Farthest Frontier Endings: All Good & Bad Endings

Our guide will let you know all the possible endings in Farthest Frontier. So buckle up and lead your town the best you can after reading this.

Farthest Frontier is an Indie game that belongs to the Simulation and Strategy genre. You will be responsible for building your town from scratch in a medieval era, and that’s not all! The player will be tasked to handle all aspects of the town and ensure its growth as the years pass by. Therefore, having a good grasp of the game’s mechanisms is essential to avoid the bad endings in Farthest Frontier

Key Highlights
  • Farthest Frontier is a medieval town-building simulation and strategy game.
  • Players must handle all aspects of the town, including harvesting and growing food, crafting infrastructure, and defending the town from raiders and environmental disasters.
  • Bad endings in the game include:
    • Disease: Diseases can spread rapidly and cause deaths among the population, ending the player’s playthrough.
    • Raids: Raiders can invade the town and plunder its wealth, food, and resources.
    • Low Desirability: Townspeople may choose to migrate elsewhere if they don’t have a good lifestyle, leading to a decrease in population and an end to the player’s playthrough.
    • Food Shortage: A lack of food can lead to starvation and abandonment of the town.

From choosing the base terrain of your town to defending it from raiders, everything will be your responsibility, and if you’re not attentive enough, your settlement could turn into a ghost town in no time. 

The player will be in charge of harvesting, growing, and crafting the infrastructure, food, buildings, etc., for their town. You can grow 17 kinds of food, harvest up to 14 different materials, and plant 11 types of crops. All this will benefit you and the population of your town. 

Apart from these, like in real life, you can go through some grim circumstances too in your town, which could put an end to your Farthest Frontier playthrough. This includes environmental disasters, invaders, and diseases. There is an option to turn off these factors in the game and focus only on the building aspect.

However, our article is focused on the players who have opted for the true experience and are prone to encounter these issues. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the bad endings that you can achieve while playing Farthest Frontier.

All Bad Endings In Farthest Frontier

bad endings in farthest frontier
Farthest Frontier: Bad Endings

There are many instances in the game that can lead you to an early end. Of course, these are preventable, but if you’re not careful enough, you could end up in the worst kinds of situations. As we mentioned before, Farthest Frontier features old-time diseases that can shake up your town’s population. 

Apart from that, you may also get raided by invaders who may plunder you to the brink of bankruptcy if you don’t have appropriate defenses. Your townspeople can also feel low desirability to live in your town if you don’t offer them a good lifestyle which could ultimately force them to migrate elsewhere.

Another important thing to look after is a steady and healthy food supply. Having a food shortage can lead the player into a bunch of problems which may eventually lead them to abandon their town and create a new one. 

Let’s look at all the factors in detail that can cause Bad Endings in Farthest Frontier.


Diseases are a common occurrence in Farthest Frontier, especially if you don’t look after sanitary conditions and a healthy supply of food. To some extent, diseases are not that problematic; however, if they keep occurring rapidly and continue spreading, you will notice a higher death rate in your town. If the pattern continues, your Farthest Frontier playthrough could end in no time. 

The game features multiple diseases, some of which include; Cholera, Food Poisoning, Dehydration, Rabies, Scurvy, Typhoid, worm, and many more. Some of these diseases won’t cause many problems, but some infections such as Cholera, Typhoid, Scurvy, and Rabies can cause deaths among your population. 

These diseases can completely wipe off the human life from your town, which will put an end to your game. Therefore, be wary of the infections spreading in your town and utilize the important methods which help eradicate such scenarios.


In medieval times getting raided by a bunch of bandits or a large invading group was quite common. Farthest Frontier has smartly added the scary instance in their game. There will come a time when raiders will try their luck by trying to invade a town. Their main goal would be to plunder the town’s wealth, and they will aim for the storehouses, trading centers, and factories. 

On top of that, any villager that comes in their way will be put down. If you’re unable to set up defenses or solid walls around your town or important buildings, you will end up stripped from all your resources, food, and gold. Hence, getting raided and not doing much about it can also lead you to another bad ending in Farthest Frontier. 

If you create a well-trained army and fortify your town, you can easily overthrow their riding attempts. With that, it’s also important to have a good Gold Making Strategy  so that you never run out of gold.

Low Desirability

A place’s desirability can be determined by how enticing it is to reside there. Because of this, the Farthest Frontier’s sophisticated mechanism only affects shelters. Your residential areas and services will impact the desirability of living there. The population will be more productive when the desirability to live in the town is high. 

Therefore, if there are not any relevant services and necessities nearby houses, people will start to feel less appeal to live there. It will ultimately affect your town’s progress, and if things turn for the worse, the townspeople will abandon their settlements or even leave the town. 

Having low desirability will reduce the happiness of the people and also cause deaths due to exposure (if they abandon their settlements). Not addressing these issues will cause people to either leave the town or die due to having weak or no shelters, which will eventually push you towards a bad ending in Farthest Frontier. 

Food Shortage

Food is one of the most important needs of your townspeople. Therefore, right off the bat, you will need to set up food sources in your town. On top of that, food can not be stored for long, requiring you to get a suitable food storage system that will increase food items’ shelf lives.

Spoiled food can cause diseases and decrease the productivity of your townspeople. If any of your food gets spoiled, they become practically unusable. So make sure you have the necessary setups so that you provide an ample food supply to the public. You can use the Crop Rotation strategy to get the best out of farming in Farthest Frontier.

Failing to do so will cause diseases in the town. It will also decrease the desirability to live there and will yield low outcomes from several production houses. All of this will ultimately lead to the doom of your town. 

The Good Ending In Farthest Frontier

good ending in Farthest Frontier
Farthest Frontier: Good Ending

Now that we’ve covered the possible bad ending to your Farthest Frontier run let’s look at what is considered to be a good ending to the simulation game. All the simulation players would know that these games only end when you want them to. The day-to-day tasks will continue to take place as long as you keep playing. 

There will come a point when all the systems in your town will run smoothly, and most of the land will cover or cater to your town. At this point, you can call quits and start a new world with a new challenge.

In summary, a good ending in Farthest Frontier would be when there is no chance of expansion, the population is prospering and happy, food storage and gold reserves are full to the brim, and there is a sufficient and consistent supply of all the resources.

There you have it! Here are all the possible Endings in Farthest Frontier. A good ending is quite hard to achieve because, through your process, you will face constant problems. On top of that, you will need to manage all aspects of your town. We hope that our guide helps you to prevent bad endings in Farthest Frontier! 


Crate Entertainment recently released its strategy simulation game called Farthest Frontier. By taming the wilderness, gathering resources and crops, raising armies, battling sickness, and many other activities, the player in the game creates their town from the ground up. 

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We already know that simulation games can be played for a long period of time. As long as you are efficiently managing your town, you can continue playing for as long as you want. However, since there are so many factors in the Farthest Frontier, it’s quite possible to run into problems that may require you to restart your game. 

The player will face many instances in the game which could possibly end their run. This includes Diseases, Food Shortages, Raids, etc. 

You can look out for the bad ones and aim to achieve the safe ones as you play through the game. Farthest Frontier has a complex system where the player has to manage multiple aspects of the town at the same time. 

To further enhance your knowledge about the key points of the game, consider reading our detailed guide about the Tips & Tricks

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