Farthest Frontier Bear: Best Ways To Kill

In our guide we will look into how to aptly deal with bears in Farthest Frontier.

Bears can truly be a menace to your town; the havoc they cause can be very devastating. So what should gamers do? Well, look no further than our guide. We will tell you everything you need to know about killing bears in the Farthest Frontier world.

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Before we continue, let’s first look at what the game is like! Consider the game to be a hybrid of a farming game and a combat adventure. It combines the greatest aspects of both styles to create an incredible game for us to enjoy!

It is noteworthy that the accomplished Crate Entertainment is behind both the creation and publication of the game, which is something we rarely find in the gaming world!

Players can build a settlement out of wild nature at the edge of the known world throughout the course of the game. Find a game with more exciting gameplay than that? Gamers will need to protect and guide their citizens to make sure they never suffer harm.

In the game, you must cultivate, hunt, and fish to survive. Additionally, it will involve raw material mining. It’s not that simple, though. You will also need to create physical goods for commerce. It will also include being cautious of the surroundings and having intense battles with foreign foes.

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Why Is Getting Rid Of The Bear Important In Farthest Frontier?

bears ca be slowed down with fences.
Fences can slow down bears.

Think of the bear as any other raider in the Farthest Frontier game. So, as you can imagine, it needs to be dealt with in the same manner that these pesky raiders would be. While you are here, why not have a look at our Farthest Frontier Diseases: All Causes & Cures guide? It will give you an in-depth look into what types of diseases are present in the game and how to prevent them.

The bears can really cause a lot of damage and even kill your villagers at times. That is something you would not want as a town head. When a bear attack occurs early in the game, you should react as though it were a raid by raising the alarm at the Town Center and hoping that the locals can kill the bear before it creates far too much devastation.

Your settlement will eventually have more effective static fortifications, including fencing, towers, and lookout towers. While lookout towers are particularly useful for destroying bears or at the very least driving them away, they do not always provide a long-term solution. 

You may need to switch roles every now and then. So let’s now look into how to do that. Before moving forward, we would encourage you to have a look at our Farthest Frontier: How To Make Gold Faster guide. This way, you will be able to buy all the upgrades your heart desires!

The Best Way To Kill The Bear

The easiest way to kill a bear in the Farthest Frontier is to charge it with a huge group of villagers. Okay, so we know that was a bit vague; what exactly qualifies as a huge group?

Well, we would say that at least 20 villagers would be sufficient, though more would not hurt. A tiny number of hunters will definitely not be successfully dealing enough harm to a bear before it approaches close enough for melee combat.

It might have been a bit shocking for you as this is not how you probably fight wolves. However, one key thing to remember is that just like every raider is different, similar is the case with these wild animals.

Therefore, your best course of action will be to completely outnumber the bear with melee attacks until it is killed. If you do not act quickly and efficiently, there will be a lot of chaos. You, as the town leader, need to ensure that the bear goes down before it has a chance of killing a significant number of your villagers. 

If you are a bit unsure about using melee weapons to fight such a huge bear, we get you. It is certainly not enjoyable to go against such a huge monster. So is there any other way?

Other Ways To Kill A Bear

Well, you can technically use your archers to shoot the bear from afar. Now, this might sound like a good idea because you could kill the bear before it gets close to the town. But if we have learned anything while playing the game, it is that things are never easy and straightforward.

So what is the catch? Well, the thing is that while you may be able to hit the bear, it will cause very little to no damage to it. The only thing you are doing is wasting a lot of precious arrows. That could be used to hunt deers or fishes and feed your people. 

But that is not even the worst part. You are only making the bear even angrier and more motivated to attack your town. So take our advice when you end up inevitably facing the bear in Farthest Frontier always use hand-to-hand combat. You will not regret it!

Of course, you will lose a few villagers while doing so, but it is better if you end up losing a few people rather than a whole town.


We hope our guide was able to answer your question about how to deal with the bear in Farthest Frontier. Happy hunting!

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