Farthest Frontier Arborist: How To Unlock & Build

Our guide will show you how to make the Arborist building and use it in the best way possible in the Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier is a management survival game being loved by fans all around the globe. Your main goal is to set up your own village and run it using the resources available in your environment. Buildings Like Arborist, bakery, barn, windmill, etc make up your village in Farthest Frontier. 

Key Highlights
  • Arborist buildings are used in the game Farthest Frontier to add aesthetic details to your village and produce a variety of fruits.
  • To unlock the Arborist building, you need to upgrade your Town Center to tier two and meet certain requirements such as collecting 30 villagers, building a market, making 8 shelters, getting 40 gold ingots, and collecting 25 stones.
  • The main role of an Arborist building is to cultivate and plant a beautiful orchard to generate fruit for the village and prevent Scurvy and starvation.
  • Trees grown at an Arborist building have different requirements than crops and have their own overlay for fertility.
  • To construct an Arborist building, you will need 40 labor, 20 wooden planks, 25 clay, and 10 stones.
  • The Arborist building allows you to plant fruit trees such as peaches, apples, and pears and these trees may take several years to grow.
  • The fruit grown in the Arborist building can also be preserved for a long shelf life.

What Is The Arborist Building 

Arborists themselves are known to be tree surgeons and they perform a very similar role in Farthest Frontier. While they are mostly known for their work near the power of lines, in Farthest Frontier you will see them cultivating and planting. Make sure that you have all the heavy tools in Farthest Frontier you need to make the building. 

Arborist Building Farthest Frontier
Arborist Building

Arborist buildings are necessary for the game if you want to add aesthetic details to your village. However, in order to unlock that Arborist building, you will need to upgrade your Town Center to tier two. The main item it produces is a variety of fruits. Each village should have at least one Arborist building. 

Role Of The Building 

The most important part of an Arborist is to cultivate and plant a beautiful and mesmerizing orchard. With the building, you will be able to generate a lot of fruit for your village. Doing so will allow them to avoid the effects of Scurvy.  

apple tree Farthest Frontier Arborist Building;
Apple Tree from Arborist Building

Furthermore, it will also save them from starvation. You cannot go on forever by collecting and gathering berries by your hand. At one point or another, you will need an Arborist building for fruit production. Orchards are a must-have for any village and Arborist building helps you make them. In case you come across a bear, make sure to read our guide on how to kill a bear in Farthest Frontier. 

Keep in mind that any of the trees that are grown at an Arborist have different requirements as compared to the crops. They have their own overlay for fertility. You can see it by simply placing an Arborist building on the ground. it can also be determined while you plant the fruit trees around it. We have also created a detailed guide to help you destroy a wolf den in Farthest Frontier in case you come across one. 

Peach Tree using Arborist Building
Planting Peach Tree using Arborist Building

Building Cost And Required Materials 


 In order to make the Arborist building, you will have to meet the following requirements.  

  •  40 Labor 
  •  20 Wooden Planks 
  •  25 Clay 
  •  10 Stones 

Arborist building is necessary to prevent food shortage, so make sure to construct it as soon as possible. 

How To Unlock The Arborist Building

If you want to unlock the Arborist building you will need to upgrade your Town Center to tier two period in order to do so you need to have the following in Farthest Frontier. 

  • Collect 30 Villagers 
  • Build A Market 
  • Make 8 Shelters 
  • Get 40 Gold Ingots 
  • Collect 25 Stones 

Also, keep in mind that you will need a 2X4 great size in order to build the Arborist building. 

Item Production 

As we mentioned before, the Arborist building will allow you to plant several fruit trees. These include peaches, apples, and pears. Make sure that you plant the trees within the building’s work area.

Item Production in the building
Item Production

Otherwise, your plant trees will not be cultivated. It is to be noted that the fruit trees you plant may take several years to grow. Therefore, it is important that you give them care regularly and focus on their maintenance. In this way you can get the healthy fruit you need to prevent starvation in your town. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to get cows. 

Moreover, the fruit you grow using the Arborist building can also be preserved. We have also formulated a guide on wood Farthest Frontier so make sure to check it out 

Also, they have a very long shelf life so you will not have to worry about the fruit spoiling and your hard work going to waste. You can use the preservist building in order to preserve the food you have grown over the years. 

Besides buildings, there are also many resources like gold in Farthest Frontier that play a crucial role. Arborist buildings help you plant and farm. On the subject of planting, make sure to check out our extensive guide on the best Seeds in Farthest Frontier and how you can use them to make your own farm while focusing on soil fertility and crop rotation.  

Since Arborist buildings play an important part in fruit production, do check out our guide on tips and tricks for Farthest Frontier where you can find some of the best tips to utilize the Arborist building. 

In case, your village is suffering from diseases, make sure that you check out our extensive guide on diseases in Farthest Frontier which also contains all the possible cures and causes of these diseases. If you want to treat your villagers, make sure to check out our guide on how to make a beer in Farthest Frontier. 

We wrap up our guide on arborist building here. Hopefully reading our guide you will be able to make the arborist building and use it in the best way possible in the Farthest Frontier. Make sure to check out our other guides on the Farthest Frontier as well and leave any queries you have in the comment section down below. 

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