is a useful item, we recommend you to take advantage of every opportunity to gather it as you will need this resource the most in the game.  

Once you progress through the game and hire Log Workers, they will do your work and bring Wood for you from dense forests and far-off places. So, hire as many Log Workers as you can to gather the maximum amount of Wood from them. 

This concludes our guide on how to gather Wood in Farthest Frontier. The main thing to remember is to select the area that is most suitable for collecting tons of Wood. So, before you start building up your Town, make sure you have placed it in the most optimal spot where the resources are easily accessible. Also, make sure to farm it and not waste it on unnecessary tasks so you can progress through the game expeditiously.

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