Farthest Frontier: How To Make Beer [SOLVED]

Our guide we will tell you all about how to make beer and where to get the ingredients from.

To make beer in Farthest Frontier, you will have to get a little upgraded and leveled up. 

Key Highlights
  • To brew beer, unlock the Pub building and upgrade Town to Tier 2.
  • Purchase beer from Trade Center after Tier 2 Buildings.
  • Brewery building is needed, requiring Town Center at Tier 3.
  • Ingredients for beer: Firewood, Grain, Honey, and Water.
  • Use Brewery for production and store beer for selling to villagers.

How To Make Beer In Farthest Frontier

Getting Beer In Farthest Frontier

The first thing you need to do to make beer is to unlock a few buildings, which we promise is not as tiring as it sounds. Furthermore, your Town has to be upgraded to Tier 2.

Accessing Buildings

A few buildings will be unlocked for you as you do that. Also, the one which you need is called the Pub. You are free to buy beers in the Trade Center after you have got the Tier 2 Buildings.

But, as the only thing being sold in the Pub is beer, the process just does not end here. Now the next thing you have to do is start making beer. In addition to that, it is important you know Brewery would be a great help in making beer in Farthest Frontier.

For you to have access to the building so you can have a beer, your Town Center must be upgraded to 3 Tier.

Farthest Frontier Getting Beer
Tier 2 &3

Collecting All Required Ingredients

You have to make use of the following ingredients to make Beer on Farthest Frontier.

  • Firewood
  • Grain
  • Honey
  • Water

Process Of Making Beer In the Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier Beer Guide

After you have got your hands on the ingredients needed to make beer, let’s get to the process of it. 

Additionally, Brewery will start the production of beer, and once it is stored, you can start to sell it to the villagers of your town. 


First created by Crate Entertainment and published by them, Farthest Frontier is your perfect survival game. In the game, you have to use all your strategies and survive. Furthermore, Farthest Frontier is an incredibly special game as it chips in some other game parts falling under the same category. 

The experience Farthest Frontier gives you is otherworldly, with constructing new buildings for your population, harvesting crops, and much more! Check out our guide on the review of Farthest Frontier and its refined experience of buildings.

The game also included various challenges, from keeping all the villagers happy and content. More importantly, making sure enemy forces do not take over the city, Farthest Frontier is full of mysteries. Additionally, one of them is how to make a beer.

Also, there are a lot of diseases that come in the way of the players, so get yourself ready to face them. We have also curated a guide on all the diseases in Farthest Frontier, how you can cure them and what causes them. The most important part of Farthest Frontier is farming and agriculture. You need to harvest crops to keep your population growing.

Beer is an important beverage that everyone uses in their daily life, and so the people in your village need it too. Now that you know all the process behind it, you can make your game even more interesting.

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