Farthest Frontier Endings: All Good & Bad Endings

Our guide will let you know all the possible endings in Farthest Frontier. So buckle up and lead your town the best you can after reading this.

Farthest Frontier is an Indie game that belongs to the Simulation and Strategy genre. You will be responsible for building your town from scratch in a medieval era, and that’s not all! The player will be tasked to handle all aspects of the town and ensure its growth as the years pass by. Therefore, having a good grasp of the game’s mechanisms is essential to avoid the bad endings in Farthest Frontier

Key Highlights
  • Farthest Frontier is a medieval town-building simulation and strategy game.
  • Players must handle all aspects of the town, including harvesting and growing food, crafting infrastructure, and defending the town from raiders and environmental disasters.
  • Bad endings in the game include:
    • Disease: Diseases can spread rapidly and cause deaths among the population, ending the player’s playthrough.
    • Raids: Raiders can invade the town and plunder its wealth, food, and resources.
    • Low Desirability: Townspeople may choose to migrate elsewhere if they don’t have a good lifestyle, leading to a decrease in population and an end to the player’s playthrough.
    • Food Shortage: A lack of food can lead to starvation and abandonment of the town.

All Bad Endings In Farthest Frontier

bad endings in farthest frontier
Farthest Frontier: Bad Endings

There are many instances in the game that can lead you to an early end. Of course, these are preventable, but if you’re not careful enough, you could end up in the worst kinds of situations. Here are all the possible bad endings:

  1. Disease: Diseases can spread in your town if you don’t maintain sanitary conditions and a healthy food supply. Some diseases, like Cholera, Typhoid, Scurvy, and Rabies, can cause deaths among your population. Rapid and widespread disease outbreaks can lead to the end of your game.
  2. Raids: Raiders or invading groups may attack your town to plunder its resources, including storehouses, trading centers, and factories. If you don’t have proper defenses or walls, raiders can strip your town of its wealth, food, and gold. Failing to defend against raids can lead to a bad ending.
  3. Low Desirability: The desirability of living in your town is influenced by factors like residential areas and services. If you neglect providing essential services and necessities near houses, people may become unhappy and less likely to stay in your town. Low desirability can lead to people abandoning their settlements, causing problems for your town.
  4. Food Shortage: Food is a crucial need for your townspeople. Failing to provide a consistent and ample food supply can lead to food shortages. Spoiled food can cause diseases and decrease productivity. Food shortages can lead to disease outbreaks, reduced desirability, and ultimately, the downfall of your town.

The Good Ending In Farthest Frontier

good ending in Farthest Frontier
Farthest Frontier: Good Ending

Now that we’ve covered the possible bad ending to your Farthest Frontier run let’s look at what is considered to be a good ending to the simulation game.

  1. Smooth Operation: Your town should run smoothly with well-managed systems and infrastructure.
  2. Sustainable Expansion: Most available land should be developed or utilized, indicating successful expansion.
  3. Prosperous Population: Your population should be happy and thriving.
  4. Abundant Resources: Ensure that food storage and gold reserves are full, and there’s a consistent supply of all resources.

A good ending is attainable when you’ve mastered town management and achieved stability in Farthest Frontier. Remember, these simulation games can continue indefinitely, and you can choose when to start a new challenge.

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