Farthest Frontier Quarry: What We Know So Far

Check out the guide to know about the demand of players to add Quarry in the game and the steps taken by the developers to fulfill the needs.

Gathering stones in Farthest Frontier is crucial as it is one of the basic natural resources that is required in daily-life game activities. As much as having enough stones is important, gathering it is becoming a big problem for the players, especially when you reach higher levels of the game where more resources are required to play efficiently.

The players are demanding to add Quarry in Farthest Frontier so that they can gather resources without much effort and continue expanding their farms. So, let’s discuss the need for Quarry in the game and whether it will be added with a new patch or not.

Key Takeaways
  • Gathering stones in Farthest Frontier is crucial for daily-life game activities.
  • Players are facing problems gathering enough stones as they reach higher levels of the game.
  • Players request a Quarry to be added to the game to make resource gathering easier.
  • Stones are required for almost all infrastructures and building defenses.
  • Stones near the town accumulated quickly, making mining far away from the farm time-consuming.
  • The developers have taken notice of the feedback and complaints of the community and will add more resources to the surrounding lands with the upcoming Patch v0.7.5.
  • The addition of a Quarry in Farthest Frontier is still not confirmed.
  • The Mega Rock will be added to the game and will contain a considerable amount of stone.
  • The game is about managing resources and keeping villagers happy.
  • Management can be tough for new players. So, reading guides can be helpful.

Farthest Frontier Quarry: Required Or Not?

The land around your farm is quite full of natural resources from where you can gather Wood and Stones in an efficient way for your needs. However, when you reach the advanced levels of the game, you need a lot more resources to upgrade further, and the settlement around your farm does not produce enough of them to meet your needs.

Stone is not only a vital resource for almost all the infrastructures, but it is also used to upgrade the roads and build defenses for your base. The stones near the town are accumulated pretty fast, and mining the stones by going on ventures far away from your farm isn’t the best way to get them as it consumes a lot of time and effort. 

Farthest Frontier Quarry
Stone is required for every building!

This creates an issue for the high-level players as they have to wait for more resources to grow in order to harvest them. So, adding a proper Quarry for the farmers from where they can mine stones and other resources will make stone farming much easier and more efficient.

Also, if you are looking for some of the best seeds in Farthest Frontier to expand your city with the best crops and soil fertility, make sure to check our guide. 

Not having enough resources when you want to grow your settlement fast is quite stressful. Thankfully, the developers have taken notice of the feedback and complaints of the community and decided to meet the increasing stone demands by adding more resources to the surrounding lands, and changes will be soon made with the upcoming Patch v0.7.5. However, the addition of a Quarry in Farthest Frontier is still not confirmed.

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Can the Addition Of More Stone Resources Replace the Quarry?

According to Crate Entertainment, some changes will be made in the upcoming updates, which will be in favor of users and according to their requirements. The Mineral Deposits will now have more than ever resources and will provide more quantity to fulfill the demand. Furthermore, the developers will be putting in a Mega Rock to Farthest Frontier.

The game describes the gigantic stone: “This behemoth should sate hungry cities for generations.” After the announcement of the addition of several new items in their official forums, players are a bit satisfied. Also, consider reading our Farthest Frontier Beer Making guide.

Farthest Frontier Barn
Having a Quarry is necessary!

According to the developers, the Mega Rock will contain a considerable amount of stone that will be enough to provide at least the daily required amount of stone. So, you will no longer have to worry about not having enough stones to build up your settlements and expand your farm at the advanced stages.

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The Farthest Frontier game revolves around being the best farmer by managing resources and keeping your villagers happy by feeding them and meeting their daily demands. Your main tasks in the game include managing and repairing buildings to make better living chambers, having good crop rotation for the best food, curing diseases if anyone falls ill, avoiding food shortages, and earning gold in Farthest Frontier.

Management can be a tough task if you are new to the genre, so consider reading our best city building and best tips & tricks guide for Farthest Frontier. For more on Farthest Frontier, check out our review on Farthest Frontier to know our thoughts on the game.


The developers have taken a step for the end users in order to meet their needs and make their gaming experience better. The addition of Quarry and Deep Mines is expected in future updates, but the chances of their arrival in Patch v0.7.5 are pretty low, as Crate Entertainment has not mentioned its addition directly.

The addition of Quarries and Deep Mines will solve the hassle of going to distant places from the farm to gather resources as they can provide an endless supply of stones and minerals.

We hope that the developers will listen to the request of users and add a proper Quarry for them soon in Farthest Frontier. The team is also taking action to make the forests of the game more sustainable so that they can grow a lot more wood and stones.

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