Farthest Frontier Apiary: Uses & Productivity

This guide explains the usefulness of building an Apiary in Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier has various options to generate resources, and Farthest Frontier Apiary is one of them. The apiary in the game helps to generate honey and wax, which is further used for the production of other products. You can use these resources however you want. Moreover, sustaining apiaries’ productivity is a bit of a challenge for most players, so we have listed the ways to sustain it. 

Key Highlights

Building an Apiary:

  1. Resource Generation: Apiaries produce honey and wax without needing full-time workers.
  2. Versatile Resources: Honey and wax can make beer, medicine, candles, and more.
  3. Multiple Apiaries: Having several Apiaries boosts luxury item production and trade.
  4. Strategic Placement: Put Apiaries near farms for efficient resource collection.
  5. Land Clearing: Rebuilding Apiaries can clear land for new farms, optimizing productivity.
  6. Sustainable Productivity: Place Apiaries in favorable areas, maintain them well, and position them near other resource-generating structures for sustained output.

Building Apiary

apiary in farthest frontier
Building Apiaries In Farthest Frontier

The entire game requires you to collect resources to help your villagers survive in the game. While there are so many ways to access those resources, one helpful way is to build apiaries. Apiaries are resource-generating buildings where you keep bees to generate honey.

You must have built various resource-generating buildings in the game, and now it is time to build Apiary. We recommend you build an Apiary as soon as you can. An extremely interesting point about building apiary is that it does not require full-time villagers assigned to it.

For the other resource-generating buildings, it is mandatory to assign a full-time worker. The worker takes care of the building process until the building is completed.

Apart from this, we have discussed some of the benefits below that you will get by building Apiary in Farthest Frontier. You may also find How To Repair Buildings In Farthest Frontier an interesting read. 

How Is Farthest Frontier Apiary Helpful

Apiaries can be useful in various ways; some important uses of apiaries are listed below.

Generates Wax And Honey

The most important use of an Apiary is that it helps in the generation of honey and wax. Bees generate honey and wax in the warmer months. Honey and wax are just the primary products, but that is not it.

Generates Bi-Products

bi-products in farthest frontier
Generates Bi-Products

Honey and wax that you generate from your apiary can be used to make beer, medicine, and candles. This shows that bi-products obtained with the help of an apiary are also useful. Moreover, you can also use wax to make candles and wicker baskets.

Build Multiple Apiaries

It is advisable to create multiple apiaries in your village. Building multiple apiaries in Farthest Frontier will enable your villagers to go and enjoy the pub, purchase candles which is a luxury item for your villagers, and visit the apothecary. Labor will not be a problem in this case, as apiaries do not require full-time villagers assigned.

Sell Products To Traders

As we already mentioned above that there will be a lot of bi-products from the apiary, so you can trade them with traders. Moreover, trading luxury items that your villagers will get is also possible. It is recommended to transfer these items to trading posts and finalize a good deal.

trading apiary items
Sell Products To Traders

Build Apiaries Closer To Farms

You must be thinking that villagers will be collecting honey and wax from the apiary because the apiary menu says this. However, it is not entirely correct, as only farmers will collect all the resources from apiaries. 

If your apiaries are scattered throughout the map, it will clearly take a lot of farmers’ time to collect these resources. Occupying farmers with the honey and wax collecting duty will also affect your tending crops or clearing fieldwork.

You must be wondering why your farmers are taking a lot of time to tend crops or clear new fields or maybe are not doing the work quickly enough. The reason for slowing down is that they are wandering around the town collecting honey from apiaries.

The only solution for this is to build your apiaries closer to your farm. In this way, the travel time of your farmers will be cut down. Your farmers will be able to quickly collect the resources by wandering the surroundings.

Rebuilding Apiaries

If you are planning to create a new field and need land for it, you can simply consider destroying apiaries. You can rebuild these apiaries later, as destroying them now will have the following two benefits.

  • You will get clear land for a new farm creation.
  • Your farmers will focus just on the farm and not on collecting honey or wax from the apiaries.

How To Sustain Apiary’s Productivity

productivity of apiary
How To Make The Most Out Of Apiaries

Most players cannot sustain the apiaries’ productivity of over 80%. They also consider placing overlapping on multiple farms, in cattle grazing lands, near arborists, or near flower decorations. However, this is not the right way, so we have listed a few ways below that will help you sustain the productivity of apiaries.

  • The first tip is to keep moving your apiaries to a different location, as placing them in the same location over the years will reduce production. Try changing the apiaries’ location after every few years.
  • While these tips also work to sustain productivity, the best way is not to look into apiaries a lot. Place them and let them do their production.
  • Another tip that works for a lot of players is to surround your apiaries in gardens. Besides that, read Farthest Frontier Best City Building Strategy Guide, as it will help you in apiaries production.

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