Farthest Frontier: How To Make Gold Faster

Despite having humble beginnings your town in Farthest Frontier will require gold in due time. So, here's a detailed guide on getting gold in the game.

farthest frontier gold foundry
Gold-making methods in Farthest Frontier

Gold is a key resource in the Farthest Frontier. It may not be a priority for you early in the game, but once you progress to your town, gold will become one of the most important resources to have. You can store gold in the storage vault of the town and use it to train your soldiers, that are responsible for protecting your town from the enemies. 

Luckily, there are multiple ways in which a player can get gold in the Farthest Frontier. However, some of these methods will yield more gold than others. Despite that, it’s good to have steady and passive sources of getting gold in the game. This will allow you to keep your reserves high, which will be beneficial during unforeseen circumstances. 

Without further ado, let’s go through all the methods through which you can either make or get gold in Farthest Frontier.

Key Highlights
  • Gold is a valuable resource in Farthest Frontier for trading and training soldiers.
  • One way to obtain gold is through Manufacturing:
    • Set up and upgrade your town.
    • Build a Foundry building.
    • Locate the Gold icon on the map to find a mine.
    • Establish the gold mine, transfer gold ore to Farthest Frontier, which produces 100 gold ingots from 5 gold ores.
  • Another method is by setting up a trading center where players can sell goods for gold.
  • Tax Collection from various buildings in your town also generates gold income.


Making gold in farthest frontier
Gold Mine in Farthest Frontier

The primary way to generate gold is by establishing a gold mine. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Develop Your Town: Start by building and upgrading your Town Center to Tier 3. This progression is necessary to unlock the gold mining option.
  2. Locate Gold Resources: Explore your map and look for resource icons, including gold deposits. These icons indicate the presence of gold in specific areas.
  3. Build a Foundry: Construct a Foundry building in your town. The Foundry utilizes coal as an energy source to convert gold ores into ingots. Without it, you won’t be able to process your gold.
  4. Set Up Mining Teams: Once you identify a gold mine icon on the map, create a mining team and assign them to work at the location. Gold deposits are typically situated farther from your town.
  5. Establish a Gold Mine Center: As your miners gather gold ores, you may want to establish a Gold Mine Center. This facility stores some of the gold extracted by your laborers, making it more accessible.
  6. Ore Processing: Gold ores collected from the mine are transported to the Foundry, where they are transformed into ingots. Each set of 5 ores yields 100 gold ingots.

Setting up a gold mine is the most efficient and profitable way to generate gold in Farthest Frontier. However, it requires careful planning and progression, including constructing a Foundry and upgrading your Town Center to Tier 3, before embarking on this lucrative path.

Trading Center 

trading farthest frontier
Trading center in Farthest Frontier

The second method to acquire gold is by establishing a Trading Center. Here’s how it works:

  1. Trading Center Setup: Build Trading Centers in your town. These centers serve as hubs for traders from other towns. Traders visit during various seasons and engage in commerce with you.
  2. Trading Opportunities: At Trading Centers, you can either acquire valuable resources from visiting traders or sell your own goods to earn gold.
  3. Pre-planning: To maximize your earnings, you must prepare in advance. Accumulate surplus goods that you intend to sell when traders arrive.
  4. Profitable Goods: Certain items, such as Candles, Pottery, and Wood, are particularly lucrative for selling and can yield substantial profits. While there are more goods to sell, these items are both accessible and profitable.
  5. Careful with Wood: Although wood is crucial in Farthest Frontier, refrain from selling all of it. Only trade the excess or unused quantities to ensure you maintain a sufficient supply.


The final and passive method of making gold has to be Tax collection.

  1. Tax Collection: Your town can earn gold through tax collection from various buildings within the community.
  2. Taxable Buildings: You can impose taxes on houses, luxuries, pubs, markets, and other structures. Notably, houses cannot be taxed until they are upgraded to homesteads.
  3. Upgrading to Homesteads: To upgrade houses to homesteads and start collecting taxes, ensure you have a sufficient food and herb supply, a nearby water well, and an upgraded Tier 2 Town Center.
  4. Expanded Taxation: You can also tax entertainment venues, gardens, hospitals, and other services within the game.
  5. Market Taxation: Markets located near houses yield the highest tax income. However, this income is not as substantial as what you can obtain from a gold mine.

While tax income may not match the revenue generated by a gold mine, it provides a steady source of gold, helping your town’s reserves grow consistently.

Where To Spend The Gold?

farthest frontier spending gold
Gold spending in Farthest Frontier

Earning gold is important because you can use it to buy items that will help your town advance.

Here’s where you’ll allocate your gold:

  1. Security Measures: Invest in training your soldiers and setting up watchtowers around your town to enhance security. These watchtowers require periodic maintenance and soldier training, both of which consume gold.
  2. Services and Entertainment: Allocate gold for various services and entertainment options, including:
    • Theater: Costs 20 gold per month.
    • Rat Catcher: Requires eight gold per month.
    • Healers House: Expenses amount to 30 gold per month.
  3. Trading Post: Utilize your gold at the trading post. While you can earn gold by selling goods there, you can also spend it to acquire different resources. For example, ‘Heavy Tools’ is a valuable resource often purchased at the Trading Center.

Keep in mind that while you accumulate gold, there is a risk of raiders attacking your town to steal your gold and other valuables. Therefore, maintaining security, improving services, and investing wisely in resources are all vital aspects of managing your gold effectively in Farthest Frontier.

farthest frontier game info
Overview of Farthest Frontier

There you have it! We hope you learned a lot of key points while reading through our guide on making gold in Farthest Frontier. Now get to work; your town needs you!

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